Some 800, 000 oak barrels are produced annually, many of them ending up in gardens as planters or simply destroyed.

We estimate that we have saved approximately 15, 000 barrels from this ultimate end.

Many of the products bear the branding and vineyard handling markings as they were used in wine production.

We use recycled materials in almost all of our rustic pieces. And it is these doors that we use, most over 80 to 100 years old, to create our unique creative rustic . They are over 100 years old, solid pieces of wood with lots of character.

In many cases we use these as the legs or as butcher blocks being that they are so thick and lend themselves for those applications. Each piece of cedar log is handcrafted and sanded. All of our comes with multiple clear coats of finish, unless otherwise specified.

We also offer unstained and custom stained. Many pieces will include the history of the barns and their builders, if known. Full line of log furniture, rustic furniture, cedar and hickory.

I would describe my style of rustic furniture as refined because it is carefully crafted with time honored mortise-and-tenon joinery, fully functional and, although still retaining a rustic charm, looks quite polished. It is at home in both simple and elegant settings. When finished, each piece beholds its own unique personality, revealing the spirit that had been sleeping in the wood all along.

We take pride in our expert workmanship to offer you natural, rustic furniture and accessories that are elegant enough to highlight modern and traditional decor.

I have been constructing my furniture for nearly thirty years.

Brand Million Dollar Rustic Furniture