What a great selection and good value/fair prices. The women’s buyer has a very good eye for “wearable now” vintage.

Antique Furniture Buyer Denver Furniture

Wouldn’t call it antique so much as used furniture. Beautiful old things don’t belong in a closet, or packed in a box in a basement or storage area. The beauty can shine again in the hands of another who will cherish it just like you or your loved ones did. Gorgeous layout, fabulous range and friendly owner.

It is nice to browse through 5 aisles and more than 100 different vendors. Casey, the owner has such an eye for antique , unique, and cool decor.

We antiqued together for decades before she passed. These were made as electric lamps in the 1920s to 1940s to look as if kerosene lamps had been turned into electric lamps. You’re never going to find one that has any value as an antique. It was lined with marble to be a humidor for tobacco.

He agreed, but the morning he was to come get it, he changed his mind. Gender equality always seemed like an historical issue that had been resolved. Some dealers thought the lamps were antiques made from kerosene lamps. Over the years we lost the winding key, or maybe someone buried it. Sentimental value (on a 1-5 scale, 5 being most dear): 2. In the late 1800s, the maker was churning them out by the bushel. The three pieces sat in our entry, usually alongside the family dog. Florida, where it wouldn’t fit in my home.

I returned with a thicker skin, a stiffer lip and a counter offer. The set would sell at an auction house for a couple hundred dollars. An auction house would keep a percentage. The clock used to sound off every 15 minutes. The sale was to clear out the home of my parents, who have moved on to assisted living. That the coma did not come was an ambiguous blessing, because in its place furniture dreams tormented me. See the location page for more information. One can get help with collections a vintage items as well as advice on antiques. This is not filled with old junk being passed off as antique. The product variety is great, presentation outstanding, staff fantastic. There is something for everyone in their store. Staff is very helpful and knowledgeable about pieces. Do you have a piece of furniture that needs to be restored ?

It will be used strictly as a cost-effective and speedy method of communication. As always, you can contact the store directly at 303-274-0235 during business hours. This means there really is something for everyone.

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Being such a large space, it is best to spend an entire afternoon picking through the merchandise, and with an on-site cafe, one can caffeinate themselves and go to town on finding the right vintage piece for themselves.

We have a very large inventory of vintage and antique lighting, all of which is completely rewired before being sold.

We also repair all types of lighting in house. Period and unique antiques and accessories, lighting, silver, decorative arts.

We pride ourselves in our customer service so please let us know how we can help you. The store has a unique piece for everyone, and for rather cheap prices. The cute, well –organized shop is a sensory overload of color and material. While the furniture pickings are lower than some other spaces, the furniture that is there is of the highest quality, and almost entirely vintage. While the bars might shock the average shopper, the rest the store is quite reasonable, with prices that reflect the object’s rarity and quality. One will leave feeling like they just left a museum because of the wealth of antique furnishings contained inside. There’s a wide selection of pieces, ranging from large dressers and couches to small drinking sets and lighting fixtures. Sophisticated bouillotte lamp in brass with bamboo accented tray detail on top solid dark walnut base. It’s a delicate balancing act between buying furniture that is cheap, of a high quality, and looks good in your home. However, the prices are quite steep, a reflection of the store’s wonderful antique selection and the surrounding wealthy neighborhood. The store is still worth a visit no matter the price range, as hidden gems are abundant and the staff are helpful and genuinely interested in one’s decor plans. Whimsical and playful in nature, this piece alludes joy and femininity, and is untitled to allow for the viewer’s personal interpretation. Elegant over mantle or other focal point. Traditional porcelain with brass accents and base. One area of collecting always led to another and soon his antique collection outgrew his parent’s house. Eron began by traveling across the country in an old van, buying and selling at flea markets and auctions, visiting museums and historic homes. The building dates to the 1920s and was formerly a construction depot. Eron continues to expand his collection of fine antique furniture, accessories and architectural antiques. In 2000 we launched our online catalog where you can shop our entire collection with over 5, 000 objects. He began scouring these demolition sites, returning to class with historic and decorative fragments.

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