Canada, we'd like to give our valued customers some ideas as to how to protect and beautify their newly-purchased items. However, each customer has a different preference as to the level of smoothness for their product.

Rustic Cedar Bed Furniture Furniture

Cedar is naturally more resistant to weather decay and insect damage than other types of wood, so you can simply leave it as is. Over time, it will turn a silvery-gray color which gives it a rustic, aged look. Some suggestions are staining, painting, or applying a varnish. Apply one coat of product (brush, roll, or spray).

Let dry according to directions on container (drying and re-coat times vary with product used). Wipe or blow off all contaminates from the surface. Let dry according to directions on container. Learn how to make sure your furniture is authentic.

We are excited that you are interested in becoming a dealer. Please contact our office at 313-766-4950 or if you prefer.

Checking occurs as wood releases moisture, the usual result of wood seasoning. It can be left natural to take on a natural aging look, or can be sealed. Pictures are close to but might not be the item you order. Spindles are also natural cedar logs 2" - 4" in size or can also be natural twigs or branches. All tension joints are glued with a polyurethane glue and a 3" screw for a long lasting bed. All beds are sanded and ready for your finish. Beds being made just for you we can add an inches or take away a inch. Bigger post or smaller post don't hesitate to ask. Sanded and ready for your sealer or leave natural to enjoy the rustic cedar aroma. Smaller post beds for the smaller rustic rooms. The headboards are tall and accented with assorted twigs and smaller limbs.

We try to keep sharp and open ends away from the sleeping area. These images are samples, actual item will be close but different.

We use the remains of forested area to gain our product. Large drawers made from all natural cedar, but yes they have a plywood bottom to add straight and finish to the area for you items.

We start of with a 2" x 2" base frame covered in 1/4" plywood and then add 1/2 hardwood plywood to the two sides for great straight and rigidity. After getting the shell and drawer frames and supports in we are set to start to make the outer shelf of your great rustic cedar dresser.

We cover the side with natural edge cedar slabs, these should have a little bark or character to them not just square boards. Then the face is built and glued up with the drawer openings. Now we have a solid box, if you look hard you can tell its a baby dresser.

I try to use a one pcs 2" slab but this is always no possible, sometimes i need to spline and glue another pcs to the back edge, this will still create front and back a natural edge.

We sand everything to a 150 grit ready for you fun then, we can give you advice on the finish its so easy you can do it in the living room, with no smell on and no brush marks.

We build them for you so if you need a special size, give us a call. With its rustic yet soft log accents, this chest features two drawers that roll on metal drawer slides with safety stops, and two doors that open to reveal plenty of space.

Rustic Cedar Bed Log Bed Lodge Bedroom Furniture Refined Rustic

This armoire is 36 inches wide, 48 inches tall, and 22 inches deep. Is sanded to a 220 grit ready for your finish.

We do this because we would rather quote your the exact shipping cost to your door.

We want your business and want to give you the best possible pricing on our high-quality hand crafted log furniture. Purchasing a cedar log bed, cedar dresser and log nightstand is a good way to build your log furniture collection. Log chests and chest of drawers are essential for storage in your log , home or bedroom. Halloween monarch with a chunky, half-pumpkin tiara and modeled her facial features after playing-card royalty.

We think she looks like a funky queen of spades, although that could be related to her throne location; we popped her on an urn not far from our garden tool-shed!

He sat there and watched as the bears took over. This bed offers an air of sophistication and glamour that anyone can appreciate - witness posh elegance with every glance. It can be mounted to a metal frame or directly to the wall. It also works well in a home where there are lots of over night visitors. It's real wood and will stand the test of time!

Professionally applied lacquer finish. This item will ship on a 53 foot tractor trailer. The driver will pull up curbside and bring the item to the back of the truck. The item will not be taken off the truck or to you home setting. It is your sole responsibility to have the ability to get the item off the truck (an estimated 4 man crew is needed to unload the item). Finally, our bed builder transfers the log bed over to our expert finishers to seal the wood.

Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture Company® Twin Cedar Log Bed

Therefore, you are seeing more an more people mix and match decors. All pieces can be finished to match the bed. Creek has been handcrafting natural log furniture for 18 years now. It was sanded and "rustic" meaning log form. and so, six months later, I started the project. The rest was hammer, chisel and hand saw. If you choose to put polyurethane and stain it, the will be a bit more as you have to buy those. This bed is a queen size bed, but am sure it can be adjusted to any size as long as you know the dimensions. Your skill of using a chisel will greatly increase by the end. However, the draw knife gets things pretty smooth so you might not need it as much as you think. Each should be smaller in size (large, medium, small).

Try to make sure they get relatively thin at the top, and not to thick at the bottom. Try not to get anything that will be too heavy to move as a bed.

You will need more than you think, so get enough from the start or you will need to spend time waiting later for pieces to dry. In my bed, used a tree that split at the base as my "medium" tree so it wasn't that thick and didn't kill the tree (seen in the picture).

I had to cut it with a hatchet as the angle would not allow me to get my saw from the backside. Before transporting, chop off all the limbs.

I used a hatchet as it makes quick work of it. However, looking back, cutting them with the saw might have made for easier sanding later as the hatchet left sharp points.

You would recommend cutting them to needed lengths now to save a step later. Shorter limbs (spindles) are hard to remove bark sometimes, so keep them longer until you know their exact size, which is much later.

I learned the deeper you pull into the wood, the better the wood grain will show up after sanding.

I left them in my barn for about 3 weeks and did the job. If you don't let it dry you will have shrinkage in the wood and your measurements will change, joints could loosen, and stain/polyurethane will not take as well. Leaving it out in the sun during the day does help, but don't set it in the grass. This will allow you to transport the bed. Each side should have a thicker (bottom) and a thinner (top) one. If they are all the same size, not a big deal, but the bottom will be taking all the weight of the bed, so it should be thicker. Remember, the showing length will be 80 inches, so make sure whatever length you end up making it, you can have 80 inches showing. The spindles we will build later, so don't worry about them now.

Remember, the showing length needs to be 60 inches. Measure 4 inches in from both ends and mark all the way around. Now make a mark at 2 inches in from both ends. Chisel out the rails so that they form a rectangle from the end to the 2 inch mark. Make sure that your squares are facing the same direction!

I did a 1 inch square that was 2 inch long.

I actually make the square insert go all the way to the end of the rail. This is one reason you might want to make these rails 66 or 64 inches so you don't have to chisel in as deep.

I wanted my bottom rail to be 9 inches off the ground. Make sure you keep it square as you chisel down. Remember, the main rails need to go in 4 inches, with a wider taper at the two inch mark (this will give it a move of a funnel like entrance with a square hole at the bottom). These ones should be a tighter fit as at some point they will be glued and screwed into place. Total time for this (16 holes you will be doing) is about 8-14 hours. Sorry for the bad drawing, hopefully it is not too confusing. Pictures above show before and after sanding. At the time of this picture, most of the sanding was done here but not all.

You can do thins such as, build the entire footboard before you even start to chisel out the head board pieces. Jumping around here so the sanding doesn't make you want to quit is a good way to go. Because the rails change width down the run of a rail, so must your spindles change in size.

Handcrafted Log Bedroom Furniture

I made female and male parts of the spindles round, square would have been easier. Make sure you measure where to place these as they need to be equal distance on bottom and top rails. Refer to my terrible drawing from a few steps ago. These also need to be measured both where to put them and length to make them.

I cannot tell you as each bed will be different. The last piece needs to be at 45 degree angles. Do a larger drill bit at first so the screws can be hidden. Pre-drill the holes with a small drilled bit to prevent splitting the wood. Try and put the screws in a location (inside the bed) where they will less likely be seen. When you are done, fill with wood puddy to hide them.

I just though this would help with stability, bot really sure though. They will need to be 65 inches give or take a half an inch. Because the main rails change width, the length of each one will be slightly different. Make sure you label your boards as each on will always go in the same place. The other locations were in between the spindles on either side. After that is all done, make sure the rails are all level.

I did not have the tools to make this easier though, and just committed a lot of time. This was my first big project and had not really any prior experience beforehand so this is possible for any skill level. Then you can slide the wood dowel through those holes to lock them in place. Make sure that you will be able to take them out in the future or you might never get your bed apart!

I used some power tools, a drill and sander mostly and got this made in about50 hours. And, it should last you a long, long time.

I am sure you learned a lot as you did this.

You will discover that the amount of drying time that is mentioned in your article is insufficient to totally dry the wood, and your joints will loosen as the wood drys completely.

I did put it upstairs in a hot barn and a lot of the beams had the drying cracks in them (non very bad though). Hopefully the wood glue and screws will keep the joints tight enough.

I also thought, a little to late, that the large gaps in the headboard makes it easy for our pillows to fall between while we are sleeping. But for someone who is to build one, might want to keep that in mind.

I keeps the other pillows from going through the headboard better. Driftwood would make a very unique and amazing looking furniture piece. Having limited experience in building stuff, not a mere woman though!and plenty of people wanting to set fire to my collection, its well and truly under cover. All of our beds come with headboard, footboard, and heavy-duty metal side rails concealed by a wood cap. But there's a relative size limit of those cracks that's acceptable and you only expect just so many of them.

I did not anticipate and it was a relief to see that the footboard and headboard panel are already assembled excluding the legs. The pieces are straight, properly turned and shaped, no deficiencies in the production quality or the assembly. Assembling the legs onto the panels requires putting two pegs into a hole and securing it.

I was dreading that these would not line up or would be sloppy. The tolerances are very tight and it takes a bit of work to accomplish this, but there are no technical skills involved and the fit is amazingly close to perfect.

Custom Rustic Cedar Log Beds

I would not consider this a task for one person to do alone unless they have a fair amount of upper body strength - - pieces can be heavy. For the size of the wood, the cracks are excessive. It turned out successful, but someone who didn't know this almost certainly would have had a problem. Other cracks in longer pieces were a bit too much as well, but was able to keep most of them away from eyesight. Quite reasonably, they could have tossed away another 4 ft of leg diameter log and had a very nice looking product and a happy customer. The first bed arrived very fast, the second one came a while later. There is a line between character and defect and that line was definitely crossed.

I have to fill some of them to prevent injury, otherwise my 10 year old might lose a finger in there. The bottom of the leg needs to be smooth to prevent floor scratch or carpet snags, the top end for safety and aesthetic reasons. There was no packing material, and they weren't secured with a strap or tape or anything so they obviously slid around and that resulted in one end of the box being broken open. Vastly improved the appearance of the wood, but this is a fairly big project. It takes a few days of painting and letting dry, sanding and recoating. The fittings are not going to be exact, the pieces are not going to be perfectly straight. It is sturdy and the wood ended up looking beautiful with the finish we put on it.

I think of all the years he will sleep on that bed with a sense of satisfaction and it definitely makes the work involved all worth it. The log bed that you will receive is just like the last picture and is all wood with 2x4 tenoned box spring supports. One item was very damaged, which we didn't see until we unwrapped the pallet and they still sent a replacement.

I thought was broken, but it appears that this is normal for wood that is cut into round shapes (bedframe).

We had a question and called the company, and they returned our call that same evening!

I have been looking for log furniture, but the high price always scared me away.

I will be purchasing from this seller again. The bed was a little difficult to put. The bed was a little difficult to put together.

You wont find a better log bedroom set for the money. Will do business with this company again. The bed is also an awesome high end piece but unassembled. Unfortunately 4 of the bed tendons were too big for 4 of the 8 the holes so a carpenter had to be hired to drill and make corrections because bed assembly is impossible if tendons do not match into the footboard and/or headboard holes.

It says it takes two people to assemble the bed, but three is better because the bed weighs at least a couple of hundred pounds. Another problem that could have been easily alleviated if bought local. Made from handscraped logs, this is a very unique and custom bed. The headboard and footboard have a curved top log and the posts are made from thick cedar logs. The bed frame pieces our joined with traditional mortise-and-tenon joints. This style of bed is often seen in rustic log homes.

Spectacular Deal on Rustic White Cedar Log Bed Frame Queen

This arched cedar log bed is available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes.

We make each bed from hand, so no two frames will look alike. Each bed comes with a cedar headboard, footboard, rails, and slats. He’s a great swimmer now and approaches new experiences with enthusiasm.

We offer limited lifetime warranties on most of our beautiful white cedar log furniture for the bedroom, so you can rest assured that the manufactures stand behind their products.

We now have our unique "ripple sand" available on all our beds and living room furniture. Log furniture built solid, built rustic; allowing you to enjoy the furniture both indoors and out. With top quality craftsmanship, every cedar piece reflects the ruggedness, versatility and high class of solid northern white cedar. All damages incurred during shipping must be claimed with the carrier. Well, going to sleep in a log cabin bedroom is the next best thing!

You can create a complete bedroom with rustic wood bedroom furniture or just choose the individual log bedroom furniture pieces you need.

You can also find cabin bunk beds for the kids, and canopy beds, panel beds and day beds are also available using our classic wood materials and finishes. Each of six drawers holds up to 75 pounds and comes with a limited lifetime structural warranty. A three-drawer version is also available.

Rustic Bed Frame

These rustic nightstands come from the same quality wood as our other log cabin bedroom furniture and can be customized to a variety of styles and finishes to match your existing décor or other . Each piece is carefully handcrafted by log furniture experts and built to last. If you’re interested in furnishing a child’s room, guest room or master bedroom with great rustic bedroom furniture, you can order online directly from our site today. And to always be aware of all of our quality offerings, be sure to request our free catalog. Please specify if you want finish applied. All pieces are sanded smooth to provide enduring beauty, ready to finish or left to age naturally and gracefully. The side rails are bolted to the head and foot board with decorative brass bolts. In the city or country, these cedar look great in any setting. Extra long twin beds are available for all models. Beyond the bedroom, you can find that finishing touch for your room's decor by browsing through our cabin furniture category, as well. It was recently delivered and surpassed my already high expectations. The cabinet arrived in perfect condition, beautifully made with attention to detail.