This is a popular destination for brunch, lunch and dinner, but it’s because the food is consistently good from fried chicken skins to the oh-so-yummy junk salad. Be prepared to wait in line when it’s busy, but know that the line will wind by the oyster bar where you can expect to shoot the breeze with an affable shucker.

Dine in the evening and watch as the sun sets and the patio’s strung-up white lights start to twinkle. This restaurant specializes in burgers, bands and bourbon — all of which can be enjoyed inside or outside!

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Best Patios In Nashville: The Ultimate Restaurant Patio Guide

This is a fun and action-packed environment for gathering and enjoying warm summer nights!

Italian dishes, but the food doesn’t stand a chance against the perfectly balanced setting, bathed in warm, golden light.

There are two family- booths set back into tiled walls on each end and cute country-style windows all around. Every view is an ocean view — to the north, south and west — and every hour is the right hour for a visit.

Now that it’s summer, you can enjoy this new gem from a lovely perch on the genteel porch in a truly picturesque setting.

Bernard’s, you can sit surrounded by plants and trees not far from a large vegetable garden where many ingredients of your meal our sourced. I would never vote for them as they took my reward points away and i was about to use for a free room.

We are excited for the return of all our old favorites like the tortilla soup and black bean fundido!< Filled with business people, creatives and music industry honchos, this place is where you can go to see and be seen. proves to be just a great a spot for watching games, drinking beers and enjoying some fresh air on the patio. Cook’s offers two patios and a courtyard with a fountain surrounded by tables filled with chatting patrons.

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Tuscan oasis as you’re surrounded by stonework, lush greenery and a beautiful fountain. Italian cuisine in this casual and relaxed atmosphere as you watch the sun set over the river. Sunday has one of the best patios in the city and it seems to be missing from nearly all of your lists.

Terrine feel like an elegant brasserie that has been transplanted into some kind of magical forest. Red 36 is also gorgeous, and while the location feels a bit seafood rustic/casual, the cuisine has a delicious sophistication. As for the food, the restaurant serves an international array of dishes in a chic, romantic space.

Before visiting do your own research and decide if the you really want to support this society with your tourist money.