It’s right underneath this old pendant lamp that seriously needs a makeover or a replacement (much less a good wipe down!

Looking at your sweet boys eating at the made we wonder what will they be doing in adulthood after having such an awesome role model in their mother.

If you want to get really creative, consider using chalkboard paint on the top of your table. We’ve got tons of ideas for styles and colors, and a few how-to tips to lead you to the painted kitchen table of your dreams. It has been awhile now…is the wax still holding up against littles eating on it everyday?

I did stain the underside on the outside of the skirting and then painted the skirting white. Our table is a major work horse for all sorts of activities and we are not table cloth people. I would definitely think about it now that know better – would make much faster work of sanding down to the original wood. Truth is, it would take me all day to list the many things in our life we have to be thankful for – the many blessings we take for granted far too often. I have changed the fabric on several chairs but never been brave enough to attempt that lovely finishing touch.

I purchased drop cloth for the cushions but am now thinking of looking for some curtain panels. I do think you need something in your dining room to tie-in to the darker wood pieces in your living room since the areas are open to each other.

Also coincidentally, our is also in the living room because it was a waste of space and now it’s regularly used. If you want to try a couple without taping to see how it goes, just keep a wet washrag nearby to wipe up any paint that ends up where it isn’t suppose to. Please do not remove any watermarks, crop, or edit any of my images without first obtaining written permission from me. To redo your dining set inside, place a large drop cloth underneath your dining set, then place small squares of wax paper under table and chair legs so you can paint all the way to the floor.

Paint sand kitchen

BEFORE And AFTER: DIY Eatin Kitchen Table Makeover

I like to use a mini foam roller on the tabletop itself… it gives a smoother finish without brush marks. I would then run a quick stitch attaching the batting to the foam, even a spray adhesive would work. Fill and sand the scratches, then glue black pleather to the table top, where the panels were on the buffet and upholstery the seats with the same material…. I think this was one of the hardest parts about the process, but we wanted to make sure that the tabletop would really be able to withstand our daily abuse once we brought it inside. While the top was drying, we lifted the table and began to paint over the cream with white we had leftover from painting our closet interiors. I was so excited to use the table and almost cried after we ate a hot bowl of soup that naturally heats the china and left that ugly ring above.

It’s embarrassing to say but my kids usually eat on the steps, like a pack of puppies at feasting time. They’re too messy to eat in the living room…and who wants to be away from the family in the lonesome dining room?

The only thing missing from this eat-in kitchen table (that is bar stool height) is a foot rest. Decide on the vibe you’re going for in your kitchen and then select a color that helps you achieve that look. When it’s time to paint, make sure to select a high-quality water-based enamel paint, which will give you a hard finish that’s similar to an oil paint. I am about to paint a kitchen table and was wondering how your table has worn since you painted it?

I may have missed it but it appears you left out the tinting part…what did you use to get the gray color you wanted?

My table’s in great shape but, it’s that old light yellow oak except when sanded it may look more like buther block. I was going for with our kitchen table about a year ago, but goofed up and rushed along the way and ended up painting the table top gray and finishing with wax. You could always add a satin sheen clear coat over the paint to add a bit of extra protection from that wear and tear. Nature has given us one last chance to pull out our shorts and sandals with some amazing summer-like weather these last few days.

I figured you wouldn’t have the “control” on the amount of stain and it seems that’s why you don’t like this project so much!

I like the idea of one of the posters above – remove the dark area rug and see how it looks.

I actually have been thinking about painting the base of my round table a creamy white color, maybe doing the chairs too and lightening up on the upholstery.

However, mine has a vanneer top and it’s got a little warping to it where the leaf would go. Would you mind sharing the dimensions of your table …height of legs size of legs size of table height of table.

If you have to redo your dining set outside, make sure it is not a windy day to prevent your paint job from being ruined by dust and debris.

Using a staple gun, pull the fabric edges around to the back of the chair seat, and staple every couple inches.

I love the idea of a cushioned seat (& so does my bottom!

The table top got scratched in the move & the buffet has these ugly panels tacked to each door. The chairs were in good condition other than a quick reupholster to the tired fabric that had been on them. We sanded the table top and seats of the chairs using an orbital sander to remove the initial stain and followed up a hand block sander for the fine finishing. It was a breeze to apply and will definitely use it one other pieces of in the future, but after our first meal….