Like a piece of jewelry on a little black dress, they add that elegant finishing touch to a chair. They can add value to the piece and they make it much easier to move the chair from one place to another.

Antique Furniture Caster Wheel Furniture

Traditional period styles include casters with brass wheels, porcelain wheels and wood wheels. Aesthetically, brass casters and claw feet provide a graceful and sophisticated end point to chair and table legs. When chairs are dragged across the floor it can cause the joints between the legs and the seats to become loose. The added height and swivel mobility also provides additional flexibility to .

They also help protect the floor underneath. Dragging chair legs can scrape hardwood floors, but wheeled casters will not. They're often done in antique styles so they look very similar to genuine antiques. Also, casters frequently get replaced so a period antique chair might have a newer caster on it. The age of the chair is not necessarily indicative of the age of the caster. Putting a modern caster on an antique office chair will look odd and out-of-place.

Check out that sell antique hardware to see if you can find something that compliments the piece. Sometimes you can find beautiful old brass casters at vintage and secondhand stores. Have a look at all the different sites and see what strikes your fancy. Compare prices and think about what will work best for you. Antique chair casters are very elegant and can add the perfect finishing touch to your vintage or antique chairs. They look great and they're also very practical. They can protect the chair as well as the floor beneath it. They are especially handy for chairs and carts (or for turning tables into carts). Whether you are trying to replace casters on an object that has already been on casters or you are trying to add them to a piece of furniture that has never had them, there is a surprising amount to consider before you make a purchase. That’s why we have put together this guide. First, you’ll get some tips for buying caster wheels that will help you to actually understand what it is you are buying and how to know it is appropriate for the piece of furniture you intend to use them for. Then, you’ll find some short reviews of our top 5 picks for best caster wheels.

You will probably be surprised at just how many different factors can affect the performance and functionality of something as seemingly mundane as a caster wheel. But not all materials are e qually effective at rolling on all surfaces. These materials are soft enough to roll without scratching up or damaging most floor surfaces in the home. The only exception might be the garage in the event that there is oil, grease, or other solvents on the floor. In this case, you’d be better with metal caster wheels for furniture such as iron or steel. However, you don’t just want to get whatever has the h ighest load capacity. They would be unnecessary and could end up damaging the floor. So, if you can’t precisely weigh the piece of furniture that needs caster wheels, try to at least estimate it within a range and then get wheels that can withstand that capacity. If you need something to roll around easily—like a cart, for example—you want a larger wheel because this will roll easier. If you want something to be mostly stable in one place, you’ll want a smaller diameter so it doesn’t roll out of place so easily. However, you can’t go too small because smaller wheels cannot withstand the same weight as larger wheels. While material is the strongest influence on wheel capacity, diameter also plays a role.

6″ Cast Iron Caster Wheels Vintage Industrial Furniture

Caster Wheel Chair Casters

Here is a quick breakdown of the smallest diameter you can go based on the weight of the piece of furniture in question: 3 inches for furniture weighing between 20 and 250 pounds.

You can go bigger than the recommended diameters given above but never go smaller for a given weight range. If you are adding caster wheels to furniture that has never had them, you have freedom to choose how they mount. But do note that once you pick a mounting type, you will need to stick with that when it comes time to buy replacements. One of the easiest ways to make sure you get the right mounting type is to just remove one of the caster wheels and take it with you when you are shopping. For example, you can choose between a fixed or swivel wheel. Swivel wheels can rotate so that you can easily move the object in any direction you like.

You can even find a combination wheel that can swivel into the required direction and then be locked in that direction so that you don’t accidentally role it too much to one side as you are going forward. Another option you can choose is to have a locking mechanism. This is a mechanism that can be engaged to stop the wheel from rolling. This is useful if you need to role the object into place and then want to stop it from rolling out of place again. There are a few different kinds of locking mechanisms available. Some also come with foot guards that will effectively prevent the wheels from rolling over your feet. That means no risk of crushing your feet underneath the weight of your dresser!

However, for furniture inside the home, you probably want to strike a nice balance between functionality and appearance. In this case, you can get rustic caster wheels for furniture that will add a unique and interesting look to your furniture. These vintage caster wheels for furniture can also look more natural or coordinated with a vintage or antique piece. If you’ve got a pretty modern or minimalist aesthetic going, then plain plastic or rubber in a suitable color will be enough to maintain a cohesive look. But for those unique older pieces, you want caster wheels that won’t look obviously out of place.

Antique Chair Casters

We wanted to not only show you the best but also give you a sense of the kind of variety you have to choose from. These are ideal for lighter weight items. While they can support up to 400 pounds, it is not recommended to load them with the maximum capacity (this is true of most caster wheels). These vintage caster wheels are ideal for mounting on an antique office chair or wood serving cart. They will keep with the antique look while still giving you swivel capability thanks to the ball style wheel!

The rubber material is gentle enough to roll across precious hardwood, tile, laminate, and slate surfaces.

We do not recommend them for surfaces with a lot of solvents, grease, or metal chips, though. The two mounting options make them super versatile!

They are perfect for use on vintage wooden office furniture. And while some vintage wheels can damage hardwood over time, these wheels are gentle enough to roll across hardwood and other hard surfaces without scratching or leaving marks. These are ideal for hardwood, tile, marble, and other delicate surfaces.

And they are perfect for mounting on chairs and other smaller furniture items. However, there is a surprising number of things to consider before you buy a set of caster wheels.

You want to make sure they will actually work with the furniture item you intend to mount them on. Need to replace your caster but unsure of how to measure?

Their customer service was polite and genuine and very knowledgeable.

We use these on most of our consoles and desks.

We offer discounts for quantity caster orders which is calculated when added to cart. The wooden wheels are cut from durable hardwood, and measure 1-1/4" in diameter. High quality and look great on the projects!

These wheels made the furniture look exactly like the original piece. The price is very good for a set of four. It didn't take long for the order to show up, so delivery was quick. This set has everything you need to replace aging casters. Just check the dimensions before ordering. Would like to find a way though to make the metal dull or aged to match original antique casters. Installed in the legs of a old table that splits in the middle and rolls apart to make room for up to 3 leaves. The table wouldn't function without them. The original ones were shot after so many years of use. These are the perfect size and are exactly the same size of the old casters.

These fit in the original sockets perfectly. They look authentic and better than the originals that were flat one one side. Great product for this type of application. These replacements were dead ringers for the original casters. An inexpensive crowning touch to complete this job. But all in all these were a pretty good deal. When they arrived they were very well made and did the job better than expected. So much better than most of the plastic options available most everywhere else. Unless my customer wants something specific. They snapped right into female ends that were already attached to bottom of antique dining room table. They look great, but have not been installed yet so am waiting to see how well they will work. These casters fit my antique desk perfectly!

They arrived promptly and guess what - the caster stems fit perfectly into the existing sleeves!

The perfect finish to the repaired antique chair that had plastic wheels prior to the repairs. They look just like the original casters that came with the dresser. Confident this will complete our project. Perfect replacement for the broken, worn, or missing ones on settees and dressers!

I wanted to keep it authentic it was my grandmothers.

I replaced them on a five drawer dresser with attached mirror.

4 antique caster wheels

I redid an old desk and made it into a bathroom vanity and had the wheels taken off (and they are now gone). It now has a very heavy quartz top with undermount sink.

I would like to raise the vanity a few inches and thought adding these castors like it originally had on it would make it the right height but was wondering if it could withstand the weight (about 150 lbs) of the quartz top. Bun feet are available in many shapes and sizes, and would add more elegance and beauty to your restored bathroom vanity. Most of the time the weight caster can hold are supplied by the manufacture. They were in good shape so why go to the hassle of pulling the old ones out and installing the new ones.

I have done the replacement both ways but replacing sleeve sometimes creates more problems. These fit perfectly if you are replacing the antique version. What type of surfaces are these casters good to use on?

I used them to replace worn-out casters on an old dresser and they look like original. If the furniture is very heavy and you have an inexpensive laminated flooring they might leave marks when rolled around. The original casters were frozen solid and were flat from being pushed around without rolling. It raised it up a little, but not too high. They have about a half inch diameter to them. If casters don't swivel, which way is large wheel facing?

They come with sockets that can replace yours. Need to replace casters on a couple of antique wood bedside tables. How high off the floor will this casters raise the piece of furniture?

Would these casters work well on a draw leaf dining table?

I used them on a vintage office chair which isn't very heavy. What size drill bit needed to drill for the sleeve?

Did you scroll all this way to get facts about caster wheels ?

The most common caster wheels material is wood. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about caster ?

The most common caster material is metal. It saves space and helps keep your room neat.

The contrast between the metal frame and multi-hued wooden panels serves to amplify the rustic qualities of this piece. Featuring a seat frame dramatically bent to achieve a unique look, and a padded upholstered curved back, this chair provides stylish comfort for home or office. A classic chrome finish base with five caster wheels provides excellent support. Mantua caster wheels are an easy, reliable way to replace a lost or damaged wheel. Styled to fit almost any bed frame, these casters are made from durable, tested nylon for added support. These casters were tested and can withstand 150 pounds of weight per wheel. Four wheels come in each box - two with brakes to prevent movement. Four nylon inserts are also included to fit the casters to the bed frame. A full set of 5 black caster wheels for your office chair. Plus, they lock, so you can feel secure in your room’s new feng shui. These low profile casters are smooth and quiet with full swivel action while protecting your floors. This 4-piece rubber caster wheel set contains tow universal attachment options.

Buying Guide To Caster Wheels For Furniture

This twin wheel caster includes a stem, and it ensures 360-degree swivel. The wheels move reverse directions to reduce carpet fiber twisting. Made using premium quality material, this caster is strong and long-lasting. It is accentuated with a black color, which suits well for all chairs. Its metal frame sports five floor-friendly nylon caster wheels that won’t scratch up hardwood floors as you glide to and fro, while a round stool up top is wrapped in water-resistant faux leather upholstery. Plus, its height is easily adjustable, so you won't have to hunch over your work station. The crank allows for effortless adjustment from sitting to standing. Perfect for desktop, laptop or tablet computing. Mobile and adjustable to meet your everyday needs. Its slatted bottom is perfect paired with the stainless steel top for a contemporary look that blends right into any ensemble. Crafted from a chrome frame and base, it features a high-density polymer seat finished in a neutral hue, and showcases a sculpted look with holes along its edges. This stool sits atop five casters to roll you where you want to go, and also adjusts to your desired height. Lend your laundry room loads of industrial flair without forgetting about function with this handy hamper. Simply choose from the basement, living space or sleeping space settings for the perfect humidity level wherever you place the unit. Of course, if there is a custom humidity level that you prefer, it can always be manually set using the digital humidistat. Right at home in rustic and modern farmhouse arrangements, this piece is crafted with a metal frame and two manufactured wood tiers in a well-worn wood grain finish. Crafted of paulownia wood, it features a clean-lined silhouette finished in brown with a whimsical bear and typographic print. Play up this piece's transitional influence by adding it to a crisp contemporary home office, alongside a clean-lined writing desk for a complementing look. Twin wheels place more wheel surface on the carpet pile, and move in opposite directions to minimize carpet fiber twisting. Rubber wheel caster without brakes is an accessory to the shelving units.

Made to create mobility and allow for easy transport of the wire shelving units. Can hold up to a max of 600 lbs evenly distributed.

We don't take any other responsibilities incurred in accidents and the relevant or specific damages. And our company can almost provide the solutions to meet all requirements of any casters application. As a result of our high quality products and outstanding customer service, our business volume has increasingly expanded in the past years. About 52% of these are material handling equipment parts, 32% are furniture casters, and 2% are luggage. A wide variety of vintage caster wheels options are available to you, such as free samples, paid samples.

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