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If you happen to be like me, drawn to fascinating yet fairly useless objects like taxidermied​ hares and mismatched cut-crystal glasses, then so be it. There’s a fine line between ugly and amazing. When treasure hunting, look for what you love – but there is a fine line between ugly and amazing. And don’t limit it to brick-and-mortar .

If you happen to be there on a weekend, you can usually get a good deal with an amateur dealer at a car boot sale or jumble sale. The piece could easily have been “limited” to a million. Dealers don’t know what to do with single chairs so often sell them for cheap. Also, asking a lot of questions can get the seller into a frame of mind that makes them want to close the deal while they’re doing a lot of explaining. That is to say, they’re keen to sell what they have and make room for more antiques. Haggling is a worthy pursuit, but don’t short-circuit the negotiation by going too low.

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www.yellowpages.com.au/nsw/sydney/martin-stein-12772861-listing.html Martin and Stein Antiques located in Sydney is an.

If in doubt, ask them to put the item on hold. If you’re willing to pay a few hundred (or thousand) dollars for it, chances are they’ll be willing to wait. Their job requires them to be a bit of a teacher, historian and storyteller. The auction house will usually only hold it for a few days. Know as much as you can about a particular field so you can make an informed decision as to items and price. Collect what is beautiful and precious, but also useable. Quality and liveability should go hand in hand, so use every piece as it was intended. Their mere existence proves they were built to last. The internet is massively changing the way people shop. Even though it is convenient, online furniture shopping can be frustrating for many and there are still limitations to how big the furniture is. Some companies are biting the bullet and paying the extremely high fees to transfer furniture throughout the country but that isn’t sustainable until logistics improve.

We want to change the way that people learn how to shop for furniture so they can make the best decision for their home. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to pick out the right furniture for your home. If you’re trying to pick out the perfect furniture for your house, you should keep these suggestions in mind. If you live in a modern home , you’ll probably want to choose modern furniture. If you live in a more traditional property, traditional furniture is going to be a better choice.

You should seek out furniture that is a natural fit for your home. It’s a good idea to set a budget before you go furniture shopping. If your budget is tight, you might want to invest in one or two statement pieces in a style that you like.

You can decorate the rest of your home with cheaper pieces. You’d be surprised by how much you can stretch your budget if you shop with care. If you have pets, you’ll want to find furniture that is easy to clean. If you spend a lot of time lounging around, you’ll want to find comfortable furniture.

You should find furniture that looks great, but you should also try to find furniture that you will enjoy using.

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Picking out the right furniture for your home isn’t as difficult as you might think. As long as you know what to look for, you should be able to find furniture that you’ll love.

We take care of everything including delivery of your purchase.

We have been dealing in antiques for several years and have grown rapidly by providing high quality antiques to our huge client base at prices well below those you will find in antique shops.

We can help source just what you have been looking for. Make a regular appointment in your diary to visit our warehouse or website, as our stock is constantly changing and you will always find something different and interesting. Our website is updated every week with new arrivals. Nicola invites you to look through our wide range of antiques and collectibles.

I have already placed the prints on my wall!

My husband laughed at how long it took me to unwrap it all!

It has to feel good on her finger and suit her lifestyle.

You want to surprise her with that special gift.

We are well recognised in our community and strive to exceed your expectations on the uniqueness and quality of the furniture we purchase and sell.

We select the finest used furniture from household items to antique and contemporary furniture.

You never know what you may discover when you visit our little family shoppe!

We offer a fun and friendly way to buy and sell. Mark has over 20 years experience in the antique and auctioneering world. Veronica has a marketing and administrative background. This combination of careers has helped to produce a very successful and exciting business.

10 tips for buying antiques

Champagne, nibbles and lots of laughs guaranteed!

We strive to make the process of selling a smooth, straightforward, enjoyable and most importantly a profitable one!

Perhaps you’re arranging for the transfer of your goods at the end of your life and want to make sure they end up in good hands, or maybe you’ve just decided that it’s time to change your surroundings and get rid of some of the pieces you no longer need. In either case, though, it should be possible to earn some money for the work it took to bring together and curate your collection. In a best case scenario, you’d be able to make sure that your old furnishings find new homes with people who will love them just as much as you did, and that you’re fairly compensated in the process. The problem with businesses like these is that their business model revolves around the typical profit margin of selling their pieces at a higher price than they paid for them. As a result, it’s always in their best interests to talk you down to the lowest price possible - meaning that they work against your goal of getting the most possible for your item. An auction, on the other hand, takes a small percentage of what you sell your piece for, which means that they have a vested interest in making sure that you get a good price for it in order to increase their own commission. We’ve been selling for the last six years, and our owner has more than thirty years dealing with the acquisition and sale of antiques. Our low commission rates and attention to detail ensure that our sellers have the best possible opportunities to profit from the sale of their goods, making us an excellent place to sell antiques. There are many other antiques and collectables that aren't listed on the website.

We buy and sell all types of household items from antique to contemporary furniture.

We can buy single items or clear your entire home and garage. With over 35 years of experience in this field we are accustomed in dealing with client’s needs during this sensitive time.

We understand the importance of an efficient service to help you move forward.

We have a strong and efficient who will be able to clear your property with ease. Whether it’s a large family home or an upper level apartment, we are equipped to get the job done.

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Whether you are dealing with a deceased estate, upgrading or downsizing, it has never been easier to turn your unwanted goods into cash. Antique and vintage wood piano with stunning vintage stool. It is quite ornate and has many hand-carved elements. It produces sounds with a deep, rich resonance. It does need tuning but we have polished it recently and we always keep it in excellent condition. The piece has definitely been looked after!

Buyer can easily fix up with new mirror or it looks great just as it is. Has been kept inside, just taken outside for photos. The owners name and dated 25/2/37 is clearly marked underneath. The dressing including stool and mirror are in very good condition considering 80 years of use. The drawers and doors still worked smoothly. The overall condition of the books is practically new.

Buyer Sydney Tips Buying Antiques