I know he showed us a hundred different sofas (many were in really vivid colors), it just really made it easier to find that perfect one for our room. An illness in the groom’s family caused the wedding to be moved ahead a week, which left me without my daughter’s gift.

He was still courteously attentive and made himself available to answer our questions and offer ideas and support.

Clean colors

Best Western Rustic Furniture In Indianapolis, Indiana With Reviews

I bought several things there, including a recliner sofa and love seat, a dining set, bed and mattress. I cleaned it using different cleaners with a lot of elbow grease but couldn’t get it as clean as it was.

When delivered they assembled it with one slat that was too short to reach all the way across the frame. We had the colors picked out for the room but we couldn’t find any interesting styles that weren’t the same old browns and blacks that everybody in the state has.

According to everyone’s word, my set was delivered exactly on time and in near-perfect condition. But, we were greeted as soon as we walked through the door and everyone was very pleasant. It became obvious that the staff actually enjoys being there and that really made us feel at ease.

I really doubt if any other store would have gone to that much trouble and expense for a client.

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