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Log Cabin Decoration And Accessorie Furniture

Maybe it’s not your home decor you want to change, maybe you are looking for a original gift!

Our customer service team will be happy to respond to any of your questions. There's a place for the oldies and goodies in your decor repertoire, but you also want to incorporate some contemporary trends that can turn a comfortable home into a comfortable stylish home. Create an oasis with watery blues and purples or balance the lush hue with rich, warm browns.

A simple, high-contrast color scheme also is elegant, particularly in small spaces such as powder rooms. Look around the room before selecting a color scheme. Sticking to a limited or complementary palette will make this approach less daunting. Express your creative side (no formal training required) by adding the unexpected, such as a mosaic floor covering. Patterned tile "rugs" in the entryway or great room are breathtaking and, better yet, incredibly easy to clean. Determine what you need, and resist the temptation to clutter the room.

Remember that you own the space; you can change or modify the look whenever it pleases you. He suggests occasionally rotating items in from storage. Honey-hued oak and cedar are smooth-lined and unfussy. Upholstery, pillows and throws are equally sturdy in leather and wool, but add plenty of warmth and texture. Taniya prefers to keep the big elements of the room simple. Change accessories seasonally, but try not to over-stylize," he says. Esther, who is also fond of antique and mixed-media lighting. Angelo notes that homeowners are using similar techniques to brighten their homes, but in environmentally conscious ways. Built-in blinds and simple cornices can enhance already fabulous windows. For those pursuing a more sophisticated look, however, dramatic fabrics are still popular in bold, beautiful drapes and curtains. If you love the effect of a full drape, but lack cathedral ceilings, you're in luck. Floor-to-ceiling drapery actually works well in short spaces, making the room appear larger. Instead, they built a light-filled addition around the structure, preserving it as the heart of their new home. Today the couple enjoys the best of both worlds, thanks to new rooms that surround the old , turning its exterior walls into interior ones. The home's original exterior walls are visible in the background.

I love when people use what they have around. Give your space a unique look with home goods from artisans worldwide. Instantly transform a room with any of our curtains in tab top, ring top, sleeve top and grommet top styles. Then browse our selection of curtain hardware, including curtain rods and holdbacks for a complete window treatment. Enhance the ambience in your living spaces with our selection of candles and candleholders. Discover plush fur and hide rugs, adding warmth and softness underfoot and lending texture to any room. Our style guide offers you an array of tips to help you decide how to decorate with rugs. Choose from handwoven baskets crafted of natural fibers like seagrass, banana leaf and abaca for an organic look, or try our metal baskets and wire trays for an updated rustic appeal. Our baskets also make stylish storage solutions in the home office.

Home Decor Furnishings and Accents

This piece is made of wood and can be hung from the back or free standing. Of all the art forms, wood carving is the oldest developed skill in the history of man. It is our mission to continue to provide you with both. Northwoods gift items and mountain decor makes this a favorite for all your cabin decorating needs. Rustic decor exudes both heart and style. Our cabin decor, rustic , rustic lighting and modern rustic decor collections have been hand-selected from several top rustic decor companies. Add an air of authenticity by bringing the outdoors inside. Incorporate fabrics with woodland and wildlife prints and display cast iron cookware, stoneware pieces and beautifully framed rustic landscape scenes. Try layering on warm colors, patterns, and textures to create a cozy and inviting haven. Create a color palette inspired by nature using subtle browns, greens, reds and sandy tones to give the interior space an earthy and rustic feel. Wood can be used in many ways to achieve a rustic style home. It can be used for everything from large tree-trunk coffee tables to faux wooden beams and tree branch chandeliers. Embrace the idea of upcycling to restore old, worn furniture – breathing new life into wooden furniture with refinishing and paint.