There are some notes on the pictures for part alignment, make sure you see & follow them and you’ll have a great piece of furniture quickly. I gave it 3 stars because of my disappointment, although for some this may be the perfect fit and look. The white tabletop provides stark contrast that will add a pop of chic style in your living room or family room. Place it atop a solid white rug to brighten up the space even more, or take the modern look up a notch by choosing a geometric design instead. Even it this didn’t occur, the screw assembly looks week and not reliable if you ever had to move the table. Its unique design and naturally contrasting wood tones bring a rustic infusion to any theme, from industrial to lake woods-inspired to man cave. With two pullout drawers and a bottom shelf for storage, it gives you a place to store things like books, remotes, coasters and more. Wobbly-ness of it because it is in my formal living room where we usually don’t sit, and bec more ause we don’t have any children. Table is solid, considering it’s not 100% hard wood, and it looks nice in front of my full-size sofa and armchairs. As you shop around for a new coffee table, it’s a good idea to consider what kind of bookshelves, cabinets and other storage you have in the room. With the ability to fit in nicely just about anywhere you’ve got a need for a convenient little table, our coffee table selections are just what you need to make a lounge space. Create your own green space on top of the coffee table to add life and a breath of fresh air to the room.

What this means for you rolling it is that only two wheels roll when you move it (kitty-corner wheels) and in only one direction. The wheels move but they do not turn so it’s not really a roll around piece of furniture ~ just for looks.

The wheels sit in a holder that is fixed at a 45-degree angle to the product so do not rotate.

Coffee storage design

Better Homes And Gardens Rustic Country Side Table, Antiqued Black/Pine

There is also no warranty coverage for rented products or any products purchased used or as is, at a distress or going-out-of business sale, or from a liquidator. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow, however you should be able to assemble with out the instructions.

The everyday practicality and low profile makes it a great centerpiece in front of your couch. Lay out your favorite books or magazines on top or spruce it up with a bouquet of fresh flowers, and you’ll instantly have a space that looks professionally designed. I have eyed this fo more r months and knew it was the only table that fit into my white & mixed wood themed cozy apartment. Reflect glamorous style with this metallic gold cocktail table in a living room, formal parlor, or entryway.

With a traditional design and square legs, this coffee table with storage lends a classic look to your living space.

I don’t use any kind of furniture polish on it, just a dust cloth, to keep it looking good. We have coffee tables with lower storage shelves that can give you a place to store everything from board games and books to floor pillows and blankets.

Whether your taste is classic, boho-chic or rustic, our coffee tables add wow factor to your living space.

Wooden models are often heavier and more robust than metal or plastic styles, and for this reason are less portable.