I have worked in retail for over 25 years and have always wanted to own my own business. This paint can give any piece an entirely new look.

Nothing gives me more satisfaction than restoring a piece of to its original finish whether its antique or a modern piece. Whether you are a man, woman, or teen, you will find something that suits you. It is dedicated to finding the best fit and the best shoe for your feet. An after-school program in jewelry enameling sparked a lifetime love of jewelry making.

After that program she went on to bead-working, pearl knotting, casting and fabricating jewelry. She worked at an after-school job knotting pearls during high school and worked in a bead shop through college. After college she continued to perfect her craft but treated it more as a hobby than a career. Jim has been perfecting his recipes since 1980. Exquisite wooden boxes, bronze pieces, and beautiful pottery add three-dimensional interest. Timothy's works are primarily cast in bronze in both small-scale andlarge-scale figurative forms.

Timothy's pieces are in many privatecollections, including those of world renowned chefs and prominent wineworld luminaries. Timothy's sculptures are varied in subject matter, style, andapproach. The artist is available for commissions, including large-scaleoutdoor and architectural installations.

We also carry mix and match seperates, sunglasses, sandals and beach accessories. Espresso, cappuccino, latte, and mocha's are the finest you'll find anywhere. Each uniquely appointed room features its own fireplace. Visit our restaurant, gift shop and millhouse. Specializes in fresh flower delivery right to your hotel room. Specializing in antiques, gifts and gourmet foods.

We offer classes custom windows and loads of supplies for the hobbyist. Stepping stones are a specialty of the store. Known for special products that enhance healthy life styles. Bred for disposition, beauty and intelligence. Our goal is to enhance your image, making you proud to carry your trademark and artwork for years to come. Dash covers and floor mats for every vehicle. Offering gowns, tuxedo rentals, invitations and special gift items. Exhibits the largest selection of specimens on the central coast.

We specialize in quality merchandise for the child, adult, horse and pony. Decorate your home with the message of the gospel, or wear the messages for everyone to see!

Shop around - you won't find any better prices.

You can now get over 14, 000 products marked down to wholesale prices. Watch for chandeliers mixed in with burlap runners and placemats and pillows. Need a hat for a specail occasion, we have the large fancy lady hats.

You will love our village and we have great eating places to visit after your shopping spree.

Antique valuers on the Central Coast New South Wales

Posies is 6800 square feet and 2 floors is a fun, and exciting shopping experience. Three buyers, each with a little different style. Each bringing in new products almost everyday of the week. An hourly rate will be considered for large collections but always the lower of the two rates will be charged. Using our services we have low overheads and offer a professional service at trademans rates. Chalkboard and sandpit area make it great for families with young kids. Made right here on site using reclaimed timber and textile materials. A great resource for your next project in art, education, home renos. Chock a block full of toys and games for all ages. Always changing with new stock nearly every day. Pre loved – a sensible earth friendly, sustainable way to shop. Donations of preloved in good condition, are most welcome. Ask about our free pickup service (02) 4349 5500. Something for everyone from spanners to tents, body building bits, hammers and skateboards, fishing gear and screwdrivers!

We have over 16, 000 square feet of display area on three different levels with an excellent downtown location and ample parking.

We conduct on-site auctions and liquidate businesses. Attend our live auction, bid over the phone, or leave an absentee bid online. Jacqui who served me was extremely friendly and helpful to myself and other customers. It was custom refurbished by us previously and has only been lightly used as a bedroom chair since.

Deja Vu Antique Mall

This is a high demand item, very hard to find in this superb condition. There was this huge armchair that was the most comfortable chair ever and there were 2. There is good accommodation available locally along with many restaurants. For the collector there are several other antique and collectors shops nearby. With so many vendors you’re bound to find something you love. Each vendor space is filled with a variety of special objects, furniture and jewelry, and clothing. Some vendors focus on older antiquities and others vintage home furnishings and other items from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

We also have patio and collectibles on our large patio.

You may find just the right thing for you deck or porch, so be sure on your visit to have a look outside. There are a multitude of treasures that await you!

From start to finish we take care of your cherished articles, big or small.

With our years of experience we give you full-service furniture restoration, done right. The saftey of your furniture is our top priority. Thanks to the use of appropriate methods and a secure, effiecent vehicle we have never lostor damaged a piece of furniture. Temporary storage facilities are also offered. So if you’re going on holiday or moving house we can safely keep your beloved furniture until a preferred pick-up time emerges. Get started by taking a look at some of his latest works , or enquire and get talking!

For insurance quotes a fee will be charged, please enquire. Did you know we offer a custom furniture painting service?

Lots of interesting and diverse merchandise at 50% off sale today. Don't expect to find an old shirt or vintage costume. Lots of great stuff and we had a great time purchasing our items at very reasonable prices. Big and filled to the brim with collectibles and antiques. Boot selection was incredible although sadly too small or too big for me. Tara she took the time to show us items and gave excellent customer service.