Many online photo-printing services offer options for printing on materials that are weather resistant.

Consider brushing on the stencil in stain and leaving the rest of the fence unstained for a subtle image. Big or small, use to expand any area & it is easy to find a design to match your style. Normal umbrellas won’t be able to protect larger arrangements like a deep seating sectional or a trio of chaise lounges. They serve as a perfect oasis to escape by yourself; or perhaps enjoy your day outside swinging with someone special. Most fire pits use propane tanks, making them more portable & versatile than ever before. There used to be only one basic style but now you can find hammocks in more creative ways than you could imagine. This can be something as inspiring as a waterfall or a fire; this can also be something as basic as an unique piece of artwork or a small garden. There are lots of creative ways to make a seating area perfect under your tree; could be a drinking hangout, a secluded reading spot, or a place to spend romantic nights. This wall decor is available in multiple finishes, letting you choose the one that is best suited for your interiors. Toscano exclusive captures each detail in quality designer resin with a timeless antique stone finish.

Shaped like an arch window, this piece has a frame constructed of iron and plastic for durability. Made of crafted metal to show the textures of the rays and facial dimensions, while the gorgeous copper paint brilliantly shines. Brackets, sawtooth hangers, or pre-drilled holes help simplify installation so that you can enhance your exterior walls with creative and stylish art.

Outdoor wall art

Backyard Retaining Wall

Just as you adorn your interior walls with art that speaks to you, you can also enhance your outdoor space with wall decor designed especially for the outdoors. Not all of us are lucky enough to have electrical wires running out to our patio or backyard. Create your own affordable outdoor pillows using water resistant fabric found on clearance. The water features, accent lighting and the organic wall art display all work together to create a very relaxing ambiance.

I as too fixated on the adorable chicken cutout on the front of the coop to notice anything beyond it. Print a large-scale canvas of your favorite national park scene or other landscape photo, or print a digital image of your own custom art project. Whether there is alcohol or not, an outdoor ice chest is sure to grab a lot of attention; alcohol can usually help though. Fountains can be used to be the center of attention or provide the perfect accent to your favorite outdoor spot. The best part about them is their versatility & variety; you will be surprised how easy it is to find a set to match any area of patio. Aside from putting them in, there is no work needed to keep these up; so they can keep on absorbing attention year after year. Doesn’t matter if that view is overlooking something as grand as an ocean, or something as small as a garden; just make sure it is your favorite place to spend time & make memories.

Citronella will repel unwanted mosquito’s & other bugs away while at the same time providing the gorgeous flame to set the mood. The carts add a nice portability to move & enjoy anywhere around the patio, but a stand can act a permanent attention magnet. Having a well budgeted plan definitely helps owners know what will work for their backyard. This statue not only looks gorgeous but is also used for planting a set of flowers on the top.

It is handcrafted of a special blend of marble resin has a polarian protective finish to protect against the elements.

Using a 7-step color infusion process the gorgeous play of multiple coupled with intricate laser cut outs make this dragonfly spectacular. Stars, wheels, suns and shells are just some of the other pieces of art that can enliven your outdoor space.

Colorful signs, sturdy metallic pieces or intricately painted sculptures can instantly enhance your exterior walls.

This mini flower garden is fun for the child in all of us and is an even better project to tackle with your kids.

Once you get the basics down, you'll be able to create some eye-catching focal points in your outdoor living space that will get your neighbors talking. It can be a simple and practical way of beautifying the outdoors without investing a lot of time, effort and money.