Of course, there's just one problem – you don't live in a showroom. Don't scrub at it, as this could damage the fabric.

For cleaning sofas, couches and chairs, try to minimize how much liquid gets through to the padding or wood frame. Get guidance from the tag, if you still have one attached. If it isn't, it will help to know what type of fabric it is. Start by vacuuming your or carpet thoroughly to remove dust, mites, pet hair and all the assorted debris that builds up over time.

Don't put it too near direct heat sources, or in direct sunlight, or any area where it will get faded and dry. For starters, we have a number of recommended care products to help you do it. Use warm, lightly soapy water to thoroughly wash the whole piece, then rinse well and dry it off – don't leave it to dry on its own!

Waxing and polishing is really only needed for raw or unfinished wood. These pages are especially useful for members of the media. Occasionally, an accidental nick or scratch occurs that is beyond the definition of patina and requires touch up.

Check out our funiture oils, polishes and waxes. If too much finish is applied, wipe it off before it dries and try again.

You can use a tiny artist brush or a foam brush for a very small imperfection. Once it dries, you may sand lightly with a 3m buffing pad. If a mild abrasive is needed, baking soda toothpaste works well when applied with a soft damp cloth. For additional protection, there are many products on the market., and some are hazardous to your furniture's health. Never use products containing ammonia on water base finishes. Polishes such orange oil work well for routine maintenance. It can be used on any finish and does a superb job of removing everyday dirt and dust. It is often compared to lemon oil - however the big difference is that lemon oil contains mineral spirits. Apply with a 0000 grade steel wool to remove old oils, wax and grease from any wood surface. It can be used as a polish for rubbing out new finishes or as a scratch remover for worn surfaces. Make your own using white vinegar, olive oil and lemon juice. And, here’s a trick for removing scratches on wood furniture. Rub a walnut over the scratch and it will disappear. Beautiful finish and no fingerprints or marks.

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So much fun seeing the before and after repairs.

I have the same questions as the other comments on this episode. Also, and can this be used on oak cabinets that have a grease film on them?

Get rid of rings, stains, scuffs and more without leaving annoying residue or streaks. On occasion, manufacturers may improve or change their product formulas and update their labels. If you have specific healthcare concerns or questions about the products displayed, please contact your licensed healthcare professional for advice or answers. If the item details above aren’t accurate or complete, we want to know about it.

DIY Furniture Polish and Scratch Remover

Cleaner And Polish For Cleaning Wooden Furniture Friends

But you can still see the scratch and some other streaks. It's a newsroom conference table that's never going to happen. Such as cooking oils and fumes, fingerprints, dust, and smoking residue. If a cleaner is required, use only a very mild soap and wipe dry. A high quality furniture polish may be used occasionally. Lift items rather than dragging them across the furniture surface. Rotate your accessories every once in a while. Don't place hot items directly on your furniture. If something is too hot to hold in your hand, it's too hot for your furniture. Your new furniture is a reflection of your good taste. It combines with nature's best materials and our craftsmanship. These symptoms are the result of an uncontrolled environment and are not considered defective. If the environment is not controlled these conditions should be appreciated as an inherent characteristic of solid wood. Due to wood’s “open grain”, they tend to expand and/or contract in relationship to their environment. Indoor humidity levels in the range of 35-45% will minimize gapping, such as, at the center or ends of table leaves. Periodically clean with a mild, non-alkaline soap and water using a soft cloth or sponge. Dry immediately with a soft cloth and lightly buff wood grain. Avoid nail polish remover, alcohol, or other solvents. A high quality furniture polish may be used occasionally, but do not use polishes that contain silicones.

Tips For Cleaning Wooden Furniture Friends at AmishTables Amish Tables

If your properly maintained furniture fails during normal use in the lifetime of the original owner, due to problems in either the craftsmanship or building material, we'll repair or replace. The first test was to use the product on a 60-year-old dining room table. The table has weathered water spills, plenty of meals and years of storage. A few quick sprays and a rub with a clean, soft cloth reveals a new side to the dingy and dull table. After removing all the dust and dirt, it's shining like new. It helps minor problems and imperfections become much less noticeable, and an improvement is seen. The second test is a side-by-side comparison to regular furniture polish on a small side table. Both products smell good, and leave their side of the table glossy. There wasn't much difference between the two products. Does your wood furniture look old and stained?

And that means less time cleaning and dusting for you!

Cleans and protects fine woods like cherry, oak, maple, walnut — even painted wood shines bright again. Cuts through tough cooking grease build-up and smoke stains on kitchen cabinets in seconds. Removes watermarks and stains, nourishes wood for a long-lasting shine.

I loved it because it meant our little ones could eat with us at the table instead of being stuck all by themselves in a highchair with a plastic tray. Nothing worked, so eating straight off the table was the only option. Wood cleaners and polishes work great for restoring the wood, but they’re often quite toxic.

Now that my youngest is nearing 2 she is much better about using a placemat and eating from a plate, but there is still plenty of food that gets chewed up, placed on the wood table, and often chewed again!

Spray on wood and rub with microfiber or other soft cloth. Each ingredient has it’s own part in making this recipe both safe and effective. Mineral oil is a petroleum product so it’s not natural or sustainable. Mineral oil does last longer than olive oil but making smaller batches of cleaner can fix that problem easily. Learn more about different carrier oils that you could use in this recipe. If you are using this on dark woods you can use apple cider vinegar. Many tables manufactured recently are a hard surfaced wood finish so you can use this recipe as often as you like. Oil and wax finished tables need a more gentle cleaning routine. Usually just a simple soft cloth can remove dust and debris, while you should wet it for tougher messes. Glow claims those classic products are creating layers upon layers of wax build-up. Kravitz said after letting it dry it seemed to lose some of that renewed luster. Minwax to apply a simple stain to the headboard.

Prevents drying and cracking and protects wood from air and moisture. Love the smell and the way my furniture gleams. Our clients love the way it freshens up cabinets, and older furniture pieces. It also works great on stainless steel refrigerators. No streaks, gets off water stains and not greasy as long as you use it sparingly!

Keeps new things beautiful and makes old things beautiful again. It makes home maintenance simple, just treat your wood once or twice per year. and just a little bit goes a long, long way. When my bottle was getting low ordered some for several family and friends also. This is just a fantastic product for wood furniture. Along with the new label, they slightly tweaked their pitch (possibly to prevent a lawsuit). They brag it will cut through kitchen cabinet grease in seconds and works on painted surfaces. They add it will protect as well as keep it from collecting dust longer. However, with products like these that are consumable, they are only returnable if unopened. That means if you buy it, try it, and deny it works, you still are left holding the bottle. This may not necessarily be a “scam”, but it’s not good business and we suggest looking for a company that is more transparent about their polish. Apparently a visiting non house trained puppy had used it for a fire hydrant. This product made it look like new after spraying and buffing a few times. The watery spray of non wood was affecting the liquid.

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It was still shiny clean and stayed that way for several days. There are several copies out there, just watch for the correct name.

I am one that hates to waste anything but this is one product that is going into the trash.

I have tried 4 areas and see absolutely nothing.

I then tried it on oak bathroom cabinets.

You have to spray and spray and spray to cover a fairly small area.

I then tried it on a small area of a cherry wood nightstand. It actually looks like it removed some of the original finish, and came out very, very dull. Read the directions again and it says it can take more than once. The other thing was they wouldn't let you off the phone when you were ordering it.

I hope they come out with a formula for floors. Basically it’s a mop with a round, swiveling head and a bucket with a spinning centrifuge. Here you can find 12 years worth of articles on everything from how to avoid dodgy scams to writing an effective complaint letter. It’s not that the product is bad, exactly, but it’s not a substitute for refinishing grimy old wood furniture. This product not only restores the shine to your cabinets and tables, but it also creates a dust-resistant barrier. It also works well on exotic woods, like mahogany, ebony, and rosewood. It even keeps painted wood finishes dust-free. It cuts through years of accumulated grease, wax residue, and grime, and it can even get rid of water rings. This product also protects your furnishings so that new water rings don’t form when your guests forget to use their coasters. Just spray a small amount of the product directly on the piece of furniture you want to clean. Then, rub the polish in with a clean cloth. The product can be used on hardwood floors, too, and many people love to use it for cleaning blinds and laminated surfaces. As anyone who owns wooden furnishings knows, wooden furniture needs maintenance and upkeep to look its best. All surfaces within a house collect dust, and because wood’s an organic material, it’s susceptible to aging and can dry out and crack. To combat this, owners coat wooden pieces with natural waxes and oils. Most commercial furniture polishes are a mixture of solvents, emulsifiers, and polishing agents.

The polishing agents are the waxes and oils that enhance the surface’s appearance. Before the early 20th century, beeswax and palm wax were used to achieve a high gloss finish. These ingredients required a great deal of buffing in order to achieve the desired luster. When you use this product, you won't have to go through the tedious process of stripping away old layers of polish.

I used this polish several weeks ago and there is still no dust showing on my dark wood. The wood glows and looks as if it is deeply conditioned.

I am very dependable of this product at this moment.

You have to use it to realize how good it really is. It brings your furniture back to life and keeps dust from coming back so fast. Shines an cleans without any build up on surfaces. Helps repell dust so furniture remains dust free longer. Inexpensive and delivers what it claims it does.

SAS Group Inc. -Dutch Glow™ Amish Wood Milk Furniture Cleaner

That doesn’t necessarily make this or that a bad product…it may just mean you’re paying for a story as much as you are a cleaning chemical.

I would be interested in knowing if the product is as good as its marketing!

Look for this product in your local store. It does clean build up of furniture polish, dirt and grim pretty well. Gayle, if you have bubbled up varnish on your woodwork try a little denatured alcohol.

I would suggest trying it in a small out of the way place first to see how it will work. They do suggest this can be purchased in . The wood cleaner claims to bring furniture back to life. The directions say you can use the polish on any wood finish, but don't use it on raw wood. It even says you can polish your wood floors. He got a towel and started wiping it down. While the product doesn't claim to cover scratches, we thought we would see if it did anything to these marks on the wood. On some wood, with certain finishes, or previously applied products, the directions say it might need an extra try to two. This time we tried spraying product directly on the cloth, and not right on the wood. But it's difficult to find any information about the ingredients or where it's made. We're just supposed to shake the bottle, then spray the product on the furniture or directly onto a soft cloth, and wipe away. After wiping the surface dry, we did see difference.

We also tried it on the left portion of a vintage drop leaf table and on part of a teak side table. In each case, though not nearly as dramatic as in the commercial, we could see an improvement. Again, there's no confirmation either way about who actually makes it or what's in it.

It gently cleans, polishes and nourishes all wood finishes, bringing back their original beauty. It did remove lots of dirt and the best part is there are no fingerprints or smudges afterwards.

I think that after repeated use it will get rid of all the buildup.

I have light to medium oak furniture and it cleaned and shined my furniture. This product requires even harder scrubbing and the rezult is not as good. They boast it reveals the wood’s natural beauty, works on painted surfaces, and removes waxy buildup. It’s also interesting to note that of these complaints, 105 indicated that the customer was dissatisfied with the company’s response.

They state its “simple” ingredients break down years of wax buildup from using other polishes, revealing the furniture’s natural glow. Again, numerous complaints state otherwise. The first issue we noticed was the fact that the sprayer didn’t work, which was something another reviewer also experienced. While thick liquid that came out of the bottle did indeed clean the table and cabinets reasonably well, we think it’s more of the elbow grease and dry cloth that did the trick. In other words, it’s our opinion that almost any other cleaning solution—including water—would do the same thing. First of all, there are some unsupported claims by this product.

Amish Wood Furniture Maintenance Tips

That means, even if you do not like the product you will be in the hole for your initial fees, plus what it costs to ship back. Next, as a friendly suggestion, don’t set high expectations for this product. It's just like trying to clean cooked-on oil with water. Being elderly, she got confused about how to order and she got nine.

I called the company to try and straighten it out. Bottom line, they had the money and you're stuck with a product that does not live up to what they claimed. Mom is gone but is still stuck with nine bottles of the useless stuff.

I am disgusted not only with the product but with the company. Tried it on superficial scratches on my dining room table and living room side table, and it did absolutely nothing. Don't waste your money, and don't waste your time. The surface of the wood was very dull, due to the excessive amount of wood polish that had been used over the past 40 to 50 years.

We applied it to the wood surface and it did take some of the waxy build up, but it also left a white film over all of the wood surfaces.

We tried several other wood cleaners but so far, the white film is still there.

I give this product one-half of a 5-star review and that is being generous.

Does It Work?

Amish Secret Wood Polish

Cleaner And Polish For Cleaning Wooden Furniture Friends

I purchased the cleaning tonic, and it did not work as instructed, neither half strength nor full strength.

I have a breakfront that has suffered from polish build-up to the point of darkening the mahogany to almost black. Yes, it took a little "elbow grease," but there was a lot of build-up to remove.

I also wasn't expecting it to get rid of scratches or scuffs, which the directions also said it wasn't formulated for. It has its dark stain and has a very dull shine to the finish. When it hung in my mother's bathroom the shine had more luster.

I had an old clean t-shirt and applied a small amount in an area on the back.

I applied the cream to the t-shirt and rubbed it on. There was a slight shine, but it didn't have that luster end shine.

I turned the item to face me and decided to apply the wood milk to the top lid of the box. As for the shine of bringing it back to its luster, it didn't do the job. They did not give me an opportunity to review the charges before placing the order.