You give new life to old things and in this case, you get some wonderful backyard furniture to boot.

Then, you clean, paint and otherwise turn those salad bowls into the cutest toadstools ever for your backyard. When it’s finished, just add a mattress and some pillows and you’ve got the perfect place to nap during those warm summer afternoons. Choose whatever colors and designs you want – this is surf to brighten up your decking and is the perfect place to dry off after a swim – if you have a pool, that is. It will be a great reading chair or just a nice relaxing rocking chair for those warm summer evenings. Etsy and it’s made of pine wood but you could easily use a reclaimed pallet or two to recreate the look and even drill in some cup holders.

Backyard perfect paint

Brilliant DIY Backyard Furniture Ideas That Will Give Your Outdoors Character

Speaking of summer gardens, you really should check out these 40 space saving small garden ideas if you have little space but like a lot of greenery in your backyard. I love to repurpose and many of these projects are made with things that you may otherwise throw out or never use again. You may even want to do a few of these before the weather really warms up – then you’ll have the backyard paradise you’ve always dreamed of having and you may never want to go inside again!

You can fit so many people around it and what fun having a cooler right there in the table!

It has wheels so you can easily roll it around the deck or roll it into the house for indoor entertaining, too. You’ll have to let this one set up for several hours so it’s probably a project to be stretched out over a weekend. You can paint or stain it when you’re finished or paint it white and distress with sandpaper for a wonderfully rustic look. There are even a few ottomans that are perfect for outdoors, which would go wonderfully with these 80 outdoor furniture ideas.