That would allow for about 10″ between each shelf, including the bottom of the bookcase the two middle shelves and the top of the bookcase. You may notice a range of natural occurrences in the wood which can be identified as small slit-like cracks to larger/richer cracks that run the length of the log to the heart of the wood. Checking occurs as a log releases moisture across or through the annual growth rings as it dries or “seasons”. This occurs very rarely but should it occur, following proper procedures will guarantee that you not be stuck with a damaged or broken product.

We feel that this not only enhances the appearance of the bed, but also preserves it from the costly wear and tear of a metal frame. It is a beautiful light tan color when freshly milled and turns silvery-gray with age, but can be treated with a good quality finish to help retain its color.

Furniture log natural

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Cracking and checking is a natural process with log and is to be expected – it should be looked at as added character, not as a flaw. Others offer clock kits, as well as pre-assembled accessories like globes, barometers and more.

You use your gifts as a woodworker to make things that serve others and earn you a living. For the bookcase: 40″ is a perfect height and anything between 24″ and 28″ wide will work as well. We don’t offer lots of accessories & trinkets but focus our attention on what we do best. It is normal, natural and necessary for all cedar log to endure the natural process of “checking” as the wood ages.

Let dry according to directions on container (drying and re-coat times vary with product used). In addition, we use high quality full extension ball bearing drawer slides on all of our drawers for easy, smooth operation. Pine also has a light fragrant aroma that is unmistakably recognized by the careful observer. Many types of wood will display excessive bowing and warping depending on the environment it is placed in. Some furniture kit manufacturers offer basic designs that you can customize with your choice of seats, cushions, legs and tops.

We suggest all information be verified with the respective kit manufacturer(s) and/or supplier(s) of the product(s) you are actually using or purchasing and assume no liability for the information herein contained.