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It still works even though has rust and scratches as seen by. Our in store personal shoppers can assist you. Bournemouth’s vintage emporium aims to offer customers and visitors what many other multi retail warehouses don’t….no crammed rails, no dark and dusty decor – just great service, genuine vintage stock and a fun shopping experience!

If you are looking for something specific, and feel overwhelmed by the sheer choice, don’t hesitate to ask our staff to guide you in the right direction.

Our friendly staff will happily help you shop or assist you in styling up an outfit. Our changing rooms have a seating area with comfy chairs and magazines for family, mates (or dates?!) to relax whilst you try on.

We have an affordable delivery service for large pieces of furniture, and can happily post smaller items recorded delivery if you can’t get to the emporium yourself. The emporium and tea rooms are guided by an etiquette to maintain a creative, inspirational and visual backdrop to your visit. Imagine, if you will, a vintage department store. Christchurch may seem like a small town at times, but just beneath the surface of busy modern lives is a treasure trove of antiques, collectables and vintage finds.

Repairing And Restoring An Antique Settee Thomas Johnson Antique Furniture Restoration

Spread across the city is a network of shops preserving and coveting slices of history and passing them on to the next generation. It takes a practised and shrewd eye to spot the diamonds in the rough and the market is competitive. The demand for authentic “vintage” grows daily as consumer culture loops back towards valuing quality. When you’ve set your heart on something, it’s a gamble and a waiting game finding what you really want. Tiny villas and old warehouses have been dolled up and stocked full of some of the best the city has to offer.

We have used the guide as a base to produce our own retro map of the city’s retro hot spots. The door tinkles and the eyes need to adjust to a shop bursting at the seams. Her vast stores of beautiful vintage and retro clothing far exceed the stock in her shop. A hat box sits open showing off satin elbow-length gloves, delicate embroidered purses and ornate silver hairbrushes. Rows of antique wedding dresses layer a wall behind the counter. Jo turned to retail when the earthquakes struck while she was on maternity leave. Her collection of vintage and retro finds was outgrowing their home and she needed a change of career. She started at the market and then became part of a collective just down the road. Now she is out on her own and sharing her vast stockpile of vintage gems. You’ll find shelves of camping trays, floral umbrellas and picnic sets up the back of the shop. They sit on the wall opposite gasoline cans and industrial knick knacks. He has everything from old doorknobs to antique window sash pulls and straight razors. If you’re restoring an old house, he either has it or he can find it for you. They share a space, as well as a passion for the vintage find and the unique collectable. Their interests overlap, but each has a bit of a niche expertise. Each mans the shop on a roster and curates their own collection, selling on behalf and splitting the costs. You’ll find racks of walking sticks and ties, leather handbags, porcelain ducks and art deco-style dresses. The shop even has a little black book where customers can enter their name and the things they are longing for. If the team comes across it, even years later, they’ll match the pair up.

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She was at university when men wore crimplene jackets, paisley shirts and beige cardigans. There’s even a wooden rodeo art work on the wall in the main room. Everything in the shop is cool, stylish and effortless.

We keep the original patina of the piece. Ross was born into the furniture restoration trade. Tim says there’s a huge market for military equipment, photos and uniforms. He recalls exceptional items passing through the store. She sticks mostly to things that can be worn today, or that are so authentic they can’t be passed over. A tall glass cabinet has layer upon layer of rings, necklaces and earrings in a huge variety of sizes and colours. Etcetera also has racks of dresses and authentic furs (mostly rabbit). Join our newsletter mailing list and we’ll keep in touch on our upcoming auctions. Pop in for a browse and get things sorted for the holiday season!

You will also read about our exclusive ranges of furniture and accessories from around the world. Blakeleys’ sales consultants are always happy to give free advise and answer any questions that you have, and are happy to arrange a visit to your home,
should you need any assistance with furnishing requirements. As well as a changing selection of different styles of furniture, home décor and objet d’art. There’s always something new to discover, and often there’s live music to keep you entertained. Make sure you head downstairs for furniture and more.