Here, you may readily purchase homemade products, both to consume and use about the home. The prices are rather high for the baked goods, however, considering the intent and perhaps flavor, that's the price you'll pay.

There is a deli, a small restaurant and other assorted stores. Stop in for a bite, good food, just premium on the items. The baked goods are great, the butcher shop is great, the deli and bakery are also top notch. Their mission is to please you- it's so nice!

With all kinds of stores like n cafés. One of the many special aspects of shopping our market is getting to know the business owners and vendors that work so hard to bring their beautiful offerings to market. Amish style foods you must stop in and try it!

Its a must stop visit and is definitely unique place!

The layout is such that it is assembly of different storefronts each having their own business. The developer did a good job of putting together a mix of all kinds of businesses, so there is no one overabundance of any type.

In the middle is a restaurant that is built to resemble a dining room in an amish home. To do this, we offer high quality living room , , mattresses and much more. We’ve created a welcoming environment where customers can experience the furniture and decide what fits best in their home.

We offer plenty of furniture solutions for every room in your home.

We make an effort to donate and participate in community events and fundraisers year round.

We are thrilled to be an active member of the community. Large selection of woods, stains and furniture for every room of the home. He spent hours talking to us and explaining the different options we had. Was told it was from a warehouse, that was a lie!!

You would do better making a pallet on the floor instead of buying from this filthy place filled with dirty mattresses and dirty dealing employees!

I wish there were more stars for the service.

I recently purchased a new home and had several beds to purchase. The sales members i dealt with both times went above and beyond anything i could have expected. They explained everything about my beds warentees and made the whole process less painful (over two grand at once is painful) the prices made it easier as well and i am very happy with the beds i purchased. They are real gems and you should be very proud of them. Our daughter thought our ottoman was a trampoline and cracked part of the frame. Wow, they have great customer service from beginning to end!

Linda was awesome and helped us find the perfect sectional. She went above and beyond to match our color scheme and was very courteous throughout the entire process. Good selection and decently priced along with exceptional associates who are helpful but give you the space and time to browse!

Great workmanship, very friendly, very professional, very knowledgeable. Repairman was phenomenal, timely and efficient. Dave took the pain out of contemplating what furniture to buy. He was very informative and awesome to work with.

A taste of Amish

I decided to try the sampler since it would give me a little of many of the things they have to offer. The pancake was light yellow and not cooked completely (inside had batter not completely cooked).

I didn't eat the sausage because it was lukewarm and still red in the center from not being cooked completely. As for the potatoes, they were extremely bland. Better more reasonable prices are what drew us here along with solid eating options. There are a large number of vendors here with everything from furniture to food - all of it great!

Great selection of cheeses, baked goods, spices, fresh veggies are all available. There is a sitdown restaurant as well as a couple fast food type vendors. Amish market and can't wait for the chance to visit again. The market is divided up into twenty or so individual vendors that sell everything from handcrafted furniture to delicious baked goods and pretzels. Even if you don't buy anything it is fun to browse and people watch. and lots of (28) shops and stalls selling food meats cheeses produce furniture all owned and run by Amish. Olympic swimming pool featured in the back of the cigar shop!

Who said breakfast all day is a bad thing?

We used to love this location to shop, and get some food. Slowly the prices crept higher and higher with less deals being offered. However produce and meat doesn't look fresh along w prices that are better at other local spots. Those with stands closing limiting our options further. Sad but hopefully the writing on the walls will see all of the stands reopen.

Breezy Acres Country ShoppeLLC

A very cute marketplace almost like an indoor food flea market!

Italian meats were so thinly sliced and artistically displayed.

I dare you to get back out without buying one!

My personal favorite is the chicken salad wrap, and it is always made fresh.

I also ordered a few pastries, and they were delicious. The only negative is the meat prices; they are really high.

We tried fresh blueberry donuts, fried chicken, ribs, a pretzel and a fresh-squeezed lemonade. Visited this place last week with my mother and grandma.

We all enjoyed ourselves for a lovely afternoon trip. Was amazed on the fresh donuts and pastries, we got about 3 dozen for the family dinner that night. Really enjoyed this place and very nice people working here.

Mary's salads has one of my faves - overnight potato salad. A hot pretzel usually finds it way home with me. All natural no hormones or chemicals added.

I attended the 2nd anniversary event and tried a pulled pork sandwich and ribs, both of which were delicious!

People were just walking by and not even stopping to buy any. There were lots of outlets for doing work.

The coffee was good and so was the service.

I would definitely recommend this place!!

Their caramel pecan roll is fantastic as are their cinnamon rolls !!

Every single employee has a smile on their face and are very helpful. If you want a beautiful, one of a kind piece, this is your man. Also, the donuts are incredible at the front of the market. Can get same stuff at the flea markets at a better price. Great variety of condiments, spices, pickles, fresh produce and much more. It's so worth the wait in line for the home made donuts. The fresh fruit trays are delicious, so fresh!!!

I have been shopping at the the market since they opened. Seeing smiles all over the place this weekend, folks, will remain in our hearts and minds forever.