As you maximize bedroom space, you can also shop for a bunk bed with bookshelves or storage drawers for extra organization. We used an 8 inch mattress and the rails are still almost a foot higher so no concerns about him rolling off of it.

I plan on building him a slide, that way he can wake up in the morning and slide down from his bed. For single child families, a loft bed is a great way to maximize floor space in your child’s room without sacrificing utility or style.

Bunk beds

Best Bunk Beds In Brooklyn, NY

We have bunk beds for career-minded kids, too, including firefighter and police bunk bed designs.

After hours and hours of research and shopping, we decided on this bunk bed for our 5 year old son. Instead my son had to learn how to climb up & down the bed from the side, which he did quickly.

Very sterdy there was a couple water type marks on the bed but when put together they were not visible.

There are also loft bunk beds that offer the fun and functional design of a bunk bed but with a bottom bed positioned perpendicular to the top bunk bed for a more open feel.