The bold use of blue on the walls and cabinets help to create a unified backdrop which highlights the marble accessories and large white farmhouse sink. This bespoke kitchen is masquerading its modern technology behind traditional hand painted cabinetry. If you don’t need a full-size refrigerator it is always a great idea to look for ways to downsize. You can set apart the island and kitchen table from each other by applying different lighting features above or with contrasting flower arrangements. An island between the galley kitchen and the sitting area links the spaces, providing a casual spot for eating and socialising.

The open shelving creates a relaxed atmosphere and the stools at the rustic island are great for casual dining.

The materials, balance of the design, texture and colour scheme make me very happy indeed. The picture window and pop of colour are a great foil to the grey doors, stone island and walnut seating area.

This is the perfect example if you want a simple, contemporary look, which is both clean-looking and functional. Bonaldo is also a real showstopper, it took six men to carry it up the stairs, but was well worth the effort – just make sure you add place mats to protect marble tables as they can stain. The contrast of cold industrial shelving and concrete floors together with the rustic oversized wooden butcher’s block and mismatched is just perfect.

I love the amount of plants in this kitchen, it’s my aim to have a few more plants in my own. The abundant sleek cabinetry is more than enough to hide away all those bits and pieces while the white shade blends in with the white floor and wall for a seamless result.

Kitchen design ideas

Beautiful Kitchen Design Ideas For The Heart Of Your Home

To the colour contrast gap there’s the warm softness of the gold and the natural wood giving a cool personality and relaxed sociable vibe. I like the glass fronted cabinets and plate rack which can be used to display beautiful dinner sets. I added contemporary dining and a modern chandelier above the island to finish off the room and give it a slightly modern edge. A beautiful open space with the original beams left in sight and a sneak peek in the garden. It is packed with personality – that bright geometric paint job is simply incredible – and it is timeless. Here, the original parquet flooring and cooker hood elements blend perfectly to create a classic style with a contemporary edge. I like the way you stacked your copper pieces with your white pieces on your kitchen cart.

When shopping for furniture, bring a tape measure so you’ll be sure that it will fit in your space. Use a small wooden card catalog to organize recipe cards, large silver trays and platters can be hung over counters to act as a backsplash, and office file baskets can store plates, napkins and flatware. Make sure to research what is safe to use and what’s best enjoyed for its decorative value. Wallpaper was popular as well, also often depicting rustic or pastoral scenes or featuring flora and fauna liberally.

So it makes sense to incorporate practical, stylish interiors that stand the test of time into this multi-functional space. I particularly love the brass accents which contrast the classic styled cabinetry, balancing old and new. You can soften the look by displaying cookery books on chunky wooden shelves and framing children’s artwork. Being able to cook and socialise with friends and family at the same time is a big desire if your kitchen is large enough. I am also a huge fan of grey painted cabinetry contrasting with the light marble worktops.

In this large kitchen, it was possible to eliminate wall storage on the window side of the room. We believe if a space functions well, it enhances the people using it and with this storage is key.

I am also a big fan of using artwork in the kitchen, and for me, the oil painting is what gives this warm, country kitchen a bit of an edge.

I really like how the black and white colour palette has been paired up with wooden elements (for example a stool or kitchenware) to make the final look not only timeless but also warm and inviting. I love this scheme’s approach whereby the environment is addressed and is as important as the kitchen design, form and function. A tiled floor just wouldn’t have given the same contrast, so this wood floor was selected for its warm tone, as well as its unusually large length and width which works really well in this generous open-plan space.

Using a contrasting finish on the island – as seen in these images where a limed oak wash was used – or with base cabinets different from wall cabinets, is a great way to introduce a daring colour or texture without it overpowering the whole room. I love it when people use the kitchen like any other room in the house, rather than some kind of sterile pristine environment. The kitchen is industrial, muscular and functional, with a form that is tactile and handsome.

The deep slate grey matt colour, along with the simplicity of the cabinetry provide the perfect backdrop to frame and showcase the stylish marble with its dreamy organic vibe.

This one offers a dedicated and central prep area, extra wash basin, casual dining bench and plenty of storage.

It’s a tiny space but benefits from an incredible flood of natural light, and there’s a story behind every cabinet and drawer. I transformed it from a bland beige 1980’s kitchen into a bright shaker-style kitchen for under £300. Pimlico’s grandest 19th-century homes, you will find one of the most beautiful interior restorations of recent years.

I love the aesthetics as well as the practicality- the curved front drawers enabled a deeper worktop without losing floor space which was perfect for the 50s housewife.

We are thrilled with this round-up of kitchen design ideas and hope you’ve been filled with lots of inspiration. Your beautiful floors just shine like diamonds and your idea of putting your wreath inside is unique.

For instance, an oversize dough bowl would be fabulous on a huge island, but it would overwhelm a small galley kitchen. Linen napkins, tea towels and runners are economical and environmentally friendly, not to mention beautiful. Building on the transitional theme, many 1940s kitchens retained aspects of traditional or country kitchens.