Chronically Vintage: Fabulous Interview And Book Giveaway With Ww2 Novel Author Elinor Florence
I couldn't agree more. History is so much more interesting when told through personal memory.
I love to read curled up in my favourite with a and my dogs laying at my feet.
A good book and I belong curled up on my bed.: )
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Ooh! I'd love to add Ms. Florence's book to my to-be-read stack! One of my favorite ways to pass some time reading is when visiting my parents, on their super comfy cushy . With their cat. Especially at Christmastime, when my parents and I are ALL likely to be reading in the living room near the tree. It's especially nice because I'm three thousand miles away from my home, job, and responsibilities, so I don't feel like I "should" be doing anything else.

My favourite place to read is in the summer in my hammock that's hanging between some beautiful trees. Nothing I like more than that!
My favorite reading spot is my Queen Anne recliner in the living room, with a fire going, a blanket on my legs and a shawl around my shoulders. The book sounds awesome.