Real Hobbit Shire Discovered In Montana, With Elf Villages And A Troll Bridge Tiny House For Ustiny House ForThere, you can stay in an under-hill dome fitted out like an even cozier cousin of Bilbo’s or Frodo’s. The 1,000-square-foot, two-bedroom guesthouse features finely-crafted wood furniture and trim to rival those in the movies, and incorporates some upgrades including tile floors, granite countertops, and modern kitchen and bathroom facilities. A replica of the One Ring suspended in midair completes the allusion.
The hobbit house is far from the only attraction on the 20-acre property. There are also dozens of cute little fairy houses scattered throughout, some built into trees and stumps. (Sadly, you can’t stay in these tiny houses – they’re for decoration only.) Other sights to see include an elven village, a troll bridge, and a hand-carved one-ton stone bench that used to be a troll itself. Plus, of course, the natural beauty of the Montana wilderness and its mountains, trees and wildlife.