Add windows, ladders, lay turf and build fences and plant trees. When playtime is over, use the magnetic power to simply stack and store.

The door opens and closes on tiny hinges with a tiny crystal door knob. On the inside is an adirondack chair and , a forest picture on the wall and a hole in the bottom to accommodate a tea light. There is a vine attached to the front of the cottage and tiny pots with flowers on the front porch. On the roof top, you will find a rustic little chimney.

The measures approximately 7 1/4"w (base) x 5"d (base) x 6 1/2"h(top of chimney). Not suitable for children, may pose choking hazard. Cabin, potted plants, and vine on front wall only. Below you can browse through pictures of most accessory items that we offer. The j-channel fits tight against the outer edge of your doors and windows and is screwed into the wall, not the window itself. When installing the log siding, the siding slides into the channel to hide the cut siding.

Timber Frame | The Forest Kitchen | Off Grid Log Cabin Build, Ep.1 S1

Undersill provides extra strength and durability to the cut panel and provides the perfect finishing touch to your home. A corner base is applied to the home so the corner cap can be snapped on over the top. Frieze board is used where the top metal siding panel meets your soffit. Normally, you would have to cut the siding almost perfect or install another piece of j-channel to accept the siding. No more having to cut the siding to exact lengths since it can be covered up by the frieze board. North' isn't just a style, it is a state of mind. If you’re after affordable log cabin decorations for your country home or lake house that bring the outdoors in, you’ll love this variety!

You’ll also find products here featuring deer, wolves, owls, raccoons and foxes. If it lives in the woods, you can bet it’s featured in our collections!

Lakeland Log Medicine Cabinet | Log Cabin Bathroom Vanity Accessory