It's a great way to to determine how much your collectibles are worth with little time or effort on your part. Always look over any site you choose and make sure that there aren't hidden fees.

Be sure that you understand exactly what you are getting before you get the appraisal. Each item on the site has images and a detailed description. Not all of those commenting are necessarily appraisal experts, although you may get a good idea of an price range for the worth of your item.

You can also interact by giving your own opinions on others' antiques.

The site also provides a referral service. Use the online form to submit your item's information and images. This is a family-owned and operated gallery. The gallery will do three appraisals for free, but after that they charge five dollars per appraisal. There is a lot of detail that the appraiser won't be able to see without examining the item personally, and you won't really know that the appraiser is truly an expert in his field. As with any item for sale, the value is only what people are willing to pay for it at that time.

However, if you just want an estimate of an item's value for your own purposes, you will find that online appraisals are very convenient and usually reflect current prices fairly accurately. Getting a free evaluation of your antiques' worth is a great way to start.

I was always drawn to aesthetically pleasing things that had a story and unique provenance. For me, art and objects give us a tangible glimpse into history. My love of stuff and its stories propelled me on my professional journey to become an art and antique appraiser.

I started in the auction business – drawn to the elegance, learning opportunities and chance to handle pieces every day.

I saw why and what people bought and sold. Many clients are passionate about their items and have a strong emotional connection to the pieces themselves, to their stories or to how they came into their possession.

I want my clients to have as much information as possible, so they come to a new understanding of their items and can make informed decisions. As a result, my process is personalized and thorough. From start to finish, the process is customized to the needs of the client. Clients receive an itemized, personalized and comprehensive inventory and a digital and/or printed catalogue of their collection. Negotiations are conducted with the utmost professionalism, discretion and transparency.

I work closely with clients throughout the entire buying process, representing them at auctions, with dealers and at galleries. Sharon is both of these things and has the right attitude – she will work with myself, the insurance company, and the client to resolve any problem that might arise with a fine arts schedule. She catalogued my porcelain collection with photographs and in great written detail. Berlin has radically changed my perspective on my collection. She has vast knowledge of both fine and decorative arts, firsthand experience with the commercial art world and zealous investigative skills. Her work is clear, well organized and she provides highly detailed reports. The courses are led by some of the most accomplished and knowledgeable professionals in the appraisal industry today and are offered in a variety of formats. Start, pause and resume the course on your schedule, from the comfort of your own home or . Complete your coursework from home at your own pace. As a result, the website’s functionality may be limited. She has been involved with and kept abreast of developments in legislation relating to this field.

Now running his own business, he is an authority in the military collecting field. Two years later he opened his own business specializing in rare and used books and manuscripts. He has completed countless valuation including those of several famous institutional libraries and is a well known television appraiser. During his many years as an auctioneer he has built up a tremendous knowledge of this complex but highly fascinating collecting field. His passion for the ceramics subject has made him one of the most knowledgeable and focused experts within this field. He then left to set up his own business, offering select high quality items for direct purchase, and advising clients on the formation and disposal of specific collections. His fascination for classic cars, engines and race paraphernalia is a tremendous asset when it comes to valuing and advising our clients on their vintage items within this field of expertise. With his main speciality in commemorative coins, he has a deep knowledge of his subject and market, and will be able to advise you on the value of your coins. Within a few years he went on to establish his own firm, which today is one of the largest retailers of vintage lighting on the internet. An expert in the field, he writes and lectures regularly on royal subject. During this time she is responsible for having brought to market a number of exceptional late 19th and early 20th century works which subsequently achieved record prices at auction. Most recently, he has published articles on various collecting aspects of the subject. He remained in this role for seven years during which time he concentrated mostly on cataloguing the monthly and works of art sales. Record prices have been achieved in almost every category and he continues to have an active involvement in this business. Throughout the past twenty years he has practiced as an appraiser and a curator of horological exhibitions. To enter our site please select the client category that best identifies you.