If you look at the description of the book case, you will find the exact dimensions listed. I could be wrong but these seem like the same particle board you see everywhere e more ven though they’re advertised as “hardwood”. I ended up not attaching the back to it and liked the open airy look it ha more d without it.

I explained that we would be unable to pick the box up for another week due to a family emergency, the store went ahead and delivered the box to our house!

Ideal next to your couch or favorite recliner, the two fixed shelves are a great place to display collectibles or store magazines, books and remote controls. Set up in your living space to store plush blankets and pillows or add to a bedroom to display photos and accent pieces. This purchase started off like every good horror movie does, husband and wife discover a beautiful piece of furniture that ends up being the devil’s spawn. For a clean look, use a bookcase with lower shelving behind dual doors and keep dusting to a minimum. It’s not obvious from the photo, but the wood shelves have notches cut in them to fit around the metal frame. The box it arrived in wasn’t damaged, just one of the wooden shelves will require work or replacement.

Sturdy construction and durable materials ensure the shelves on this bookcase can hold a considerable amount of weight.

Its handy storage spaces will keep everything within reach, while the cute molding at the top and carefully worked kick plate round out the esthetics of this piece. Plus, since the bookcase has an open design with no back, it can be used as a room divider to provide separation in large spaces. In case of water spills, clean softly immediately with a dry rag, not doing it could denote to lose color in its original finish.

Handy storage spaces

To attach these guys, pocket holes are probably the best option, but another alternative is good wood glue and clamping.

Bookcase shelves display

Better Homes And Gardens River Crest Bookcase

Would this plan still work with 2x12s as the shelves or would that be too heavy to make it structurally sound?

We hear from many people who have small rooms and want a bookcase to help organize their collections. Let antiqued curios and cherished souvenirs shine with this stylish bookcase, featuring 5 tiers and an industrial-chic design. Lawson sofa with nailhead trim and a tonal striped wingback chair around a polished wood coffee with wrought iron sides. Stable, attractive design has fixed shelves for exceptional structural strength and durability. The sleek iron frame with a brown finish gives this piece its modern edge, while the plank wood shelves with wood grain details add a twist of farmhouse flair.

Strong steel exterior and shelf construction together with a solid fiberboard back make this one of this bookcase the best value on the market today. Terrace storage shelf / bookcase collection is perfect to use alone or pair with basket and create a place for your goodies. Before you go out and try to find yourself a new bookshelf there are a couple factors you should keep in mind. Certain collectibles will look better and last longer being housed in a translucent material like glass, acrylic or plexiglass. While bookshelves are traditionally used to house one’s literary collection, they are also a useful storage and display solution.

This shelf not only had protection on all corners and sides, but it was wrapped really well with clear packaging. My only disappointment was the laminate reclaimed wood color isn’t very realistic or appealing. It took some patience to put together, but once together, mine looked great & still does 5 years later. Use in a nursery to display milestone photos and baby books or in a living room to create a space for plants and accent pieces.

Add an antique clock and classic books to create a timeless style or add your movie collection and phone charging dock for a more modern look and purpose.

I have to figure out a way to squeeze it in there or take the whole thing apart, pack it back up and return it. I read, but after assembling it and putting it in the conference more room, all hesitations disappeared. I have not put together furniture this easy to assemble, especially with how they put together the hardware packs.

The black was a bit much in our room, so we just didnt put the back panels on to leave the shelves open in the back. X beams in the back tighten it up considerably, and the fully assembled shelf is pretty solid. Those decorative metal features a few inches from the very top are inconsistently welded; one of mine is not straight. The hardware provided to anchor the unit to the wall is useless as you can’t get the unit close enough to the wall to use it. Keep your books and belongings in any of the three open shelves or the two adjustable lower shelves hidden behind cabinet doors.

With diverse style inspirations to choose from, you’ll be able to find the one that speaks to you – or mix and match across collections for a style thats all your own. Its handy storage spaces will keep everything within reach, while the cute molding at the top and carefully worked kick plate round out the esthetics of this piece.

These guys can be attached with pocket holes (1 1/2″ and 2 1/2″ pocket hole screws) or can be attached from top and bottom with 2 1/2″ wood screws predrilled. I loved the style but had no need for a piece like that in my space, but really do need a cookbook shelf in my kitchen. Many people restrict themselves to displaying just books on their bookcases — a real mistake.

Whether you’re creating a simple display in your well-appointed ensemble or looking to stow spare supplies and crafting accessories in your workspace, this essential bookcase brings a bit of understated style and effortless utility to your environment. Keep it in the den to tuck away a collection of leather-bound tomes and treasured travel souvenirs for a worldly look, or fill it up with framed family photos and antique serveware for the perfect dining room anchor. An iron frame and wood shelves make this bookcase a rustic-inspired foundation for your eye-catching parlor vignette.

Organize your books and magazine with this triple extra large bookcase, feature industrial and rustic design is a classic yet functional piece to be display in your room décor. This unit can be used as kids toy display and storage, shoe rack and more than that, a end table or guest coffee table.

Bookcase features 2 large open shelves for books, baskets and binders and 4 non-woven fabric bins to replicate the look of drawers.

A classic mission look with insert panel doors, a contemporary handle design, and mission style moldings.

For example, a stacking shelf makes it easy to customize your shelves since if you need to expand your collection, you can always just put another shelf on top of the other. If you have ample floor space and a large collection, consider a tall, freestanding unit or a wide, horizontal case that offers even more display surface on top.

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