Coffee #3, accompanied by a peanut butter creme-filled chocolate covered donut. Aaron cheesecake and me a super-rich chocolate cake (you’ve probably already guessed we weren’t going to be eating too many veggies that day).

Aaron admitted, at his own market stand). Amish contingent at the market in fact only makes up a minority of the roughly 85 stands. Mose wondered where would the fun be in that.

I loaded up two bags full for the trip back home.

You gonna give yourself heart problems later in life if not careful.

I would love to be able to make a trip back east and see all these places again.

I can’t wait to fire up the canners this year. My mouth is water for some good pickeled beets, home made spaghetti sauce and other goodies. and baking, well, that is almost always happening around here.

I really want to concentrate on getting my ceramic business up and running.

We always take our cooler with freezer packs in it, especially in the summer.

We also love their canned goods, like chow-chow, pepper and zucchini relishes, and all of their jams and jellies. And just one more thing – how about their homemade potatoe chips?

Debbie you hit two of those here-the produce and baked goods especially. Lancaster city is an interesting place for that matter, though relatively overlooked. Thank goodness the hotel had a refrig and microwave in my room. Can’t remember what is on the other sides. But, is running a food, craft or furniture stand in a city a two hour drive away from the farm really their preference?

I always make a habit of answering them right of way. To touch on another part of your question, the market stands are often family affairs.

I imagine some customers who ask questions may possibly gain a better understanding, but there’s only so much you can get into across the counter. Don’t have the time to do all the work yourself?

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