Ashley Furniture Homestore Oxnard, Ca, United StatesPurchased First Week Of April, Arrived 2 Weeks Later. Still
“My husband and I had never shopped a large furniture retailer before thus went to Ashley on the advice of my daughter who had a wonderful experience with an employee named Nathan Cardenas.”
We were looking for a love seat for my studio on friday. We went to Ashley and they had a great selection. Johnny helped us buy the best couch for us He was very friendly, and knowledgeable and most importantly wasn’t pushy. We didn’t feel pressured at all. Besides, I think it’s funny how people blame salesman for making them buy things they don’t want. It’s not hard to say no and just not buy anything!

While I like Ashley furniture as a whole, I readily admit to being disappointed in my first experience at this store, though I’m not sure if I can blame the entire experience on the store itself or from the company as a whole.
I was in the process of looking for a comfortable accent chair that my company could sink back in and stay awhile, I located such a chair in the store but was knocked over by the cost, it was coming in over $1100 (that included ottoman) still it was out of my budget and out of the question, the sales person did little to try and sway me , and all sales were final.
Leaving the store dejected, but still determined I ended up at another furniture store that was able to get me my chair special order $600 off what Ashley’s was quoting.
While I’m happy in the long run, I’m left scratching my head over the clear lack of sales drive the sales person must’ve had at the Ashley store, and for being a big fan of Ashley furniture that’s kind of a sad turnout.
So when in doubt always check your prices, don’t give up, there might be a much better deal around the corner.
Three stars because I still love the furniture.

Let me start off by saying, the initial experience shopping at Ashley was great. The salesman Michael didn’t hover, but he was near by and helped when we were ready. We were there to order a 3 piece sectional, which i expressed to the salesman that I needed in the shape of a backwards "L," which was opposite of what was on the floor display. So, he drew the shape of the couch on a piece of paper and had me sign off on it so there was no confusion. He got us a great deal and warranty and everything looked like it was going to go smooth, despite the horrible reviews this store has.
Fast forward to where the nightmare began. 3 weeks and 2 rescheduled delivery dates later, 4 VERY RUDE delivery men show up with the couch in the reverse order of what will fit in my living room.