She located a level section on her lawn (coincidentally next to the swimming pool), rolled out weed block fabric, and then painted and laid down 20 wood pallets–no supports, just straight down on the fabric. Not only did she use room that ordinarily would have been wasted, the stairs provide instant shade for anyone enjoying the deck. This project is ideal for any balcony or patio that you’d like to put to good use – you’ll be spending a lot more time out there once you have this lovely furniture to relax on. They are not only great décor for patriotic holidays (or even everyday use), but they are also great to sell. I mentioned above how we have used pallets to build some beautiful gates around our property?

It is beautiful and even has a little flare to the design with the heart shape carved in it.

Being able to build your own pallet bath cabinet is a very economical way to fulfill that need for storage. With this shed, you get lots of storage and it can be created out of free building materials. You just unfold it when you need it to plant and then fold it back onto the wall when you are finished. We stripped half of the supply of pallet wood to have a big pile of separated up planks for flooring.

Add the bolts and bolts and nuts to get the floor base tightly held and in immoveable position, you can also provide the addition inner adhesive support by layering the glue in between the pallet spaces. A whole sitting furniture set has also been recovered from discarded pallet boards to get every friendlier sit at this revamped pallet deck space!

For a glassy and sparkling air, the glass top finish has been given to central coffee table that just plays the leading role in establishing sophistication to whole sitting arrangements!

Their construction is meant to bear as much weight as possible using the cheapest materials and simplest design. We also pried up any loose boards and replaced them with similarly sized boards from our extra pallets. Biz wanted her deck to have more a finished look, so we added two pressure treated boards to the front.

Because the monster tree in your neighbor’s yard protrudes over the fence, we had to cut the fencing at the top. We chose it because it had an interesting design, and to get a cool design with pavers or bricks, you have to have them just about perfect.

We are obsessed with it and so are you, so while we’re working and have nothing to show you of our own projects we show off yours. Then, the task at hand was to figure out how to take the random sized pallets we had collected and arrange them into a rectangle that would fit in the space we had available. Leftover drywall screws were used to fasten the pallets to each other and scrap lumber was used to fill in the gaps between pallets. We started at the front edge and placed the first boards so they hung over the front edge by about 1/4″, and at each end by about 1″-2″. Putting wood on the ground is never going to last long or be level or not settle into the dirt and move all over the place. Treating the cut ends of the 2x4s with water repellant will also help greatly as most of the moisture is absorbed through the end grain. I live by the pacific ocean and hope to have this last for at least 5 years…. All the painting/staining/sealing in the world is not going to prevent the wood from rotting.

Pallet deck boards

Beautiful DIY Backyard Decks

This deck is not meant to last a life time, but it is a great option for those that don’t have the time, money or space for a larger deck. To answer your question on the blocks, we placed the blocks so the tops of them were just at or slightly above ground level. I have been wanting to get a deck for our back patio, but, like you said, it can be really expensive. We have been using our wood pallet deck for three seasons and have not had any problems with them shifting off the blocks.

Perry wisely kept the dimensions at 16′ by 16′ to maximize every inch of the 16-foot long 4×4 framing beams. He kept costs low again by using pressure treated lumber (stained cedar color) as his deck boards.

But she didn’t stop there–another 23 pallets were recruited to form benches, a table and a fence.

This is a really easy project that would be perfect for your teen’s bedroom and the bed dimensions are large enough to fit a twin sized mattress.

Now that you know how to get pallet and making sure it’s safe, let’s get started with the pallet projects.

Either way, it would be a very useful piece of furniture to have on hand and gorgeous to boot. It also appears that could just slide right into any living room and serve their purpose beautifully.

If you had this outstanding pallet jewelry holder, you probably would never have that problem again. I hope to someday own a beach house, this is definitely something going in my decorative files.

I hang old pallets on our building and use it for storage for old pieces of sheet metal and things of that nature.

So if you are like me and enjoy the look that only a day bed can provide, then you will probably love this pallet project. The whole plan lead to merry makings and enjoyments to carry on with dinners and lunches on this wooden flooring at summer afternoons and nights.

Now starting from the corner start arranging the cut off pallet pieces of equal length and thickness as given. This idea is really mind-boggling and will make amazing style statements of pallet deck flooring!

We researched the proper methods of deck construction and came to the following conclusions: too expensive, too time-consuming, and a wee bit too permanent for a rental, what with the poured concrete and all. That sounded like exactly what we were looking for in our decking material– minus all the stacking and forklifting. The ground was uneven and although our pallets were fairly uniform in size, there was some variation. While reed fencing definitely has a tiki hut vibe, it’s also extremely affordable and easy to install. Texas weather is crazy hot and the sun has beat down on this deck with all it’s force, and storms have rained down, the deck has not budged or warped in any way.

Thanks so much for sharing and thanks to remodelaholic for this outlet of learning, sharing, and great work recognition. Whether your house is large or small, learn how to make use of your outdoor areas for relaxation, fun, and family gatherings!

Weed cloth was laid down, 1’x1′ pavers were placed at each corner of the deck and at the junction of where pallet corners would land, then we arranged the pallets on top.

We shored up the places where things weren’t quite sitting level on the pavers using rocks and scrap bricks.

After all of the deck boards were fastened down, we trimmed the edges to within 1″ of the frame underneath. But you can cut a piece of pressure treated wood to the shape of the end of the post, oriented horizontal to the ground, then soak the end of the post in poison, and slip the poisoned horizontal piece under the post. This way the garden soil in this area stayed intact and if we decide, down the road, that this place could be a beautiful flower garden, it can. I would advise you to spray all the surfaces with a good quality wood sealer after you have applied what ever choice of finish you choose prior to installing the pallets.

Believe me, it’s much more difficult to rebuild when you have to tear out rotted wood and replace with pressure treated wood. It is due to be re-stained this year but other than that we love it and use it as much as we can. This could cause the pallets to rot fairly quickly since the wood they are made from is not treated. Yes, having the same size pallets will ensure a uniform look- thanks so much for the tip!

Just make sure that the blocks are level and you can just set the pallets on them and there is no need to fasten them to the blocks.