Great care is given to the artistic and natural patterns of the wood’s grain. Each board is hand-selected for its best use.

Handmade Cherry Furniture Furniture

Kentucky-style piece of has, first of all, an honesty of funtion. Just call it sound construction, but with simple, proud lines. Expanding the selection of finished pieces for sale in his shop has been his objective for 2013-2014. Some of the local woods used have been cut and stored for many years, thus giving a truly warm natural color to each piece.

Most pieces are finished with one coat oil and four coats lacquer. Some “natural edge” pieces are finished with oil only. Furniture is available on a first-come, first served basis. Many pieces are one of a kind and cannot be duplicated. No shipping available on the furniture, but pick-up is welcome and delivery may be arranged within a few hundred miles. This is a handmade, solid ash and cherry hightop table and chairs set.

Campbellsville Handmade Cherry Furniture

Table is absolutely beautiful, workmanship is perfect. Included, four handcrafted ladder-back chairs, cane seats. Table is great for entertaining and can fit up to 10-12 guests. The chairs have arms and comfortable seat cushions. It is also unique with a clover leaf type nick in four places around the outer edge. Firefighters arrived to find fire and smoke coming from the structure. The fire reportedly started in the spray room. If you do not see exactly what your looking for on our site it does not mean we can’t make it for you because we can. Each piece of furniture we make is handmade to the highest of standards with a meticulous attention to detail and overall quality. Jordan was making furniture just like the antiques were made. Jordan and his son and daughter plus 16 craftsmen now manufacture a complete line of solid cherry and solid walnut furniture. Only the finest materials and techniques are used. In the 1940s, he and his seven brothers opened their own handmade furniture shop. That long history almost ended in 2010 when the warehouse was destroyed by fire, and the was seriously damaged. But instead, the family and the business rallied. Patrick came on board and they had the warehouse rebuilt within four months of the fire. Now we’re doing two or three different versions of it. We’ve taken the sugar chest and are adapting it to more modern times. Shaker style furniture brings an essential harmony to the home or business environment. The deep tones and rich grain of solid walnut complement the clean lines of this handcrafted tapered leg bed with arched headboard. It is available in standard 6' or 7' length and in custom sizes as well. As always, some customization is available.

I have met my match when it comes to detail oriented. The choice of wood quality, positioning of wood grains, and the artistry of the piece is breathtaking.

Custom Handmade Shaker Furniture

Cherry Furniture

If you are looking to own an heirloom, that is a functional piece of furniture, but showcases as a piece of art, look no further. This is a one of a kind piece that exemplifies talent, pride, and attention to every detail. The color of cherry wood gradually darkens for several months to become the rich natural cherry color that is loved for fine furniture (all cherry darkens when exposed to light for a few months). Natural cherry wood has variations in pattern and color and grain including small tight knots that make it attractive and interesting.

We don't cover or remove natural wood variations to become totally uniform in color and grain appearance such as is sometimes seen in heavily stained veneer furniture. If you have a picture of something you like, send them a picture and they will be glad to give you an estimate of the cost. Unfortunately, this skilled craftsmanship is becoming lost art. The woman spraying the finish was wearing a respirator. By looking you also believe that it also feels good. Nice to see that the family has been able to keep it going. It was a little tense watching the son using the router table with his hand within a millimeter from the bit. It’s cool to see someone making it work and doing it right. Brothers and sister (even me) have some of their furniture. The overhead router has been used now for almost 20 years without a guard and there has never been an injury.

I might make a trip down to view this handmade furniture for myself. Very inspirational and set amidst a wondrous setting. Good to see a business being successful doing something that isn’t quite as cherished anymore, that is having a good quality piece that took a while and some real work and effort and may cost more.

I appreciate their commitment to handmade excellence!!!

Coffee Table Building Process By Doucette And Wolfe Fine Handmade Furniture

Cherry Furniture