Closing a chapter in your life, or the life of a loved one?

Moving is a major change, whether it be across town to a smaller residence, or abroad to a different culture.

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It could be changing one's lifestyle by trading in a longtime family home for the security and comfort of a retirement community. Sometimes change means simplifying our lives by shedding the many things we've accumulated. And sometimes change is thrust upon us when someone we love passes away. When the assemble-it-yourself you bought in college starts looking a little rough around the edges, it's time to invest in higher quality .

Our warehouse and estate sales are full of beautiful antique, vintage, and contemporary pieces that were built to last. Moving into a larger space means furnishing on a larger scale.

We specialize in estate liquidation, moving sales and a full range of appraisal services.

We eliminate some of the issues people face when confronted with these changes. Each piece is insured up to its full value while in transit. If you’re ready for your piece, go ahead and place your order and we’ll cover the cost of shipping for you.

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The bed had some ugly nail holes and one of the posts had been pulled off by wrestling teenagers. They stripped the paint and fixed the lock. They had me come in after they stripped both pieces to choose the finish. Previous owners turned it into a bathroom vanity so we cannot have it taken in somewhere. Hoping to find someone experienced with this type of piece. Call them soon though, they're actually closing their store soon. She built us a beautiful maple table, and refinished an older oak table perfectly. Twitchell is fabulous, reasonable, and makes house calls. It is in good condition except one of the posts going into one of the runners has broken (not a clean break), leaving part of the peg in the runner and the other in the chair frame. He even gave me free, detailed, advice on how to clean and refinish our dining room table myself. They did an excellent and inexpensive job of restoring a set of old oak dining chairs--we couldn't be happier with the results. They rebuilt the legs, which were turned and tapered, and you cannot tell which ones were damaged. They've done work for museums - very top-notch. He's pricey, but you'll know the job is done right. Berkeley location preferred, but will travel for quality work!

For me he refinished a dining room table, 6 dining room chairs including reupholstering the seats plus refinishing the top of a 40's style buffet cabinet. He brought the old furniture back to life. When my neighbor saw the table, she asked him to refinish one of her chairs. The rest of the table is fine it is just the top that needs help.

I know it needs to be refinished and was wondering if this is a manageable thing to do myself?

I am detailed oriented when doing a project like this.

I can't find a step-by-step guide on the internet on how to do this. This is our main family table that is used for all meals, homework, etc.

Furniture Refinishing and Repair

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I ended up borrowing an electric hand sander. Jasco is really toxic so you'll need special gloves, a mask and wear full length clothes. Make sure you lightly hand-sand in between coats of polyurethane with a very light grade sandpaper (200-250 grade) and then vacuum off the dust before applying the next layer. That will make them adhere better and give you a much smoother finish. Also do all this work outside as the fumes and dust aren't great to have in your house. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

We need a recommendation for someone that does good work and is reasonably priced. They came out to our house, gave an estimate, did a fabulous job, and were very reasonable.

I have a chair that has fallen through, and a couch that needs to have the under supports redone. Does anyone have any recommendations for an antique restorer they liked?

They are for the nursery we are getting ready for our baby.

We have tried a few natural products without much luck. My husband wants to take them somewhere to have them stripped. My concern is whether or not these harsh chemical strippers will stay in the wood, leaving us exposed to them when we bring the furniture back into our home.

I can find all sorts of info on why the chemicals are bad, but nothing about residue they might leave on wood. When the pieces came back they were bare wood and looked like they had never been painted. Also, it's hard for me to imagine that the acid-based dipping agents could possibly be more toxic than the fumes which out-gas from fresh paint. Be sure and air the furniture (and any freshly painted rooms) thoroughly before baby arrives.

I also have a foot rest that needs to be repaired.

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It is a beautiful piece with inlaid wood and a fan insert in the back. If you know someone you would trust a treasured family heirloom to, please let me know.

I am also interested in finding someone who can re-upholster these chairs as well. It wasn't cheap but it is great to have my great aunt's rocking chair restored so my daughter can use it. Does anyone have a recommendation for someone that will take on a small project such as that?

We have entrusted some treasured pieces to them and been very happy with the results. Everyone who has walked in the front door has commented on how nice it looks. Jennifer is incredibly reliable, responsible, and nice. She mostly works on the weekends since she has a ''day job,'' but she has worked during the week for me to accommodate my schedule. Does anyone know someone good, and more importantly, reasonably priced?

She had excellent suggestions for which stains and accessories to use.

It is in good shape and doesn't need repairs, just refinishing. The archives have repair information, but our pieces are in good shape. They just need to be stripped and refinished. He has the number at his shop and says he can bring it home if you want their number and can't find it. One piece was part of a set and he did a nice job of matching the colors and appearance. They come to your house to give you an estimate.

They will also take the piece to their shop to do the work, and return it. These are antique pieces and they did a marvelous job at a reasonable price. Regency for restoration of a number of antique pieces, with great results. It's basically a one-man shop, and he takes great care with each piece. Now we are looking for someone to custom-make one big, new leaf for the table out of oak to match the older table. It needs to match up in the three- or four-inch skirt along the side, too. Does anyone know a reasonably priced craftsman for the job?

It's difficult to say what reasonable is, so get estimates. Someone who is very skilled and has a lot of specialized equipment can work faster than someone who is less experienced and doesn't have equipment that can speed a job up. Another issue that might come up is matching the grain of the new wood to the old. Our own cabinetmaker (who is no longer in business) told us about this.

I think he said old oak has a tighter grain than new oak. Don't be surprised if the people you speak to bring this up.

The owners were very congenial and gave me lots of free advice about my project. My neighbor sells restored antiques and often uses their services for refinishing. All the pieces shown online are viewable in person in our store.

We provide in-house professional packing at a very reasonable cost. All internet sales have a 3-day approval period. Looking to downsize, relocate or redecorate your home and would like to sell your current furniture quickly?

Our 12, 000 square foot warehouse is always full with an unbeatable selection of furniture. Inventory changes daily, and because of our reasonable prices, furniture inventory moves quickly. Our customers can trust our experts to treat their items respectfully, and to give each item the attention it needs so that it is transported safely and undamaged to its final location. Our customers can rest assured that we take every precaution to ensure your package's safe travel every step of the way, from offering secure warehouses to store your items to transporting them in air-ride trucks.

We can even create custom-made crates, and craft unique packing solutions to protect even your most delicate items from damage. Upon delivery, we offer standby service in case installation or rearranging assistance is needed. Additionally, we can professionally photograph each of your items for archival and tracking purposes. Everything arrived safely and in perfect condition.

We believe any space can have a timeless aesthetic with a balance of unique vintage and elements of modern.

We often see "antique" malls that are moving toward "flea market". There were lots of individual sellers set up in this very large space. There was a huge variety of items for sale. Quite a few antique malls seem to have suffered from competition with ebay, empty concessionaire booths, dwindling stock, etc.

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A fair amount of glassware, plates, etc., plus some furniture. In addition, because most are small, independently owned boutiques, very few even had web pages for me to visit. As it turns out, economic downturn is not conducive to a booming demand for expensive decorative items. My very technical plan was to choose three or four places to visit, and from there, walk to nearby streets in hopes of stumbling across other gems. While most of their pieces span from the turn of the century to the 1960s (hardly recent history), many of the antiques had an oddly modern feel to them, making them the ideal for mixing with other contemporary items. French coat also caught my eye for its beautiful condition. While some items were wanting in quality, the sheer number of antiques in the shop makes it all but impossible to go home empty handed. For smaller, decorative pieces, prices start as low as single digits. My advice to shoppers: be willing to sift. He'll happily tell you about the different items he has sold, and all the interesting places they've gone. If you need him to adjust a price, he'll do so within reason. While there's a great array of trinkets and other odds and ends, the store truly specializes in old photos, magazines, and newspapers. Some stores, though, take great care in setting up an aesthetic that is both organized as well as visually appealing. The genius merchandising of the store is a visual masterpiece in and of itself, with each item placed with clear purpose. My favorite part of the store is that she also writes any information she has on the item and its origins on the price tag. For future owners, this adds sentimental value to their antique. Armed with answers and anecdotes to all my questions, he made the experience thoroughly educational, as well as enjoyable. Just like the neighborhood they call home, both are impeccably laid out and orderly, with all their pieces in mint condition. Prices are hardly a bargain, but shoppers definitely get their money's worth with sturdy furniture that's been well maintained by the store's owner and manager. Kyle is more than happy to lend furniture to potential buyers to make sure they fit, both physically and aesthetically, into their homes. Check individual merchants for hours of operation. Jacks's is the "go to" place for both buying and selling estates and single items. Visit our store and explore the collection!

Other donation options, while certainly worthwhile, haven't felt quite so personal. They had a small rack in the back of the store but pricey.

I miss going to second hand stores for furniture and other goodies.

And as you'll read below, don't know the proper terminology to describe anything. They also have bargain basement fill a box type items and even the odd thing for free. We've gotten amazing pieces from here vintage doors and windows.

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