The antique shop is in a building that was built in the 1870s. The antique shop is the last stop on the historical tour.

One of the largest collectionsof period prints.

We specialize in vintage from the 19th and early 20th century. If you have pieces you are thinking of selling, please get in touch. For us, nothing is too large, heavy, or ornate – we like it that way!

They were produced in many sizes and "models". Believe it or not, these back bars were originally made to be modular for easy shipping. for additional information about buying or selling antique bars or bar decor. Our inventory is regularly changing, so stop in frequently to see our unique new home decor and antique furniture!

We started out over a quarter of a century ago, salvaging all sorts of fabulous items from buildings in the 1800’s era. Antique chandeliers can truly be called “jewelry for your house”!

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Located @ 430 W Benson St. Cincinnati, Ohio. This Antique Furniture Mall is a gem of Reading, Ohio. To see their array of.

If you have an item you're interested in selling, please include the details below. This will greatly assist us in evaluating the item. While our pieces may not be that old, we have over 400 years of artwork in varying styles. Because of that, it holds a special place in our heart and in our inventory. With highly collectible pieces, we have a pieces that will make your room or collection unique. Many people fill their homes with pieces that have meaning or come with an interesting story. If you are furnishing a library, we have bookcases, corner cupboards, corner chairs and comfortable leather wing chairs. For brass lovers, we feature a diverse selection of brass candlesticks, trivets, fireside “footmen” and inkwells. Antique mirrors with their original glass are popular items with our customers. Majolica china ranging from every day green leaf plates to colorful asparagus dishes are usually in stock.

We also carry footstools and benches with needlework covers. The ladies have a lot of work and time in acquiring them and always keep very fair prices. This store is like being transported back in time to a comfortable old family home with exquisitely beautiful, handmade, quality items. The owners are wonderfully accommodating.

I purchased a 19th-century dining and chairs set and couldn't be happier. Wander around for a bit to gawk at the gorgeous displays of mid-century furniture and tabletop décor, too. Everything is in great condition and doesn't look the least bit worn. There are lots of interesting things to look at. Have been able to find bakelite bracelets and brooches that are so pretty. James for years both buying and selling furniture. Victorian era items and furniture to 60's-70's collectibles that the younger folks would remember from childhood. They have a basement packed full of antique home building material. A place where families can go and shop without fear of judgement, in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. The store in itself is jam-packed with clothes, jewelry, knickknacks, furniture and decorative items of various kinds.

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I must also mention the stunning and unusual artwork she also had for sale. She also has housewares downstairs and some furniture. He's so passionate about his trade which is great. Everything is either vintage , repurposed or hand created!

Definitely a very diverse and interesting collection of furniture. It isn't your typical stuff, all the time.

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