Some people are so emotionally bound to their car, that the very idea of sending it to the scrap yard is unacceptable. But can the writer try not to sound like a 16 year old girl or a sassy gay person by constantly saying the word cancel?

Westbrook is going to have the ball most of the time, even with two all-stars along the wing.

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AutoInspired Furniture For Car Lovers

It’s a smaller market but we’ve all worked together for a long time to make it the best we can. You keep losing men and dying you use your whole dollar that you have for the day in five minutes. Nike has been a major staple in footwear since the late 70s with unmatched branding, products and marketing.

From airplane wings that have been turned into unique desks for the ultimate workspace of an engine cowling that’s either been turned into a reception desk, chair or even a bed, here are 20 unique pieces of furniture made from recycled airplane parts.

All three brands have massively produced over the course of almost half a century, relatively affordable desirable cars, with a timeless design. Your time with your car doesn’t have to stop at the curb, in your driveway, or in the garage.

Catalonian sun, skaters from around the world demonstrated their skating chops across two red hot days.

If you can link up with a few locals who will show you some new spots, then you’ll have a really good trip.

Carmelo and his inability to get the job done or management and their inability to surround him with enough talent is up to you.