Never happy with his results he tries to make each product better than the last, which also applies to his coffee. She later sold up, started a family, and offered a service as a personal wardrobe shopper and stylist.

Handmade Furniture Cape Town Furniture

Our furniture products are recreated from previously loved but worn-away furniture items or completely remade from offcuts and discarded bits and pieces. While many people have repurposed these trays to display small collector’s items and knick-knacks, we recreate them into one-off pieces of functional art such as our range of coffee and side tables. On request these can be customised to any height. Woodstock along with a small range of upcycled products made by other local artisans.

Our products are loved both locally and internationally and can be shipped worldwide. Customers are encouraged to bring in their own sentimental items to be reimagined into functional artworks.

We currently cannot process international orders via our website. Every item is handmade by skilled artisans, to exacting standards with great attention to detail that make each piece a work of art.

We also manufacture customised items to express your individuality. Enhanced with a wide range of contemporary carpets, beautiful lighting and decor pieces.

South African Artist Uses Recycled Materials To Make Furniture In Cape Town

A young artist from one of Cape Town has gone from using recycled materials and pieces of unfinished wood to one of the most.

We can have items sent via air or sea at competitive prices. Furthermore, you’ll be the first to hear about new products and specials.

We were amazed at the high prices charged for overly-durable outdoor furniture.

We weren’t interested in a ‘lifetime warranty’ and just wanted something authentic and classic. The furniture was beautiful, original and very well priced. He liked the idea of it and we formed a partnership which saw the first version of this website. Whilst a number of sustainable projects have been considered in order to uplift this gifted community, with a massive lack of electricity, we are currently focusing our efforts on a solar power solution. From humble beginnings in a garage, the vision was to be an environmentally and socially aware company that manufactures and supplies stylish and functional furniture. Our products are top quality and truly gorgeous.

We do not use veneered chipboard or super-wood. So dust off your deck or patio, and create a stunning outdoor space to share with your family and friends. Lanark solid wood furniture, for a lifetime of solid memories!

All available in a wide range of solid timbers and finishes. Named for their prominent front legs that fold together in a supine gesture suggesting an act of devotion, the praying mantis comes off as serene and soulful.

We include bulbs as a gift to you but can unfortunately not guarantee that they will reach you in one piece or a working order.

We listened to friends and family struggling to find furniture that fits their spaces. This dilemma fueled a strong desire in the market to move away from mass produced imported furniture to artisanal purpose made furniture. Furniture that doesn’t come out of a box. Check out our product line-up for an idea of what we are capable of.

We can combine hardwoods with elements such as steel and glass to create trendy yet unique pieces. Tell us your idea, give us a few measurements, a picture, and we can make it happen.

We believe in delivering quality solid wood furniture that reflects who you are.

We also believe in conducting our business in an environmentally responsible manner. It’s about what you getting what you expect.

Bespoke Custom made Furniture

Cape Town Sawdust

We are frequently commissioned for commercial and residential properties, golf estates, game reserves, hotels and more. Contact us for your next bespoke project. Each piece is crafted by a skilled and passionate team, from a variety of central african hardwoods and european white oak. Our smalls range covers all wooden items needed throughout the home, office or restaurant. Available in double, queen and king size, standard or extra length. Exclusive, unique strong and heavy rustic multi-purpose handmade wooden furniture!!

These works of art are of heirloom quality, creating investment long after purchase.

We use a combination of finely tanned game-skin leather. A few examples include cowhide, buffalo and other exotic hides such as ostrich and springbok. Treat yourself and keep an eye out for our exclusive offers on select custom-made furniture.

We offer bespoke furniture solutions, styled to suit your comfort and (life)style. All of which, are expertly curated to compliment each custom-made furniture piece. This is where you’ll find your new favourite thing and a range of other things that make it difficult to have just one favourite thing.

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We offer unique handmade furniture. Choose from a wide range of stunning sofas, chairs, tables, floor rugs, cushions, quilts,.

Cape Town Sawdust