You’ll find a variety of classic, modern and vintage furnishings ranging from mid-century modern to stunning modern accessories at our store. Here you will find classic vintage vinyl from all genres.

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We also sell new and vintage turntables, speakers, receivers, and audio gear. If you have something for sale, e-mail us photos and info. It’s a unique sensory experience that’s best explained from the moment you step in. The store features a vast array of period and eclectic and accessories with a particular emphasis on antique light fixtures.

The inventory turns over quickly thanks to competitive pricing and talented sales help. and once you find the right pieces, they just work. If there's a place for it in your head, there's a place for it in your home.

I was looking for and the prices are fantastic!

Appreciating and collecting historic and vintage items is an art all its own as being an effective collector takes patience, extensive knowledge, and a passion for the trade. Each piece has its own history – its own story – and we in our field work to tell that story to each of our clients whenever we appraise new collections.

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It is quite common for us to meet with clients who feel that their item may lack value because, while quite old, it may be visually unappealing to them. That’s why it’s so important to become aware of the history behind each piece, as often times the appearance has minimal to no bearing on its worth. However, often times the condition doesn’t matter and it’s important to keep in mind as antique dealers we accept any condition!

We specialize in almost all areas, art, and periods.

We love to hear from you when you wish to sell your antiques to us.

We treat your items with the respect they deserve and fix fair deals on them. Try our contact panel on the right of our website to sell your antique items !

The more information we have, the more accurate your appraisal!

For larger pieces or collections we are also happy to come to you!

If you are curious to sell any antique item that’s in your home, whether it is a family heirloom or something you picked up at a garage sale, today!

It is filled with the best antique goodies one can find. Not only are they an antique store, but they are buyers too. They carry all kinds of vintage, unique and antique pieces– with a bit of industrial harvesting, too. That also includes side tables, rockers and buffets.

I love this sort of furniture warehouse because you never know what you will find. Not only does this shoppe sell impeccably maintained/refinished antique furniture, but it also has lessons on how you can do your own. They specialize in antiques from the 19th and 20th centuries. Very conveniently located on 301, there is really no reason to not go. Anything you can imagine is in this shoppe and all are amazing. There are some really good food vendors for lunch and free musical entertainment to go along with the row after row of merchandise for sale. They have antiques, furniture and ladies clothing. What are some family friendly activities?

We offer a wide variety of antiques, most of the antiques dating from the early 19th through early 20th century.

We provide appraisals for all of these areas.

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The end of the year half price sale is amazing too!

The owners are extremely friendly and helpful. Just kidding-but it was pretty epic though. Beth was so knowledgeable and helpful and the rare vintage finds in there were perfect. This midsized thrift store is similar to most, add the inventory rotates on a regular basis. The owner is very friendly, and genuinely nice.

I stepped in and was immediately bewitched by the gads of clothing racks, hat racks, shoe shelves, and stately jewelry cases. This boutique has everything from the 1920s flapper-style to the 1970s. They carry beautiful and timeless pieces of jewelry, everything from necklaces to bakelite bracelets to great grandma's jeweled pins. The selection of shoes is nothing to forget to mention, let me tell you. Here, you are sure to find a perfect cocktail gown or even that pillbox hat you have been dying to find!

This store is the pinnacle of mid-century vintage swagger.

I came here to find costumes for a 70's themed birthday party and we were walked away with some pretty groovy outfits, my friend!

There are accessories to choose from and a super rockin' selection of vintage and very-like-vintage shoes.

We tried on our picks and felt as if we were transported back in time to our parents' glory days. Just take a look at the picture on the right, how could you not fall in love at first sight?

Sherry's vintage inventory is constantly changing and one is sure to find pieces from the 1800's through to the 1990s here, with more of an emphasis on mid-century vintage.

You can also trade in some of those items that have been wallowing in misery at the bottom or end of your closet.

You know that pair of leopard leggings that are still in the package?

YesterDaze Vintage Clothing and Antiques

I love the feeling of walking into these stores, it's like entering another time and place. These shops sound like wonderful places to rediscover your past (if you're my age!) as well as find some treasures for today. Rich turquoise glaze features silver overlay details. Good vintage condition, with a few minor chips.

I have owned it for a year and just had it upholstered in a high quality red velvet on the front and velvet brown/black cheetah print. Beautiful color, soft velvet original upholstery. Includes complete formal service setting for nine places, plus extra pieces. Fun as a laundry basket, toy storage, or as an umbrella stand. Each leg is decorated with fretwork piece in the corner. Single bottom shelf has a double beveled edge and is supported on four straight legs. The top tier lifts off to reveal a storage area.

A brightly colored scene shows a floral bouquet in a glass vase at the center of a table. This cushion comes unstuffed but any pillow insert can be used, dry clean only. Please be aware that our textiles are vintage and come to you from abroad. Excellent condition with no chips or cracks. Arrange them as you see fit, and enjoy the refraction created as light passes through. Simple flowers are carved on the skirt, finished with cabriole legs.

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Original painted shades of white, blue and black. Brass, aluminum shades, with original floor switch. Cerused finish with leopard pattern velvet. White with black spots and orange details under the eyes, it has a thick curled tail, large white chest, black ears and nose with whiskers. New blue and white pagoda upholstered seat. Brass has been polished but not lacquered. It has a great look and would look very nice for your beach home or condo.

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