I moved and set up heavy furniture in peoples homes.

I set up home shows to real in new costumers for the company.

My other main role was to provide good encouraging information about the business to make sales.

I made new customers and keeps the others happy. Create a job alert for [job role title] at [location]. There were all types of family buggies clip-clopping along pulled by nonchalant, huge former racetrack trotting horses, some carrying tourists and shoppers, too.

Amish bulk food stores, cheese making and sampling, bakeries and delis. Two lane trips are much more pleasant than interstate highway trips. It was absolutely beautiful, and relaxing. My husband was not excited but said he totally enjoyed the weekend. Shops, restaurants and very kind people are what you will find. There are many roadside places worth checking out on the way: vegetable markets; leather shops; soap stores; general stores.

Don’t just go to the towns and shop, although that is recommended too, drive the countryside. Do be careful coming around blind curves and hills watching out for the buggies and children on bicycles or just walking along the sides of the road. It is peaceful and relaxing especially if you go off into the countryside into the farm areas.

You will see them plowing the fields with horses. Closed society, that speak their language and don’t use progress product as we do. They use the electricity, phones and cars (horse buggies, too). Amish people are friendly, but good luck to get personal relations. Amish folks were very friendly and helpful. We’re eager to create a piece of furniture you can be proud to feature in your home. The cabinet is beautiful as is all the other furniture that you have made for us.

We appreciate your wonderful customer service and workmanship. Make a statement with this new dining room set!

A customer ordered this bench and it really caught our eye!

All of our furniture is handcrafted and made locally. This is shown in a 48″ diameter but, is available in 54′ and 60″. It’s 36″ high and the metal footrest comes standard!

Amish table retailers throughout the state. All of their products can be customized to your needs. A variety of stain colors is available as well. Company has been in business already for three generations. Occasional table styles available as well. Their products are durable, strong and comfortable, available in a variety of wood types and stain colors. The store also features lamps, crocks, shelves and other gift items. Woods available: solid oak, quartersawn oak, cherry, maple or hickory.

They feature a variety of finishes, wood types and sizes made-to-order as well. Business locations and schedules can change. Not responsible for changes to above information. Would you be interested in coming to cut it down for the wood in exchange for a pub table made from the wood?

Get 10 percent off all items in stock (furniture store only). As a client, we are their online liaison. They were farmers raising hogs, cattle, and sheep. The 10×16 building grew to 24×36, and then 32×64. The more they brought back the more that sold. Finally, a separate building was dedicated to this side business. They converted what used to be a barn near the store and used it for many years. Recently, the furniture store expanded, adding on another 12, 000 square feet. Across the parking lot are the bakery and bulk food buildings. To show appreciation for the employees and customers that have been so kind to them over the decades, they plan to give back in the form of numerous sales planned throughout the year. It probably won’t be long before newer or larger buildings are built to keep up with growth. The furniture store alone has 34, 000 square feet under one roof and more outside, not to mention the separate building for the bakery and another for the bulk foods. The furniture store alone has 34, 000 sq. Bakery located in seperate building and another building for bulk foods.

We have over twenty different manufacturers offering a variety of home furnishings.

Amish homemade furniture bakery deli and toys in Adams County

To be known for quality while offering affordable furniture where the customer can dictate size, style, wood type, and finishing choices. What specific home furnishings can we take care of for you?

We offer storage solutions for laundry or mud rooms.

We offer beautiful, creative options for your entryway.

We have over ten manufacturers offering dining tables, chairs, and stools.

We have everything you need for your living room or theater room as little as that skinny end table to fit your space, to that perfect and fully functional television stand, and we go as far as creating a complete built in look.

We have everything you need for your home office – file cabinets, custom desks, bookcases, and more!

We are confident that we can serve you in your home furnishing needs and we look forward to working for you. What if your teenager is wrestling in your livingroom and breaks the door on your console?

That’s right, they can re-make your door!

Just bring it in to the store and they will send it out to be re-made and stained to perfection to match.

But, they would be happy to charge you hundreds or thousands to replace the entire piece of furniture instead of paying for a new door!

You pay the balance upon delivery and a deposit upon order. Please call first, hours are subject to seasonal and holiday changes.

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