Street parking also available throughout neighborhood. Montrose is a great area to spend the day shopping, eating, and getting inspired!

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Exceptional attention to detail a must; some experience preferred. Help create a fun environment for customers to successfully buy, sell, and trade current fashion. Participate in hiring, training, scheduling, and evaluating employees. Exceptional customer service a must; some experience preferred.

Extensive training in buying clothing from customers provided. Challenging, fun, fast-paced retail environment. As an employee, you'll receive on-the-job training in recycling fashion. Part-time employees must be able to work 3 days a week, including at least one weekend day. A love of fashion and clothing is essential. Compensation is competitive and based on experience and credentials.

Other on-site attractions include amusement rides. They have had to ask themselves some tough questions. Reports has determined the best ways to get the best price for your and everything else.

We go to your home, we assess your items, we pick up your items, and we sell your items. in good or gently worn condition should be sold on the web. You'll make more money asking buyers for their best offer. For things you can't sell, charity is an excellent option. Vintage items don’t just add interest to an office, an apartment or a home but they can spawn memories, ignite an interest in history or spark one’s imagination. Antiques are different things to different people. To the gentry they were a status symbol and much desired as a representation of one’s heritage, station in life and wealth. They monitor history and reflect the change between one era and the next. Antiques can be strong and serious or light and whimsical. Many say buying an antique is the optimum opportunity to recycle or re-purpose. Houstonians love few things more than entertaining in their own homes, so naturally, this city is a treasure trove of home and antiques to suit any style. Individual dealers here have each been in business for 20-plus years, with inventory and expertise to match. Hand-selected, natural stone slabs are displayed in a stunning gallery setting, with full price transparency. Available to the public and to the trade. This 70, 000-square-foot campus is devoted to all things chic. Offers beautiful stocked furniture and custom upholstery and metalworking. Goode is known for her fabulous eye for mid-century modern pieces and art. Antiques, vintage modern furnishings, and accessories abound. It’s a vision in black, white, and gilt all over — with an animal print thrown in for good measure. Good luck with selling your gently used furniture!

There are many options when it comes to selling your antiques and collectibles.

Buy and Sell Antiques

Buyer 5 Best Houston Antique Stores

Choosing an option all comes down to your personal circumstances.

You can use this information as a guide to help you when making the choice of where to sell your items. This can be done by yourself or through a broker. Brokers usually have a network of buyers and they also know how to negotiate in these situations on your behalf. What types of antiques and collectibles should you sell this way?

You can sell any type of antique or collectible this way, however this works best rare or high-end antiques and collectibles. Some people specify that they want an item only to be sold to a collector, museum, or to someone that will not just resell it. This can be controlled in this situation. This option also allows you to take your time and negotiate.

You have to put in a lot of time going back and forth trying to make all parties happy in the deal. This is usually a percentage of the sale.

You will have to deal with shipping and refunds if the other party is not happy. If you are looking to sell your item fast this is not the option for you (in most cases). The best way to protect yourself against a broker trying to get a good deal for his friend is to arm yourself with knowledge. This is a good all around way to sell your antiques and collectibles. What type of antiques and collectibles can be sold at auction?

I would highly suggest using an auction house for any rare, high-end or medium range items. This is usually done by catalogues, flyers or brochures that are mailed to the auction house mailing list. Most auction houses list their items on the internet as well.

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There are experts there to value your items and help you with any information you may need. They take care of the shipping, handling and any refunds (refunds do not happen very often.). This depends on the auction schedule and if you have to wait for a specialty auction. This can sometimes as long 3 months to 6 months. When this happens your items are either returned to you or relisted in the next appropriate auction. There is usually a seller’s fee; the average fee is 10-20%. There can be extra costs such as transportation fees, photograph fees, reserve fees, and buyback fees if the item is unsold because of a reserve. What type of antiques and collectibles can be sold this way?

You don’t want to under sell your item or price it too high. All types of antiques and collectibles can be sold here. But this also causes the common market to get flooded, lowering the value of some items.

You have to deal with questions, shipping, refunds and people not paying. Some items are hard to sell because people see them as fakes even if they are not. Everyone is looking for that deal and expect to find it.

I do recommend these types of stores occasionally. What type of antiques and collectibles can be sold here?

If it is a specialty store it will be limited to the type of items they sell.

This means the buyers are there to buy antiques and collectibles.

You do not have to take your item to a store. In most cases you just need a good picture of the item, price and a discription.

You are limiting your market to the people that come into the store. If you have an online store you would like to recommend or a question feel free to leave a comment below. It is great for experienced folks to offer valuable information to new collectors, dealers and down-sizers.

I wish the rest of the world continued to operate in the same manner.

I would like to sell and information greatly appreciate!

Make sure know the value of your itmes before you sell them. Try to get them appraised or go to an online antique appraiser. Selling old items you don’t use anyway is a good idea to make money and to go green since you will recycle, restore and repurpose your old stuff. Many people make big mistakes and select the wrong venue to make a sale.

We liquidate warehouses, store closings, estate sales.

We buy single pieces like antique stoves and multiple pieces from collectors and estate sales. Sometimes people will call and think they have an “antique” and it might simply be vintage or just plain old, old. An antique can be virtually anything that is 100 years old, or older and in it’s original, or near original condition. Antiques should not be confused with “vintage”. Clothing and wine are often described as vintage. But if it’s less than 100 years old it’s not an antique.

We are interested in large collections of antiques. Another question we hear is: what are antiques worth?

Some antiques are just old things- worth nothing. The value of antiques is determined by different things. The condition of an item plays a critical roll in whether it is an antique of value or just age. Is it in its original condition or has it been refinished?

The history of an antique- who it is or was associated with and where it originated can play a critical part in determining its value. Ultimately it is difficult to put an exact value on any antique. If you are selling an antique or anything that’s just plain old- we are probably interested because we love old stuff. Please contact us to discuss antiques that you wish to sell. If you have furniture to sell or larger/heavier items, we may ask that you send photos before we schedule an appointment to view them in person. Most of the wares appear to be vintage not antique. It is a hidden treasures type of place- kind of place.

I took the crowbar back to the garage and left. The quality of the furniture is equally as high as their prices.

Buyer 5 Best Houston Antique Stores