Pick out your main proteins and the sides that you want in your chafer dishes. Everything will come to you prepared and ready to be heated on-site.

Rustic Backyard Furniture

Incorporating a fire pit with a rustic air is most appropriate for a warm and natural landscape. These blocks offer a weathered texture and natural hues that speak of the beauty of natural stone. The assortment of shades available make it easy to complement other existing structures as well as the architecture and color of your home and outbuildings. Moreover, this system comes in three sizes as well as matching coping and corner pieces, so you can choose to create a monochromatic fire pit or vary the color and style to incorporate accents and points of interest.

The texture is realistic, owing to each block being cast from natural flagstone, making the blocks’ facade indistinguishable from the real thing. Additionally, the variety of sizes available for composition make the final product appear even more true to life. With a weathered, quarried texture and the naturalistic color options, this unit is reminiscent of aged natural rock that offers a grand aesthetic to your home.

We were both 18 and started dating soon after. As you can imagine after dating for eight years and living together for four, we had talked about marriage and our wedding long before our engagement.

We love throwing parties for our friends that are filled with good food, good music, and above all, games!

It was perfect that my dream venue had been out my backdoor for my entire childhood.

We decided to ask my parents to host our wedding in our backyard and the hay field immediately behind it. Farmers would put one tree in the center of the field so they had shade to rest under when it was time to take a break and eat lunch.

We decided to get married under this tree and to leave it without decoration.

I wanted my flowers and the centerpieces to look like we picked them that day out of the field to connect back to our place, which really set the theme for our entire day.

We just asked that bridesmaids to wear blush and groomsmen wear gray. It got a bit melted on the way over to the wedding, but somehow that made it more sweet and heartwarming… it certainly didn’t look like a cake you would get at a bakery!

I think many people planning their weddings obsess over every detail down to what everyone wears. It was such a small detail but so meaningful.

We chose two readings for our best friends to recite and kept our vows to 150 words or less. The ceremony was my favorite part of the wedding.

We said 150 words or less and stuck to it. It was hard to believe she hadn’t performed a million weddings before ours. When he dipped me he got a big cheer from my college rugby teammates. Don’t be afraid to say “yes” when people offer to help… and really mean it!

What creative or personal aspects did you include in your wedding?

I wanted a simple rustic wedding with a touch of shabby chic, so everything was white and burlap with a pop of tiffany blue.

We saved a lot of money by asking our friends and family to bring their favorite side dish and recipes to add to our family cookbook instead of bring gifts or throwing a wedding shower.

We had so much food and saved a lot of money that way. What’s the best advice you have for planning your wedding now that you’re on the other side?

Our biggest splurge was my photographer and she was worth every dime and more. What is the most memorable moment of your day?

Most memorable moment is definitely my mother daughter dance it was the greatest time. She is my rock and we have gone through so much together, and she is always there for me.

Rustic Backyard Oregon Wedding — andie Avery Photography

The slightly glossy finish makes this a versatile option for any paper project from party invites to personal correspondence. Smooth texture suited for full-color photo printing with vibrant finish. If you don’t absolutely love it, we’ll take it back!

In the computer lab was a strange young man, who liked to do homework with a drank in his hand. In walked a girl who had a dream, who’d seen him and thought it was the weirdest thing. He had to grow on her for a very long while. She still didn’t like his style, but by now he made her smile. They took long strolls around campus, and had long talks that sparked her interest. God and music made their bond even stronger. Two halves on one stroll made a commitment to become whole. The couple can’t wait to have you witness their union, to tell the tale of a love story they hope will never grow old. The existing space was an overgrown mess with poor circulation, awkward transitions, and various components in disrepair. The clients also asked us to preserve as much of the existing vegetation as possible and to embrace the sloped, rolling nature of the lot. A large boulder waterfall is centered on the slope, providing a stunning focal point for the entire backyard. The footprint was expanded toward the left side of the house and the main staircase relocated. Updated landscaping is present throughout the backyard. A naturalistic woodland aesthetic ties into the loose form of the water feature, in the terraces immediately surrounding the pool. The planting scheme becomes more regimented as it moves closer to the house and driveway, tying into the existing scheme seamlessly. Beautiful leaf draped centerpieces and lovely fall hues of red and navy blue create the perfect ambiance for their backyard nuptials.


Venues are set up for wedding and so many things that you wouldn’t think of, they have thought of, and are already included in the price. Have some smokin’ fire pit recipes at the ready, along with your best boozy lemonade , and all that’s left is to style your backyard. These rope-trimmed babies have just the rustic look you’re going for. After, stow it away in the trunk of your car for impromptu picnics in the woods or at the beach. This one’s so sleek, it will work with modern, contemporary, or transitional decor styles too. It’s perfect for serving chilled lemonade, punch, or sangria whenever you’ve got a crowd on your hands. When the party’s over, bring yours indoors to style your coffee table. It is such a meaningful place for you that everything happens in the wedding is bound to be eternal memories for you to talk about. Whether you are having a chic vintage-inspired outdoor wedding or simply intimate family and close friends only small nuptials, backyard offers you countless ways to make it a magical place for your big day. With trunks, flowers and other natural accessories available, you can really save some money on the decorations. It really does fit in with the environment and it also enables you to create a cozy space that you can enjoy when the weather is good but also when it is less than ideal.

Ideally, the rustic style uses wood and stone as the main construction materials for outdoor use. This combination with a fire pit and some lush greenery here and there can make your backyard blend in with nature. But, if you really want to go the extra mile, a swimming pool will drastically increase the opportunities that your outdoor areas can provide.

We collected a whole bunch of rustic backyard wedding decoration ideas that can inspire you to create your own one. Check out our gallery and be inspired!

Landscaping can be a challenge for any homeowner.

Walk into any home improvement store’s gardening section and there are millions of outdoor décor choices that exist. From assorted flowers to lawn ornaments, the options are endless. This can leave you confused and ready to give up on your yard work before you even start. Fear not, with a proper plan in plan in place, you can conquer your yard. A very popular landscaping décor theme is the farmhouse style. These elements can be incorporated in any yard big or small, urban to country and has a carefree feel that is perfect for a relaxing backyard. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your farmhouse backyard. This is a great place to start when planning out how you’d like your backyard to look. Flowers, lawn ornaments and patio décor should stick to this color palate. Stay away from bright colors that will give your backyard a more modern, contemporary look. When it comes to patterns, stick with classics like gingham plaid. Avoid patterns like chevron or stripes for this farmhouse theme, as that will not match the rest of your décor. And as always, the first step to having a great looking yard is proper lawn care.

Natural stone pavers come in a variety of colors and types, but remember to stick with lighter hues to really create the look. If you have a green thumb, try your hand at creating a garden, if space allows. Growing vegetables like tomatoes, onions, peppers and carrots not only add to the look of your backyard, but are a great addition to the dinner table as well!

For flowers, try not to plant as strategically in a row as more contemporary homeowners do. Check the light requirements on each flower before beginning to plant. A plant meant to grow in full sun won’t grow in a shade or even part-shade area of the yard. Not only will they have the most success for growth, but they will also help your neighborhood’s local ecosystem. This excludes the cost of white paint and labor needed to finish the project. If your budget does not allow for a picket fence to surround the home, try lining one side of the yard to cut down on costs and define the space. Don’t choose furniture that will completely throw off your backyard’s theme. Instead, look for furniture that has plenty of natural features. Furniture made out of light wood or wicker will help complete the look. White wicker chairs and benches are a beautiful addition to any outdoor backyard. A picnic table or classic long, solid farmhouse style table with benches is the perfect table setting for your theme. If it’s in the budget, cast iron patio furniture, such as seats and chairs, are the perfect match for your farmhouse theme. They are also durable and able to withstand the elements. If you intend to use them for sitting and dining, be sure to get a few comfortable outdoor cushions. Regardless of backyard style, choosing lawn ornaments can be a daunting task. There are so many shapes, colors and figurines, where to start?

Fire Pits for Rustic Backyards in Troy Rochester Hills Fort

Typically, rustic, vintage looking items or upcycled goods. Keep these materials and looks as you shop. Wagon wheels and old ladders are good options to adorn with flowers and vines. Gardening tools and weathervanes are also great touches to add flair to your backyard. Barn wood decor is a great match for anyone looking to create the look with lasting durability. This can come in items as small as birdhouses or as large as tables. See where you can include this beautiful wood in your yard. Don’t forget lighting for when the sun starts to set. Where you can, incorporate a place to play some classic outdoor games, both adult- and kid-friendly. Not only is this fun when guests arrive, but it also adds to the traditional look and feel of your yard. With a few farmhouse decorating ideas, you can make easy work of your backyard landscaping and be able to enjoy the outdoors just a bit more with this low-key, country theme. Do you have any ideas for creating a farmhouse feel outdoors?

Was a touring rock drummer, a psychedelic robed percussionist, and frontman for a folk-country duo.

We got a lot of tunes headed your way, and can’t wait to play them for you when we’re in your town!

Don’t we all secretly wish we could get married in the backyard of a beautiful house that we grew up in?

Most importantly she was looking for moveable bars that could transition from cocktail hour to the dinner reception and eventually to the barn for late night. Our reclaimed lumber bar cart (pictured below) and industrial bar cart on casters were able to be placed near the ceremony site and house for cocktail hour and then one was moved under the tent for the reception and the other to the barn for the after party. This wedding was so tastefully put together by the bride and groom with the perfect balance of personal touches to make this day truly unforgettable for them, their guests and us!

An earthy palette combines with repetition of key materials, like weathering steel, ipe wood and stone. Rustic stone is used to create a covered patio area. Green trees and potted plants provide natural accents. Elements like the pool, gazebo and water slide make life fun for the whole family!

Vibrant red-orange furniture–– like the two armchairs and matching ottomans –– provides a comfy spot for outdoor relaxing. The pool is surrounded by comfortable blue lounge chairs, creating a great entertaining and relaxing area. Boulder stairs in the background lead to a covered outdoor dining area, complete with a dining table and grill. An outdoor kitchen provides plenty of space for entertaining.

A built-in rustic treehouse with a hammock and swing provides a fun spot for kids to explore. These tutorials work for big or small spaces , so you can easily create the backyard of your dreams. Start by hanging checkered fabric by installing a rope across the peak of the shed and draping the fabric over using a staple gun to attach fabric to the walls (this shed required about 30 yard of fabric). And finish the shed by accessorizing with a bar cart, rug, and decorative baskets and plants. And how cute is that coffee table made from a galvanized tub and a wire spool ?

Simply use spray paint to add more color and character to the party setting. The sun reflecting through will cast gorgeous light across your backyard, especially in the evening. Turn vintage windows into mirrors and hang them from a fence—the reflection created will add extra dimension and depth to your outdoor space. Here you can view all of our featured real backyard weddings that act as the perfect rustic country ideas and inspiration. Browse through the great pictures of backyard weddings so when you start planning your reception it makes things a bit easier. They planted more trees, bushes and flowers on the half-acre property that was already blessed with towering pines. Stone stands up to the elements, and there is every appliance you could need to serve gourmet fare.

A Rustic Backyard Wedding

Twig chairs and a sculpture made from old garden and farm implements add whimsy. Using native rock around it blends it seamlessly into the landscape. Pick a fire pit sized to warm a seating area in the shade. Note how accessories pull the house color onto the deck. As nature’s kinetic art, moving water is a surefire crowd-pleaser. Centerpieces of potted plants enhance the garden theme, and a fountain adds a burble. The combination creates the feel of an escape—no matter how close to neighbors. Two tables, a buffet and a stunning light keep the party zone useful day into night. Here are some great examples of salvage style. Here, a rusty formal metal gate gets a country makeover when it’s hung between two reclaimed barn timbers and under an old saw. Thick beds of daylilies add color and help discourage the dog from digging. A vintage crystal chandelier (look for them at a local antique stores) complements the chipped metal furniture. Beds and borders should look color coordinated, not a busy gumbo of competing elements. Just be sure to drill holes in the bottom of your container before you plant to ensure good drainage. This tub becomes a miniature landscape with drifts of blue viola and large stones set around a dwarf hemlock. Here, a sturdy arbor was created with weather-resistant cedar logs covered with a roof of bent willow twigs. Here, for example, a collection of fanciful, children’s watering cans makes a delightful addition to this backyard. For example, the owners of this garden could not find a vintage metal fence long enough for their border. So, they purchased this new metal fence and had the paint sandblasted off to create an instant antique. The ornamental pieces on the fence posts are actually trailer hitch balls that were also sandblasted.

Don’t pass by any that might be too rusty or broken for work in your garden. Instead, use them to decorate a shed or fence. Here, a collection of worn out rakes, shovels, and other tools are attached to a lattice screen that supports flowering vines in the summer. Here, cushions added to a pair of red classic chairs make them even more comfortable. Built almost entirely from castoff window sashes, doors, and lumber, the homeowners gave it a bright coat of paint to tie the project together. The finished project looks terrific and cost a fraction of what a new shed or greenhouse would cost. And they add instant architectural interest.

Most already have a drainage hole, so all you need to do is plant and water. In this garden, a rusted (and leaky) garden fountain is now awash in colorful succulents. Old, galvanized pails and buckets are easy to come by at flea markets and are generally inexpensive. Punch a few drainage holes in the bottom of each pail and get planting. This trio of petunia-filled pails are stair-stepped on low stones to create a pleasing vignette. Hole-nesting species such as bluebirds and wrens actually prefer houses with a weathered patina as long as the house is structurally sound.

Rustic Backyard Wedding

Just be sure to erect vintage houses with an opening large enough for the birds you are trying to attract. Here, a vintage wren house sits atop a trellis covered in morning glories. Which makes me far more tolerant of the things in my backyard which make me nuts.

I decided it would make more sense to just leave it there and put the table by the pizza oven.

You know those sales racks they have right at the check out in stores?

I can set it down anywhere without plugging it in and it’s waterproof. Rona was selling off all the old stock for almost free.

I can tell them, but that’s been built for me. If you haven’t done any of that, those posts will get you started. The fish are really easy to take care of until they get a weird disease that eats their flesh to the point that you can see their internal organs.

I treated my fish that had gaping holes in their sides you really should just for the before and after photos. Can you imagine this backyard at night without the lights?

Photoshopped all of the pictures while … in my backyard. It isn’t perfect but it’s almost perfect and for the moment that’s good enough for me.


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Chair” and desperately need to know if it is comfortable enough to sit in and read for long periods of time?

I love it – its stylish yet so comfortable.

You won’t like this question but here goes anyway; have you ever though of painting the outside of your pizza oven in a dull black to match everything else?

At night it looks like a fairy wonderland. It’s beautiful and stylish night-time or day-time!

Seriously, love your backyard wonderland.

I mean, realistically, it wasn’t a pounding rain, but still … it was raining.

I type this to you from the sectional couch section of the backyard. Your tastes are constantly evolving and nothing sucks up money more than owning a house and not wanting to live in a time capsule. Except the ones with the retractable shades, of course. They don’t keep the rain off your head, they provide a stripey, dizzying kind of shade so if you don’t move around you get a really weird tan and they are so big they look like an elephant in a small back yard. Just haven’t quite figured out what the something is, yet.