Susan is recognized for her many professional contributions and experience within the field of appraising. There are a few ways to get an informal appraisal locally, but it’s important to remember that this type of verbal valuation will not work for official purposes.

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A specialist will examine each item and offer an auction-value estimate, which is the projected amount the item would fetch at auction. This is a verbal appraisal which means you won’t receive any documents about the item’s value. Typically, these events include a limit on the number of items you can bring. If you live near a major metropolitan area, you’ll likely have at least one or two options.

Contact the auction house to find out if they hold appraisal days. Ask about the date of the next event as well as important information like the number of objects to bring and any limit on the type of antique they will consider. Don’t forget to bring along a notebook and pen so you can jot down any information the appraiser gives you. Since you likely won’t receive a written report, your notes will be important. If you live near a big city, chances are good you have an annual antique show in your area. Many of these shows hire the services of a professional appraiser for ticket-holding guests.

You’ll have to pay to get into the show, but the appraisal itself is free. Often, there is a limit to the number of items the appraiser will evaluate for free. Additionally, this is usually a verbal appraisal.

You can ask around at local antique shops and flea markets if you don’t already know about nearby events. Check into whether the show will offer free professional appraisals.

You can look online or contact the organizers of the show. Remember your notebook to record any information you learn during this verbal appraisal. Ticket-holders can usually get one item appraised for free during these events. The key is knowing which show may be in your area at any given time. If you attend the show, which is free, you are entitled to two free verbal appraisals. The schedule is posted online although it’s important to note that this show only makes about six stops per year. Lori’s schedule is posted online, and she will verbally appraise one item for free if you attend the event. This is a good way to learn a bit about the item’s value, but you need to be cautious. This means that a professional appraiser should not offer to sell the item for you. However, many of the shop owners you ask do not belong to a professional appraisers’ organization; they simply know a lot about antiques and their value. As long as you are aware of the conflict of interest involved in this type of informal appraisal, you can get some good information this way. Make sure you check with multiple sources if you really want to know what something is worth. Be honest in telling the individual that you are collecting multiple appraisals and may or may not sell through them. Bring the item in to the shop or facility at the appointed time. Be ready to answer questions about the piece’s history and what you may have paid for it. Check with at least two other sources if you are considering selling your item. If you bought it, what did you pay and when?

How much do you know about the piece’s history?

This information will help the appraiser give you an accurate value.

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Talk to your insurance company or attorney to find out the specifics. Professional appraisers should not offer to buy your item or sell it for you. If you believe you have a valuable item, invest in a written professional appraisal. If you can’t find a local source to evaluate your item, consider getting a free antique appraisal online. Although free appraisals won’t give you official documentation about your items, they do provide a lot of fun information about a piece’s history and monetary value.

I live downtown, so it wasn’t close, but the experience was definitely worth the drive. Correll was excellent and provided outstanding service. He was thorough and fully explained the potential repairs that could be done to an antique piece of costume jewelry. He resized both rings and cleaned them; one of them looked like a completely new piece of jewelry!

In addition, almost everything was done in a single day!

I thought was very reasonable considering the amount of work that needed to be done. Very happy with the service, quality of the work, and knowledge the owner has about his industry, and workmanship. He does not ship off to someone else, and take weeks to get it back. This guy truly knows what he is doing, and does a great job at it. Also, it was also stated in the contract that she was supposed to provide me with carbon copies of the receipts from the sale, but she sent me photocopies with multiple things scratched off. She’s breached the contract in many places, and she would not allow me or my daughter to be there for the sale.

We have no way of knowing what they sold anything for. He quickly and professionally got to work, separating out the items of lesser value, and then reviewed in detail the more valuable items.

I could have lost my engagement ring at anytime.

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Lyn admits that she’s not the most organized person, so it caused some delays on the process. Her target date to provide us with a report slipped a few days, but once we received it – it was thorough and complete. When she came over to our house to inspect our collectibles, she was very friendly and professional. She had a wealth of knowledge and suggestions, which we appreciate (as we are new in collecting collectibles for our house). This took a couple of weeks and by then, there were some lapse on the info to be provided (for example, she doesn’t evaluate jade – so she was going to provide us some jade appraisal info). Overall, we were happy with the services she provided since we didn’t have a set deadline to meet.

I inherited a house full of stuff and most of it needed to be sold. She and her crew liquidated 90% of the stuff.

I could not have emptied the house without her.

I had phoned that day, got the price for appraisal with paperwork for insurance purposes and was gjven a guote way below every web site quote she was gjven.

I was told the paperwork might take an extra day, which was fine.

The owner did the appraisal himself and went ahead and completed the appropriate paperwork the same evening. He was pleasant, professional and focused. He gave my son’s fiancee his full attention, treating her with respect. He performed an excellent appraisal, saving us money by providing a detailed written appraisal on only those pieces that merited it. The elimination of pieces of little or no value make the appraisal process highly efficient.

I don?t know how the price would compare.

I patronize small businesses with integrity, and dedication to service. That’s how the economy grows – through small business. Geolat also facilitates brokerages, as well as buys and sells vintage and estate jewelry. The representative was professional, informative and pleasant, carefully handling the jewelry (some of it delicate antiques). He told me what he could offer for each item, then he returned them to me. Being so close by was one of the main reason checking the place out not knowing what other customers reviews were. The ring size was not shipped anywhere it was resized on location. My ring was resized within an hour and was able to come back later in the day to pick up. The owner was very conscientious, very meticulous and extremely responsive. Their experts treated him rudely and took advantage of his inexperience. Shady characters that should be fencing items on the street or running a pawn shop instead. Lottie created a very stressful situation for my parents and for us, who all were depending on her to do what she said she would do. The overall experience was a complete success and wonderfully educational.

The picture with the appraisal makes no mistake as to which peice it was for.

I arrived at his place of business on time and was greeted at the door by him. He invited my dog in from the car, handed her off to his assistant, then assisted in removing my items from my vehicle. He was open to answering all of my questions about his knowledge base and how he came into his profession. He took his time in reviewing the various pieces.

I was pleased he did not rush through the process. His ability to identify the art was uncanny and including the regions, tribes, materials, dateline of creation and current market value as well as including some really great anecdotes.

I sat with my notepad jotting down the information for which he was very patient.

I highly recommend his excellent professional services!!!

They came to my home and gathered up everything, priced it, and displayed/staged it, all over a 2 day period. He is somebody who really knows the antique clock, and he is wiling to do everything he can for that.

We charge strictly for time and incurred expenses for our appraisals, not based upon the value of the property appraised. Prior to beginning a formal appraisal, we will provide an estimate of the cost of services to be provided. Items for evaluation can be delivered directly to our gallery or an estimate of services can be made from photographs and detailed descriptions. Whether you have a few items or a large estate, we look forward to assisting you with your appraisal needs. In many cases, making bequests or donations of valuable personal property such as fine art or furniture can be easily facilitated if there is a recently conducted appraisal of the items under consideration.

We will be pleased to quote costs and fees after discussing the scope and requirements of the proposed appraisal with you. Or it could be a rare specimen worth thousands at an auction. As it turned out the furniture wasn’t worth much.

How to Find Free Local Antique Appraisals

But finding such a pro can be daunting for the uninitiated. You’re creating an automatic conflict of interest. There’s too much of a temptation for them rip you off by giving you an artificially low value, and there’s little reason for them not to do that. Also, steer clear of appraisers who charge a percentage of your property’s value. That just creates a different type of conflict. A good appraiser will need to see and handle a piece to determine its true value. Online auctions don’t provide a good gauge of value, either. Trust managers at a bank or estate attorneys are a good source for finding a professional, reliable appraiser. Auction houses and dealers, on the other hand, may not be a good sources as their motivation is to acquire property as inexpensively as possible. Professional organizations also are a good source of referrals because they work to ensure their good name by making sure members are qualified. More senior certified members need five years of appraising experience, plus they have to pass a two-part exam on appraising theory and methodology. Senior members must have at least five years of experience and take four classes covering various aspects of appraising. Look closely at an appraiser’s resume to see how long they’ve been working and what kind of property they usually work with. Since you’re not an expert, yourself, it may be difficult ascertaining the extent of an appraiser’s skills. But you can get a “gut read” on how thorough someone is if they can tell you about one article you own in great detail. You’ll also want a written estimate of what an appraisal will cost and how long it will take to complete. That’s why in most cases, a good generalist will suffice for most appraising jobs. Like a good family physician, that person should tell you when he or she needs to call in a specialist. Still, there are some times when you should skip the generalist and go straight to well-honed expertise. When you call appraisers ask them if you should go to a specialist. A good appraiser will ask you about your plans so he or she can assess your property accurately. If you want to sell something, an appraiser will look at its fair market value — that is, the price you can obtain from a willing buyer. This price will be less than what retailers would sell it for. After all, antiques dealers will mark up a price to make a living. But knowing an article’s market value will ensure you don’t get ripped off. If you’re assessing a piece to insure it, however, an appraiser will look at its replacement value from a source where you’d likely find a similar article.

That could be anywhere from an antiques store to auction to a flea market — or if you had a duplicate made. But because you’re going to be going to retailers, who will mark up prices, the appraised value for insurance purposes will be higher than if you were selling something. Whatever you do, resist the temptation to repair items that haven’t been appraised. The pros all have horror stories of clients’ who inadvertently slashed the value of their property by fiddling with it. Rosson once had a client ask him to stop by and appraise an antique bed she just purchased. She had stripped the original red paint from the piece just as he pulled into her driveway. That move, he said, cut the value of the bed in half. Of course, once an appraiser has seen your property you can decide if you want to fix it. In fact, many appraisers can give you references for craftsmen and others who can do high-quality repairs on antiques of other valuables. Local museums and auction houses may also have references so when you do decide to fix up your collection, you can rest assured it’s in the best hands possible. You’ll want to get your appraisal in writing, and you should know what an appraisal will include before you hire someone. At a minimum, a report should state the reason the appraisal was requested, a description of the methods that were used to determine the object’s value, and detailed descriptions of your property.

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If more than one individual appraised your work, it should be clear who handled various pieces. Finally, the appraiser should give you a clear statement of the object’s worth — not an estimate. If you’re relying on appraisals that are decades old, they’re probably way off the mark. That’s because the value of an object can rise or fall dramatically over time. The market, experts said, was glutted with his works, pushing prices disastrously low. This will help you determine when you’ll next need to check in with your appraiser. If you’re a budding collector, don’t just rely on appraisers. It will make you a better consumer — and seller should you eventually decide to do that. If you’re serious about building a collection over a time, you should be able to find reputable dealers who are willing to cultivate a relationship with you and take the time to answer your questions. And go to auction previews and sales to slowly learn what pieces sell for. She became an appraiser in 1992 and has actively been appraising since then.

We appraise, buy and sell art on behalf of our clients. Many appraisers work throughout the country and may show up in the willing to work in your area section. Experienced with appraisals for personal relationship dissolution. For best results, enter a singular word/phrase such as “boat” or “grand piano”. The flexibility of a career in appraising antiques includes being able to tailor your career to your wants and needs as you choose an area of appraisal specialization, set your educational goals, gain experience, and develop a full- or part-time career working for an established company or as a freelance appraiser. Here are the steps to take in becoming an antique appraiser. Check into the requirements, laws, and certifications for your particular state (or district, county or shire) or the geographic area in which you want to practice as an antiques appraiser. There are no set federal requirements; some legal jurisdictions have their own standards for the required level of education, certification, required exams, and hours of experience.

You must understand and fulfill all of the specific obligations prior to practicing as an antique appraiser.

Depending upon your area of specialization, earning a degree in art history or the fine arts from a traditional college or university will benefit you. Courses in antiques appraisal and in specific areas of specialization are available in class or online as correspondence courses, offering either degrees or certificates. Bear in mind, however, that you will still need ‘hands on’ experience with antiques to develop your skills. The flexibility of educational requirements enables you to tailor your educational experience to your immediate needs and goals as well as the pursuit of your career. Build your own reference library you should find out from clubs or professional organisations what are the best and most relevant books. Compiling an assortment of books that have detailed descriptions and pictures of authentic antiques, especially in your area of specialization, will benefit you throughout your career. Choose the books that best suit your needs, according the area of antiques appraisal you plan to specialize in.

Many experienced antique appraisers connected with these organizations will also mentor those entering the field. In addition, collecting objects specific to your area of antiques can provide real-life experience to compliment your education and training. Consider joining a professional organization of antique appraisers. It is not necessary to join a professional organization of antique appraisers, and most have membership fees and dues. However, membership provides credibility and support, as strict standards of ethics are upheld within each organization. This will help you establish and further your career and reputation as an antique appraiser.

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Decide whether to appraise antiques for a specific company or to be a freelance antique appraiser. Working for a company can offer continuous work, but freelancing affords more flexibility in where and when you work. Many antique appraisers begin by working for a company to gain work experience and establish a credible reputation before freelancing. Are there any online course to become a certified antique appraiser?

Do you need a professional certificate to be an antique appraiser?

So rather than simply walking into any antique shop or auction house and asking for an appraisal, instead hire a certified appraiser. You’re more likely to get a fair judgement from such an individual because it’s a violation of his or her professional ethics to offer to buy an item he has been hired to appraise. For that fee, you’ll get a written report that includes the object’s value, the procedure used to estimate this, and a full description of the item. For selling, you need the fair-market value or what a buyer would pay you. For estate tax, you would need the fair market value as well. Often by calling an appraisal office, you can get a rough idea of whether to pursue a full consultation. Because your heirloom is not a single object but a larger collection, however, you will probably need to have an appraiser view the stamps in person. How do you know if it makes sense to itemize?

We will be able to recommend the appropriate appraisal type for you based upon your specific need.

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A professional appraiser helps you manage these and other risks by providing a written opinion of value upon which you can base your financial decisions. Lackey does consultation work for area appraisers and auction houses. David is also an active assemblage artist. Find out what will happen if it doesn’t sell. The appraiser notes the characteristics of each item, including its condition, obtains measurements and takes photographs. This approach produces an accurate report that fully protects you and your property. Included in the report is a cover letter detailing the process taken and definition of values used; the total value of the property; an itemized list of the property appraised; one set of photographs of the items, and the appraiser’s qualifications.

We work with individuals, banks and financial institutions and the legal community for a variety of reasons; preparing estate, insurance, divorce or charitable donation appraisals as well as often working with those who have suffered the passing of a loved one.

We are time conscious and provide all services in an efficient and timely manner. Have 1 to 3 items and you want to know what they are worth?

We want to deliver an accurate report while still saving time and money.

You can be confident our appraiser is professional and qualified.