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Because we are 100% independent, we are 100% neutral and will recommend only courses of action which we believe will maximize the value of your assets. Please inquire, as this list is not comprehensive. Minerva was the goddess of wisdom and sponsor of arts, trade, and strategy. Professional appraisers insure that the job will get done right.

Nothing on this website shall be construed as legal advice. If you need legal advice, please consult a licensed attorney in your state. It was an idea predicated on joining the various disciplines of the antiques and decorative arts community under one umbrella. Asheford appraisers continue to exhibit the uppermost form of professional conduct, and represent the finest degree of excellence within their respective fields of endeavor.

We impart the knowledge necessary for leaning right from square-one. Your past experience or knowledge within this field may potentially be helpful, but does not contribute on its own to the credentialing process for certification.

Appraiser," through a unified and comprehensive testing, training and review process. Today's decorative arts specialists can wear many hats under a single umbrella - from operating as a professional-level appraiser for hire, to owning an antiques and vintage concern, running an estate sale liquidation service, or perhaps even a combination of all three. With thousands of appraisers around the globe, our student base is as diverse as it is knowledgeable. If becoming an appraiser and working within the field of the decorative arts is something that you've always thought about. With more than fifty years of combined expertise and a wide range of specializations, our appraisers are capable of performing valuations on all types of art and antiques. Our auction takes pride in using the latest strategic marketing techniques to return maximum sales values to our clients.

We can help weave together fine art with financial and personal value. Wilkens provides appraisals on personal property, estate or probate and family division and for insurance purposes. This will help to determine what type of items you are looking at having valued and what type of valuation you need.

We begin the auction process with a discussion between the seller and one of our knowledgeable specialists. This helps to determine the type of valuation required and the best avenues to achieve this. It’s always best to pre-book a gallery visit with a specialist for maximum return. For the valuation of full estates, homes and collections we recommend a house visit. One of our specialists will meet the family at the property in question to provided a room by room written evaluation to include but not limit the fine art, , smalls including silver and porcelain, jewellery and decorations. If a written valuation is not needed or time does not permit, a verbal overview is provided.

We work with professional organizers, elder care consultants and reputable movers to make sure the transition is a smooth as possible. In addition to the move to our auction house, we often facilitate moves to new locations, disposals and donation runs. For large estates having a specialist onsite the day of the move can help to make the process run smoothly. Wilkens specialist will visit a home or institution and provide a full written or verbal appraisal. Standard industry rates apply for onsite appraisals. With our combined experience of nearly thirty years in the antique industry, in both the auction and the retail sectors, we provide a well-balanced, thorough and honest alternative perspective of the business. It has security vulnerabilities and may not display all features on this site and other sites.

Appraisal Toronto

Appraisal Toronto