Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Jacksonville, FL, United Statesthis was my first visit to Ashley , and it was a great one. my friend and i were both in the market for some living room and stopped in here after lunch. we both pretty much knew what we were looking for and walked around for a bit. they have a great selection, and a lot of different types of styles.
When we walked in a sales person, Dave said that he would be happy to help us but that he would give us space to look around and not hover over us. i really appreciated that. it seemed like he just checked in on us a few times to make sure we didnt have any questions.

Can I give ZERO stars???? The salespeople are vultures and are right up there with car salesmen! I sell real estate for a living and hold myself to such a high standard of integrity, meanwhile these sharks are out here making us all look bad.
We purchased our furniture and the "warranty" (which is a SCAM), relying on the information of the sales-shark who will lie just to make a sale!!! Within a year the fake leather was peeling off. We were assured by the sales-shark that the warranty covered everything - pet scratches, punctures, peeling, etc. NOT TRUE AT ALL!!!

The employees were really nice, but their business practices to put it bluntly suck. I spent over three hours there picking out furniture and over $4,000. Two days before the furniture was supposed to be , they called and said that some of the items were on back order and it would be at least 2-3 months before the items would be back in stock. These items could have very well been back ordered when we picked them out in the store, but the representative on the phone said that they don't tell us they're back ordered because sometimes the items will just "appear" before they're expected to. During this conversation, I learned that they had also moved the delivery date back two weeks. On a date that I'm not even going to be in the state.
The options that are now presented in front of me are to either wait a couple of months for the furniture I picked out and they'll deliver it as it comes in and only charge the initial delivery fee. Thanks for acting like you're doing me a favor for only charging one delivery fee when you're the one that screwed up.

Store sold me a item built with a different frame. One delivered is far more uncomfortable then the one in the store. Store refuses to acknowledge that it's different and calls me a liar. I have yet another case in with them. I will never ever ever buy another thing from them. I will update this review if they man up and fix their furniture.
I had a bad experience when we bought a new bedroom set. The sales woman was like a robot, as if she was forced to work, maybe her dad is the owner and he wanted her to learn the business? Maybe we weren't her ideal customers?
That bedroom set is paid off, and from reading all the other reviews here. hmmmm it's discouraging to step in there again. Oh blah da oh blah dee