Our experience in advertising, social media and public relations gives us the competitive advantage. This aggressive approach has made our shows successful by targeting the proven vintage buyers.

Our loyal patron list is over 20, 000 strong and growing everyday. This is fueled by baby-boomer retirements and downsizing, as well as city-life loving millennials with small apartments. This means that there is a surplus of secondhand furniture for sale and insufficient demand for all of it to sell. For those in the market for furniture, one can buy complete sets, as well as single unique pieces that are in excellent condition for the fraction of the price of buying new at the retail level.

Visiting estate sales in your area can be a great way to spend the day with a friend and explore how others lived and collected. Furniture which has been vetted by a credible dealer or expert will save some time in your pursuit, but may cost a bit more because they are working on behalf of their client and get paid to do so. Obviously, they no longer want what they’re selling. Professional estate sales offer less negotiation, but better quality items. For those wishing to save time and money, auctions (online or live) are a good way to see a lot of furnishings and, maybe, find something no one else will want. For those who are downsizing or moving, it can be cheaper to buy quality second-hand and vintage than to pay for transportation or storage costs of your current pieces.

Millennials are not wanting a lot of the things their parents are handing down.

You can also buy full sets of beautiful china for a fraction of the original cost. Silver plate is being given away to donation bins and can bought for a few dollars a piece on resale.

I am upgrading my look with antiques and pretty vintage decorative objects. Out with the “made in china” in in with quality, beautiful things that bring me joy to look at!

Going through belongings that hold many memories or have value can bring up a lot of emotions, which can make the task even more difficult.

I don’t even drink wine and took home two corkscrews.

I didn’t really need another set of nylon cooking utensils.

I also never really had any interest in sewing, so the hundreds of spools filled with thread just became clutter. More to dig through in the kitchen drawers and threads and scissors, and scissors, and more scissors in my craft area.

I used the pinking shears once while making a neat pattern at the edge of some craft paper for a project, but that’s it.

I think it’s okay to have a few things just to display for decoration that you may not use, but if you’re taking things that will become clutter or that you have to store, you’ll definitely want to think about the answer to this question. It was sitting outside in one of the buildings and no one else wanted it. The glass pitcher holding the fresh tulips is also displayed on the china cabinet above. It’s very functional for extra storage underneath and the wood block on the top has been the perfect place to prepare food. Having a piece of family and local history in our kitchen makes a nice conversation piece, and it’s usually the first thing people notice when they walk into our kitchen. Is there something in particular that reminds you of the time you spent with your loved-ones, or that brings back special memories?

Blue was her color, so that is a nice reminder as well.

We have the other chair sitting in my husband’s music room. Just take the time to consider these questions and realize that if they do not have a special memory attached or you cannot use them in your own home, then they are just things. Even the things you can sell to turn a profit are just that.

We have an ever-changing inventory brought to you by over 100 antique dealers.

You can expect to find that every one of our antique dealers have filled their space with something special and unique. There will be a piece here that suits your needs and will garner compliments from family members, guests, and strangers.

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Do yourself a favor and spend the day perusing the wares of our antique shop. Stop by today to find all the hidden gems in every nook and cranny!

Thanksgiving celebrations since the 1600s. It doesn’t matter if the plates or glasses don’t match. A mix of patterns or cut glass stemware creates an attractive vintage look. They experimented with many gelatin dishes. The misty gray shade is superbly elegant and it is accented by a hand-applied nailhead trim. Here’s the view from the other side of the counter. Weston stools continue to please you for many years!

The close up of the door (left) shows just how lovely and detailed the carvings are. The muted green background will blend beautifully into any color scheme and the bright fruit colors will add a warm accent. The fruit is set off by large leaves spreading across the top of the stylish blue bowl. It measures about 13 inches wide and it would look terrific as a centerpiece on your rustic kitchen table. It is very popular for any style of home, and it has remained popular for thousands of years!

People probably weren’t reading home decor blogs back in those days!

But it can also be a filled pattern covering a complete surface. And of course it looks great on traditional architecture, like this fireplace. It is also available in white and an antiqued walnut finish. The meander motif is easy to add to your home with lighting or other smaller home accessories.

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It is often seen in black on white, but any color combinations work, as do tone on tone variations like the sconce here where the raised key gives a textural effect. An antique or vintage chair looks superb in your office, study, writing studio or other work space, whether you have a traditional office decor or a more eclectic look in your study. The bottom seat cushion had already been reupholstered. This nicely carved chair has attractive detailing on the legs and nail head trim on the brown leather upholstery.

You will notice that the embossed leather on the vintage chair at the desk ties in with the leather arm chair and the two leather sofas.

I love the color of those blue leather sofas!

William’s statues and figurines adorning the space create elegant decorative accents. William’s study looks like a very welcoming place to write letter or curl up and read books on a rainy day!

Often we have antique and vintage chairs available in singles as well as sets, and the single chairs are well-priced.

We also have pairs of chairs available, so you can buy one for your own desk chair and another for your clients or visitors.

I love all that goes into making a house a home.

I hope that you will come visit and see for yourself one day, maybe even this year?

The entertainment is free and everyone is welcome.

I took these photos in previous years, to give you a taste of the event. This handsome couple certainly looks the part!

Arts and crafts vendors will also line the streets, selling all kinds of interesting and unusual items. Furniture is also adorned with carved arches and columns, stately pediments and attractive finials.

Figurative carvings include male and female figures, faces and heads. The typical buffet will boast columns and spindles, including spindled galleries to serve as plate racks. Here are some piece of furniture in this style that customers have bought from us. They sent us some wonderful photos showing the furniture in their homes for our customer spotlights. The beautiful buffet is carved with a knight on horseback on the doors. Bob decorated the marble top with a vintage porcelain figure of an apothecary and antique mortar and pestle sets. The attractive brass handles are also typical of this style. Hepburn with her tailored but bold taste would be the first to order some of these pieces!

Sometimes the silhouette and superb finish does all the talking, without any need for color or pattern at all. The incredibly interesting dining table stands on eight multi ringed turned posts that open out when you want to extend the drop leaves. Otherwise the cherry veneered table with brass accents closes down to a fairly narrow profile. This is great if you need a smaller footprint table when you are not entertaining!

That lovely leather chair looks like a perfect spot to curl up with a bourbon and a good book in front of the fire!

The simpler lines create a sense of subtle and refined luxury. It all looks very smart and luxurious but also welcoming and relaxed. Eighteenth century portraiture of animals.

We hope to soon get back to locating great pieces and spending the proper amount of time working with our clients to place those things in the proper collections. The exhibit is coming together nicely and most of the clocks are in the building. There are many periods of antique furniture, which overlap. Each subsequent period influenced the style of its successors. What makes period furniture so unique and valuable?

She also noted “there are many periods of antique furniture. Each subsequent period actually influenced the style of its successors. While we rarely run across these fine pieces now, you’ll find a number on display in museums. They often purchase them anonymously through phone bids in upscale auctions where prices can skyrocket in a matter of minutes. What makes a masterpiece of furniture worthy of such attention?

Wall, a piece must possess a “beauty and quality that transcends the bounds of the era or even the field of art it represents” to qualify for masterpiece status. The more you know about the craftsmanship and styles, the better you’ll be at separating the wheat from the chaff on your own furniture foraging adventures. The best strategy is to understand exactly what you’re looking for before you go shopping. If you want to buy a wooden dresser, you have a huge range of options. Or maybe you want something decorative to go with the modern style of your new home. Make sure you know how much you’re willing to spend before you start looking.

Why You Should Be Buying Antique Furniture Right Now

This is especially important at auction, where it can be all too easy to get carried away and overlook the buyer’s premium. We’ve all made this mistake at least once.

You go to a showroom or an auction preview and fall in love with a piece of furniture, and then you bring it home. Even after you remove a door to try to get it in the house, it still doesn’t fit!

Take pictures of any other pieces of furniture, rugs, wallpaper, or other accessories you plan to place in the same space. Look at wood samples in a hardware store to help figure out which materials appeal most to you. Some of the pricier antiques you’ll find are made from historic old growth wood (that may even be extinct) rather than new growth wood. A surface in original condition is always of more interest to collectors. You’ll find both real wooden furniture and wood veneer, and it’s important to know the difference. Some historic pieces of furniture have handmade hardware and many antique furniture collectors find this quite appealing. Be sure to inspect the joinery on a piece of furniture. Failure to do this is like buying a car without looking under the hood. It can make all the difference in the longevity of a piece of antique furniture. The provenance of a piece of furniture can make a big difference in how much it appeals to collectors. Please leave a comment if you have a specific question about wooden furniture that you’d like to see addressed. This is just the kind of information that i had been looking for, and i would regularly watch out for the new posts, once again hats off to you!

It makes sense to think that doing this can help you get vintage items that will match your decor and will bring more comfort and good vibes to your home. My sister is interested in buying an antique table because she’d like to give our grandmother a gift.

I really like that you say to inspect everything about the furniture, and joinery. That way, you know it will still work in the end. Looking for an item to be the focal point of your home or an accent piece to add that special touch?

Always popular, these charming pieces are often the subject of much discussion… why were they made?

People like to use the term ‘apprentice pieces’ when referring to these, but more often than not this isn’t the case. But what is an apprentice piece and why are they often confused with miniatures?

Workshops would send out salesmen on lengthy country-wide tours, with a miniature of each piece on his sales cart. This meant the cabinet maker could use the smaller form to show off his skills, without the salesman having to lug a full size piece of furniture wherever he went!

A much smaller number of these miniatures are what was called ‘apprentice pieces’. They were given lesser quality materials to work with and the craftsmanship was often less refined. They are rarer than the real thing, and the charm and precise craftsmanship of these exquisite pieces is undeniable. These days they are often used as collectors’ chests and jewelry boxes etc., and make a wonderful gift!

It comes in the form of pearls, which are first soaked in water; the technology of the glue pot, however, has moved on: we use an electric double skin device. The first, and most important, is authenticity. When working on antique furniture you should never introduce materials that were not around when the piece was first made; for example, we have a wood store of old timber, so that we never have to use ugly modern mahogany in a repair. Scotch was what was used when the piece was made. Hide glue also functions as its own cramp. At this point the plate is set aside without cramps, and the hide glue pulls the joint together as it hardens. The third reason is convenience – hide glue is very forgiving. Working on a piece that was restored by a cowboy last time?

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The top, often surrounded with a gallery, serves for placing small ornaments. Beneath the writing surface there is usually a single drawer, often neatly fitted for toiletries or writing supplies. Early examples were raised on slender cabriole legs; under the influence of neoclassicism, examples made after about 1775 had straight, tapering legs. The folding writing surface opens to reveal the original tooled leather and inset pen and inkwell trays. The scrolling shelf supports contribute to the overall elegance of the piece, which dates from about 1810. Placed to accommodate guests entering the home before they were invited into the more intimate inner rooms, they also provided a discreet resting place for waiting servants, the solid upright back prevented slouching!

The backs, carved from solid wood, were often painted with the family’s coat of arms and motto, which these days allows for provenance to easily be traced. They feature a solid hardwood seat, allowing for it to be easily cleaned. The architectural fanned back rest is typical of the style of the period. Specialist tools and equipment are needed: a gilder’s cushion, tip and knife. The cushion is a small padded board covered with suede, with a screen made of 4in high parchment or brown paper attached along one end of the cushion and halfway down both sides: this prevents the gold leaf being blown off, as it will do in the slightest draught. The gilder’s tip is made of fine brush hair and is used for moving the gold leaf: the tip is rubbed against the face or hair to produce static, which is then used to lift the delicate leaf onto the cushion for cutting. Beneath the gold are the layers of gesso and bole. It is applied with a brush, like paint, layer after layer, until the correct thickness is achieved. The surface is burnished with an agate burnisher to an almost mirror finish. This is then wetted, to activate the size, and the gold leaf laid on top. When it is perfectly dry the excess leaf is brushed away and the surface burnished again to make the gold shine. They had a wide range of clients, from aristocracy to the merchant classes. Serpentine front chests always are always held in high esteem, due to the extra work during construction. These decorative sections would only be used in veneer form, but walnut was also used in the solid for chairs etc.

Veneers from this period were laboriously cut by hand, and are typically 1/16th of an inch thick. However, during the 19th century great strides were made in the mechanisation of cabinet making. He also developed the first hydraulic veneer press. The figured wood cut from burrs and pollards is notoriously difficult to cut and lay: the wild grain which makes it so attractive results in a very delicate, brittle veneer. This beautiful glazed bookcase, dating from about 1850 is typical of this period. It was considered dignified for a child to have upright posture, with a straight back and the head held high. It was believed this was important not only for discipline, but also medical reasons.

The typically small seat is caned, and raised on very elegant ring turned splay legs. Beautifully made, usually of mahogany, these pieces used the very best quality timber and were ‘fine’ pieces of furniture, as they would be displayed in the master bedroom. But, although the different models vary – some have a tambour front , others a pair of doors – they were often very similar in size and shape. Once either side of a bed it’s not very easy to spot any differences … and that’s one of the things that is so special about antique furniture!

Another type of commode from this period is the sort that resembles a small chest of drawers. Usually converted to form either a cupboard or drawers, they make excellent bedside pieces with a height of around 30 inches.

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They are nearly always roughly 12 inches wide and deep – so if you can find two the same height they will go together beautifully!

From the late 19th century it becomes possible to find pairs of bedside tables still in existence!

My mother also taught me that you don’t have to be the best chef in the world to create a beautiful family gathering. Louis for collaborating with us on this project. Jeanne, get her new book, and celebrate your own artful spirit. Denver and beyond and we are grateful to be recognized among so many other great stores in this issue. The photo on the left is from three years ago and the one on the right is from this week. Authenticity means working hard to find and create the uncommon, the unexpected, and the beautiful.

I realized that we have been in our home for a year now and a lot has changed!

This is a special opportunity for you and your friends to have lunch with your favorite celebrity conversationalist and get to know them beyond social media. They believe today’s most modern and fresh homes are layered and personal, blending timeless pieces with new items to create an environment unique to the owners’ personalities. Another service he provides is cataloging and organizing your existing collection, as well as providing conservation services and meticulous binding and leatherwork. The wealthy employed sculptors and painters and other artisans to create an atmosphere that reinforced their position in society. Each day, a different set of tastemakers gives an inside look at their favorite finds, friends, and more.

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Proof positive they were educated in the ways of the world!

Lines of small bead shapes are also a frequent embellishment. How does getting outside of your local marketplace help your business?

My parent’s house was small, but it was a wonderfully cozy home. My mom didn’t have much money to decorate with but she had good taste. And more importantly, she has an ability to make anything look beautiful.

I remember her walking into the fields near our house and picking wildflowers. He grew up as a military kid, with his family moving around the world from military base to military base and his mother was a magician. She could move into a house in a foreign country and perform magic on military housing making the spaces as beautiful as she was. He saw the beauty she created in her world. When creating the architecture plans for the house he couldn’t help but think how the people would live in the space, what the lighting would be, how the furniture placement would interact with the structure itself. Like all changes, there is both good and bad about selling and buying antiques online.