3 Secrets To Mixing Vintage And Modern Designs Design District

3 Secrets To Mixing Vintage And Modern Designs Design District
But, what we knew we had to focus on in this post was how the Dunton Hot Springs cabins seamlessly blend antique furnishings and decor with modern amenities and furniture. Here’s what Christina had to say about their technique:

Bjorkmans Cabin

When it came to furnishing and designing Dunton Hot Springs, owner Christoph was adamant about one thing: they shouldn’t try too hard. The design should come naturally, keeping everything as authentic as possible. So they let the cabins’ structures and the surrounding environment guide their designs.
This resulted in a lot of trips to antique stores to find as many vintage 1800s pieces as possible. But there were times when modern furnishings, decor, and amenities were necessary. Whether it was because they needed a bigger size or sturdier construction, functionality was most important, and that’s when they would then bring in modern pieces.

Choosing to focus on vintage designs, but letting function guide their modern furnishing purchases, kept everything feeling very natural and real as they melded antique with contemporary.

Christina and her husband Ed, as well as the owners themselves, were not afraid to take chances. If they saw something they thought would work well in Dunton Hot Springs, they gave it a try. A lot of the time, their instincts were right, and everything fell into place perfectly, but there were also times when their vision for a certain furnishing didn’t go quite as planned. They then had to rearrange their ideas until they found what worked. This bump in the road did not stop them or scare them away from trying again.