Your job is to collect as many of them as possible by planting seasonal rare sunflowers in your garden that will attract them. The folks working on our favorite animal camping kingdom are really paying attention to what we want.

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There are lots more quality-of-life user interface updates, too. Campsite by sorting furniture by series, theme, and number owned.

I should point out that sorting is temporary. That is, when you close out the items or contacts lists and then reopen them, they’ll go back to their original state.

Catch as many fish as you can during the five-day event. Your score is tallied by how many inches of fish you catch in total. Make sure you get all of the cute outfits so you can attend the wedding in style!

Your job is to collect as many of them as possible by planting seasonal strawberries in your garden that will attract them. Nintendo’s latest point update should have been called a full number update with all of the new features and changes made to the user interface. You’ll need to host certain animals at your campsite that have reached a minimum friendship level.

Perfect fruit hangs from the same trees, but are special rare fruits that you can give to campers for special requests. Sometimes, they’ll ask you to help them pick out a piece of furniture to give to another camper, or ask you to suggest a good fishing spot, or even ask you to pick an item from your inventory to give them. These user interface updates have made me a happy girl. There’s even more to uncover as you play the game. Offer snacks to campers in the campgrounds to make them like you. This new feature comes at a great time when players are running out of things to craft.

You can now use up all your piles of crafting materials to make spare chairs to exchange for something that will help your relationship with your animal friends!

Of course, a new theme also means new amenities. Leif the sloth needs help catching rare ladybugs. Your job is to collect as many of them as possible by planting seasonal flowers in your garden that will attract them. Share your ladybugs with friends for rewards. Lloid in exchange for crafting materials and decorations. Then, select the background icon (it looks like two trees) to access the available changes. Get a different look for every time of the year!

Just on the heels of getting five new friends in our campground, we’re back in the mix with a new winter-themed event. These five new animal friends cover a variety of theme preferences, but they also have a few new items they want to see. Animals have to reach a certain level before you can change their outfits. Not all animals need a change of clothing and some items can’t be used on certain animals. Looks like you’d better get back into gardening. Share your bats with friends for rewards. Thanks to an overnight update, the clothing craft tab is now up and running. The best thing is that crafting an outfit is just as easy as crafting furniture. Right now, all of the clothing items require either paper or cotton (except glasses, which require steel), and don’t really need that much material. Most of then call for 15 – 30 of one or the other.

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There are a few “high price ticket” items that require 60 cotton, but that’s the most expensive it gets. There’s also a couple of timed goals relating to clothing crafting, but they’re pretty easy to complete. Your goal is to collect as many rare winter butterflies as possible by planting flowers in your garden that will attract them. Share your butterflies with friends for rewards. The event is only 10 days long, so you’d better start planting!

Stretch goals this time go up to seven new animals hosted at your site. Grow flowers and cross-pollinate them to produce rare flowers. Most of the rest of the update covers minor user interface tweaks, like warning messages when you’re about to craft something you already own or hints for how to obtain items. The goal is to host up to four animals at your campsite that you have not yet invited. This event is in celebration of the new animals that have been added to the game. It only lasts five more days, so get started!

If you’re so inclined, you can download and play the game before it’s officially launched in your country, but you have to do a little bit of “cheating” to get it. It’ll probably be in your country really soon. In the mobile spinoff, you’re in charge of a campsite instead of a village.

You play a campsite manager whose job it is to create the ideal “glamping” spot for your animal friends. As you perform tasks around the campground, like harvesting fruit and helping out visitors, you’ll earn materials that you can take to the blacksmith to turn into cool furniture. The more decked out your campsite gets, the more animals will visit. It doesn’t cost anything to download and install the game. It also doesn’t cost anything to start playing the game.

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So, for some, this free game might cause them to go bankrupt (my best friend already said she won’t even download the game because she’s afraid she’ll spend her entire paycheck on it). For the most part, you can casually play the entire game without feeling compelled to spend real money. There are times when you might want to skip the wait time and use items that help speed up growth processes and the like. We’ve got a comprehensive beginner’s guide and a list of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your game. See our disclosure policy for more details. All series have 10 items with matching wallpaper and flooring. Secondly, any piece of furniture with the rustic theme will give you points, though entire sets give you bonus points.

I also wonder whether mannequins are ignored or not because that score seems kind of off.

I didn’t realize there were more than one black-coloured rooftop. Seems like removing the mannequins and getting the golden roof did the trick!

I also added about 6 more items between both rooms.

I left my other rooms alone because anything that’s not a part of the theme is 0 points anyway. But if you already have a lot of stuff in those other rooms, it’s probably best just to pick 1 or 2 to work with.

I can’t seem to reply to your most recent message. Tomatoes, carrots, green peppers, and a one random chunk of red potato. Every time you trade-in points for 1 item, it must be removed from the item box before you can claim another one. To answer your question, yes it doubles your score.

Make sure any items that can be “used” (like beds, chairs, dressers, etc) are usable. If this article or section has not been edited in several days, please remove this template. Hey there cousin, this article or section could use an image or two.

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