We wanted something durable but also with a unique look and a rustic charm.

You won’t find anything cheaper in this town!!!

Rude people and they do not know how to handle customers.

I went looking at several furniture stores and this place was by far the worst.

We first began making furniture for our own home due to the poor quality but high dollar results we were finding in stores. But replacing the original structure with a new one voids them from doing so again.

Now they’re being told they don’t meet code. Thomas says they want to help, and have offered solutions to get the building where it needs to be. But the foggs say they don’t have the money or the manpower to do it. They say their customers have been their biggest support system. Using the finest-quality hardwoods, known for their rich appearance and natural longevity, each piece is fully customizable and backed by a lifetime warranty. Miller said contaminants should be periodically removed to restore the finish to its original luster.

Leaves waited until this week to change and that brought on the long-awaited autumn feeling. Grandfathered into running in a residential zone, the shop is just feet from their house. Throughout the 10, 000-square-foot showroom that spans across two stories, clients can browse hardwood and upholstered furniture pieces and accessories for virtually every room of their homes. In addition to dining room and living room furniture, there are also a variety of desks and bookcases for home offices, as well as complete bedroom suites. Also available for purchase is a complete line of home accents and gifts. Additionally, he said, the chairs help relieve muscle soreness and fatigue and help improve blood circulation because the chairs are able to elevate the legs above the heart. He started fully walking around 11 months so he is almost running at this stage. He is working on feeding himself and does quite well with finger foods, the spoon to mouth coordination is coming and works on certain foods – eg his birthday cake. He has become such a little inquiring mind and we are enjoying each and every new day with him.

We are so grateful for this special gift that was given to us a year ago and realize how much we have to be thankful that our pregnancy was so uneventful – except for the delivery. He is walking everywhere – gone are the days of sitting and crawling. An additional 25% non-refundable deposit of rental fee is due 6 months prior to event date. The remaining 50% plus any additional service fees and security deposit(s) is due 3 weeks prior to the event date.

I can hardly believe my little baby has grown into such a exploring and active toddler.

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