I used that like a pencil sharpener to make a 2″ on each end of the cross pieces for the footboard. On my foot the holes are drilled in the corner post at about 12″ and 20″ up from the bottom. I wanted to make sure that the spindles were close enough together that my daughter’s head wouldn’t get stuck. Once you have the marks made on the bottom rail, you can hold the spindles in place, making sure they are straight up and down, and eyeball the marks on the top rail. If the logs are too big to fit in the tenon cutter, you can stand them up on end and use a hammer and chisel to quickly take off large chunks to get them down to a size that will fit in the tenon cutter, then use then tenon cutter to make them smooth and even. Gluing is tricky especially when you are outside after dark and the outside lights turn off with a timer after you have wet glue all over everything.

I assembled everything, but at this point you need to look for rough spots and make it as smooth as possible, as your toddler will climb and roll and rub on every surface. Now that you have read through all of this, you have nearly spent the same amount of time as it took me to build the bed. I had had the 1 inch tenon cutter to make the tenons on the spindles instead of trying to sand them down to the right size.

Tenon log fit

Aspen Log Toddler Bed: Steps (with Pictures)

Once you have your logs and the bark is peeled and they have had sufficient time to dry, you can begin this project. In her crib she also liked to sleep close to the side to feel secure, now she can still do that. These holes are a bit tricky if your logs aren’t straight, it is best to get logs that both ends are at about the same angle if possible, even if there is a bow or curve in the middle.

Once you have both the cross pieces drilled and in place, make sure that the footboard is still wide enough that the side rails that will connect the headboard and footboard can connect into the corner posts and still fit at the side of the springs.

If your spindles are fairly uniform in diameter, that is easier to be able to roughly know how many you will need before you start making marks on the wood. That process is pretty simple and is quite similar to sharpening a pencil in an electric pencil sharpener, other than the tenon cutter is a mean machine that tries to tear your arms off and beat you with them. If you can get it all to fit together with a dry fit and resemble the correct shape, making sure everything sits right and it is fairly level over all, you are ready to start gluing. I was then able to move to the head board and side rails using the same process of gluing and strapping. Notice the propane heater to help the polyurethane dry and my painting fingers not to freeze, be sure to have adequate ventilation and a carbon monoxide detector. Saturdays, as well as a few hours in the evening for sanding, painting, and assembling the bed. She is about 42 inches tall now and still has about 1 foot of room at her feet if her head is against the top logs.

Source: www.pinterest.com/cabincreationsw/amish-made-log-furniture/