Bestselling series of coloring books for adults offers highly detailed illustrations on premium paper – relax and color. These sources can only give you a general sense of an item's worth.

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It lists items in alphabetical order and cites actual asking prices. Values are estimates based on actual prices. Books about collecting jewelry are with the jewelry books, books about collecting religious memorabilia are with the religion books, etc. Below, you will find a selection of specialized guides.

It is possible that you may not find an entire book devoted to your particular collectible. When this is the case, look in the indexes of more general books for pages or chapters devoted to your topic. Arranged in alphabetical order by country, values given are based on estimates. Some professional appraisal organizations maintain lists of members on their websites. Bear in mind that there are many different kinds of appraisers. Before you consult an individual, make sure she or he has experience with antiques and collectibles.

And don't forget, professionals usually charge a fee for their services.

You will find biographical information, magazine and newspaper articles, book references and exhibit information. For a subscription fee, even more information is available, including auction prices. My favorite genres are fantasy, historical fiction and thrillers.

We have lots of ways you can reach us, even after hours. Pages, 223 b/w photographs, several color plates. Pages, 254 b/w photographs, several color photos. Pages, 243 b/w photographs, several color plates. The book includes discussions of methods of preservation and restoration, and ways of determining authenticity and age. Pages, about 1, 900 b/w and a few color photographs. Although organized dictionary-style, it is a great deal more. A reference work for the serious collector and dealer. Context is always important in tracing the origins and influences of antique , and this book is one of the first to explore the subject thoroughly. These are more than just case ; mirrors, clocks, desks and occasional tables are all included. Book near new, dust cover worn but not torn. The section on seating furniture alone covers over 60 pages. Pages, over 500 b/w and color photographs of very high quality. Pages, nearly 100 b/w and four color photographs. This book supplies much information about those makers and their practices and clients, along with illustrations of the best examples. Each drawing/plan is accompanied by his notes on the "proper" and "correct" way for the cabinetmaker to build the piece. Fair condition, binding sound, cover shelf-worn, intact and complete. Pages, 200 drawing plates and 19 photographs. Every conceivable piece of furniture from chairs to fireplace mantles is depicted. This broad-brush volume surveys furniture of many civilizations from the earliest times to the modern.

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Pages, around 200 photographs and line drawings. Hayward (1898-1979(?)) authored, co-authored, edited or contributed to 36 books and two periodicals on the subject of woodworking. He was a wood worker and restorer of antiques of great repute, and it is inevitable that he would come across (and be asked to make!) "fakes". Why pay for the real thing and end up with less?

The prices are of course outdated, but the real value is in the written information and photographic examples of each type and style of furniture. Best of all, it isn't limited to the rarest and most valuable antique furniture, but instead illustrates and describes forms and examples that can be seen in many shops and auctions. There is much useful information regarding modification and misrepresentation. This is a record of some of their finest work, often photographed in the original settings it was intended for. Pages, 129 b/w and color photographs and drawings. There are many illustrations of tools and joinery, and fascinating insights into how the working conditions and prevailing culture influenced the trade. Book is like new, dust cover is rubbed and has light shelf wear, no tears. Today we'd probably call this a "critic's review". The descriptions are very nicely written and very informative. Although written early in the 20th century, it is just as relevant today. Hardbound, no dust cover (was issued originally in slip case). It reaches from the 11th century to the beginning of the 19th, placing each phase of development in context with the architecture and influences of the time. It is a large and heavy volume, and the furniture illustrated is breathtaking. Dust cover with very minor shelf wear and sun fade to spine, book like new. Many rare and exotic specimens are shown, but the book also goes to some length to include simple utilitarian pieces.


Nutting tried for a true encyclopedia, and probably accomplished it. This large book is organized encyclopedia-style, without page numbers but with illustrations numbered one through 401 instead, and a description for each illustration. An especially nice feature is the inclusion of ten room settings photographed in color from the museum, showing the furniture in its total decorative context. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item?

All in all this has proven a very good read and has given me a good grounding with which to approach the auction rooms. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!.

You can still add it to your wishlist below. Please note that prices are subject to change. Download your e-book(s) from your bookshelf. Tell us more about what you like to read so we can send you the best offers and opportunities. Each classic project has complete drawings and detailed construction techniques.

Whether you're building a planter, bench or you'll find. It’s annoying for somebody who likes a thing to be properly edited. These annoyances weren’t enough to lower my rating a whole star, though.

I would love a book just like this on vintage pieces.

We are new to antiquing and estate sales and this book is helping us to identify doe of the pieces we are getting. It cam in the prescribed time at a good price.

It is not necessary, though, to spend thousands of dollars on high end furnishings and decor in order to make your home a unique showplace that represents who your are. Fashion trends no longer dictate the way we dress or decorate our homes. More and more people develop a taste of mixing contradictory furniture trends in their home decor, combining contemporary furniture with vintage finds and exotic art pieces. Free standing furniture differs from built-in furniture in that the it is basically moveable. Are you tired of people telling you to get out more and behave more like an extrovert?

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