Bloomingdales Furniture Warehouse - Wayne, NJ, United StatesIf you’re furnishing a home, come here first for high end, fashion forward style at a reasonable slice of discount.
We went to a few different furniture and department stores and found much of it low end despite high cost and the styling, reminiscent of Barcalounger overstuffed vanilla flavor.
At Bloomies Wayne, we were delighted to meet again with George Baker, salesman extraordinaire, previously of the Hawthorne location. If you require assistance, do yourself a favor and avail yourself of this man’s expertise.
We picked up an Italian leather couch, two swivel captain’s chairs, an exquisite Tufenkian hand knotted Himalayan rug and a King Kluft mattress. Money and time well spent.
Highly recommended if you are in the market for good quality furniture at a discounted price!
Purchased 3 Shifman mattresses from them with great price and wonderful customer service! Myra, who was recommended by a friend, helped us picked out the perfect mattresses and made the process so easy for us!
They have a wide selection of sectionals and couches too. (Some may have minor imperfections so make sure you check with your salesman!) I felt in love with two fabric loveseats! Too bad I am looking for leather. It is a place that I will definitely return as I continue to build my house~
Bought a headboard, that needed to be replaced. I bought another headboard and made a separate payment for that. I was told once the previous headboard is in the delivery truck, the money will be reimbursed. I called up the following day to confirm if the money has been reimbursed to my credit card, the manager told me I shall have the money credited the next day (it takes 2 -3 days). It has been over 2 weeks and I AM STILL WAITING for the reimbursement.
Excellent collection of furniture and LEASTTTTT professionalism. They need to realize that they are selling furniture etc.