Its soft, even light is exceptional for highlighting works of art as well. The carved spindle arms, legs, and seat back are all exposed, revealing a beautiful walnut finish.

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Because this set is compiled from recycled books to reach an overall set size of one foot, the number of books used and their individual dimensions will vary. The shells appear one-sided with flat white backs. Fashioned to look like a ship's porthole, this clock offers both the tide levels and time. Sea grass is far more water-repellent than many other natural fibers, making it an ideal choice in high-traffic areas or for homes with pets and children.

Its inherent patina will quickly soften once it is placed, adopting the tone and warmth of any space it's in. A rug pad is recommended to keep this securely in place. This is a print of the original photograph, presented as a diptych with each section framed in hand-finished wood molding. Filled with foam, its linen seat ensures long-lasting comfort and support. This textural basket can be used in any room to stash everything from toys to towels. These textural baskets can be used in any room to stash everything from toys to towels.

Tucked in a terracotta pot, it's a simple and beautiful accent anywhere. It's also mold-resistant and soil-resistant, making these pillows ideal for the porch, patio, or poolside.

We love the classic ticking stripe pattern and self welt. The frames have a beautiful cream-and-gold finish, which sets off the natural works with an elegant touch.

We love how harbor-blue-velvet piping adds just the right touch of texture. A white linen empire shade adds a crisp, refined finish. Each work is set in a silver-finished wood frame. Beautiful on their own, hang them together for added impact. Perfect for accommodating extra guests, the pullout mattress is filled with double-tempered coil springs and hypoallergenic foam for outstanding comfort and support. It's made of mahogany, a hardwood valued as much for its fine texture as for its durability. Finished in a gorgeous cream hue, this piece is a standout in any bedroom, family room, or study. The frame is made of birch, a sturdy hardwood. The foam is then wrapped in a blanket of polyester fibers and put into a fabric ticking. The back cushion is made of blown conjugated polyester fiber in a channeled non-woven tick. Because it's made by hand without a mold, slight artistic variations may occur. Topped with a hinged handle wrapped in water buffalo hide. The lines and angles create an abstract landscape with blue tones, hinting at something dreamy and tropical. Three sliding drawers with steel pulls provide plenty of room for concealed storage.

We love how its open structure allows you to show off books and decorative accents from all angles. A dramatic abrash gives it the appeal of a prized antique. This print is set under glass and arrives ready for display. Amply padded with high-density foam, its striped upholstery finishes the look with modern flair. Use them to add natural flair to a stack of books or set them on their own as beautiful, sculptural objects. The resulting images have an undeniable aesthetic appeal and formalism that tell a story of grace and majesty.

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Perfect for accommodating extra guests, it features a queen-size pullout mattress beneath its three amply padded seat cushions. A feather-and-down insert ensures this pillow is as comfortable as it is stylish. Stylish and versatile, it can be used as a plant stand, stool, or side table.

We recommend a rug pad to keep it securely in place. Amply padded with a foam fill enveloped in feather and down-proof ticking and anchored to turned hardwood-laminate legs for stylish comfort and support. A navy contrast welt and golden ferrules finish the look with added impact.

We love it tossed over the sofa or folded at the foot of the bed. Its size lets it easily double as an alternative coffee table, and a lower shelf gives you plenty of space to stash extra blankets and pillows. Set above caster wheels, rearranging is a breeze. Decorative cord takes the place of a traditional welt.

We recommend a rug pad to extend the life of your rug and keep it securely in place. A versatile color palette makes it an easy addition to almost any interior. And because it's bolstered to a kiln-dried hardwood frame and amply padded with high-density foam enveloped in a blanket of fiber and fabric tick, it boasts equal parts style and comfort. Jute rugs are softer underfoot than other natural-fiber options like sisal and sea grass, though just as strong and durable.

You should expect some shedding with all jute rugs. Soft underfoot, incredibly durable, and easy to clean, it is made to withstand the everyday wear and tear of areas that see heavy foot traffic.

We recommend a rug pad to extend the life of the rug and keep it securely in place. Because this item is damp rated, it can be used in any room of the home, including the bathroom. Upholstered in durable cotton, it has rolled arms and a free-flowing pleated skirt; the seat lifts up to reveal space to stash anything from books to blankets.

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We love this as a sophisticated centerpiece even when it's not holding fresh blooms. Because this item contains natural materials, color, tone, and shape may vary from the image shown. Crystalline is a special effects glaze made primarily of particles of zinc oxide and silica that once heated starts a chemical reaction. They also do built-ins and heirloom repairs. The craftsmanship of their products shows creativity and attentiveness to detail. Roughly 80% of their sales are from their custom kitchen cabinetry selection. This is the perfect place to visit for new homeowners or for those looking to give their kitchen or other living spaces a fresh, uniquely custom look. It is also a one-stop shop, where customers can purchase custom window frames, doors, or even flooring. Everywhere one looks is another way to customize the home or place of business, with a modern rustic, coastal look. You’ll see that the wood floors are made in a variety of wood species. One can also observe a variety of wood finishes.

Everything in their store has been re-purposed in one way or another. For example, they have dining tables set with candles in beautiful wooden candle holders displayed on top. One can image having an intimate, candle-lit dinner party with close friends and family, enjoying the evening with a glass of wine in hand. He can tell the purchaser where the materials came from and how they were used in years gone by. The salespeople are friendly, helpful and have a passion for what they do. Make sure to ask about the pieces you find most interesting.

She loves telling people all the great things to do and places to see in her hometown. She is also a professional artist who loves to travel. This is a rustic piece and is being sold as such. The only amount paid to us is the final sale price of the item. Each end has half moon cut outs with an overhung top. It is 60" long, 13 3/4" wide and 17 1/2" tall. Originally this table would likely have been fully painted, hiding the mixed woods used throughout. Left runner inside of the table is replaced. Sorry we did not receive a key for the lock. This bench is embellished with four painted panels on its front and seats top with panels painted on each right and left end sides. The wear to the finish is fairly light, and only visible from a particular angle, and the rest of the wear blends very nicely with the distressed finish, and really adds a sense of rustic charm to the pair. The sides are mortised and the legs are hand turned.

We believe in keeping a piece authentic which gives it a touch of charm and character, and retains its value.

Normal scuffs, scratches, and wear from years of use, as shown. The top of this bench has a generous amount of counter space for working or display, and a good size recessed area. Hand forged nails were used to make this spectacular piece. Hand-crafted from the boards remaining from the home's interior construction in 1830. From use, its top is beautifully mahoganized. Love the cupboard's inside dramatization. Double doors fly open to reveal a dramatization of primitive wood and paint. Even has a wooden lockbox built under the center shelf. The boards of its top are 14 inches wide. Farmhouse function in its build and usage. A sparse, worn layer of green paint adds texture, visual intrigue. Seems as at home in a farmhouse as in a townhouse, brownstone, family manse. Please continue to visit our site for more architectural-vintage-industrial finds… character pieces for your .

We add five items a week so check back often. Rustic 19th century side table handmade from pine wood with a marble top. This is a great old gray weathered cabinet. The cabinet is 29 3/4" wide and stands about 48" tall. This is a great early cabinet with a single drawer and two doors that open to two shelves inside. They had tidy yards and lived somewhat close together out of solidarity in a new and wild land.

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In fact, part of our neighborhood (which was a huge selling point for me) includes historic farmhouses with beautiful barns that seamlessly give way to the new homes. Both sides of my family had beautiful homes of historic farmhouses filled with antiques, big barns, and stonewalls that were my playscapes as a child. Nothing has influenced my style quite as much as those homes. Lots of wood, plaid, fur, leather- you get the idea.

I intend to try to preserve the log cabin character but lighten things up with softer fabrics and white .

I get it- they were generally built cheaply and quickly and were not winterized.

I love that it has played so heavily into my decor style developing into what it is. Our home is currently somewhere between light-medium gray with white trim and an espresso-colored wood door. Our neighbors, who have always loved our home and have copied many elements from our porch to our landscaping, just painted their home the same color as ours!

Who doesn’t need place to keep a few special things, out of sight and to of reach. A unique option with comfortable seating for 8 adults. Enjoy it as a traditional height table or with the option of our 42" legs for a high top pub style farm table. Add 4 bar height chairs for pub style seating. It encourages gathering, and conversation. Where families connect and share their most important moments. These charming coastal homes typically have one and a half stories, with narrow stairs leading up to open attic space that generally held boarders, often seafarers. Crisp, white walls bring to mind fluffy clouds against a dazzling blue sky. Warm neutral tones of beige and tan resemble sandy beaches and mix well with the warm grey hues of bleached driftwood. Cool tones of blue and green are inspired by sea and sky and contrast beautifully with warmer hues of yellow and coral. Primitive, quilted fabrics with appliques or embroidering add a cozy, rustic feel. Include natural textures such as vintage linen, burlap or grass cloth. Wood painted in bright pastel colors or white or stained with a natural finish gives the home a welcoming feel. Lantern lighting comes in many styles, whether it’s wall lanterns, hanging lanterns, table lanterns or outdoor lampposts. Copper or brass lanterns or oil lamps can be used for a charming, rustic look. Decorative wall torches or sconces add warmth. Seashells, starfish and driftwood can be used to make interesting, natural displays.

However, you should balance themed decor with other types of accessories to avoid a gaudy or tacky appearance. Cover windows with simple sheer curtains to allow plenty of natural light in. Colored glass bottles will add sparkle and shine. Add interest to walls with framed artwork and wall shelves displaying collectibles, old books or vintage knickknacks. Woven baskets in different sizes, shapes and colors add texture. House plants will provide greenery and help to naturally recycle indoor air. Item arrives in packaging that reveals what's inside. Bring the beachy vibes on with the relaxed colors of driftwood gray and white. Quality brass hardware hinges attach the lid to the base and allow for easy access inside. Wish they were blue like they look in the picture. Classic pine shaker inspired trestle table with bench. Heavy live edge chestnut table with room for eight, ten in a pinch. Simplicity and repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art. The back porch was converted into a butler’s pantry and wet bar. Removing a wall united the kitchen and breakfast room. A centered, space-saving pocket door now connects the kitchen and dining room. The kitchen now feels larger but is actually the same square footage as before. Custom cabinets in the rest of the kitchen are slightly oversize while still having a cottage feel. Painted deep gray to contrast with the lighter color of the cabinets and topped with marble, it feels vintage and perhaps even original to the house. At the end sits an antique tea table where the couple eats breakfast. Simple refinishing brought the original hardwood floors to their now beautiful state. A distinctive 13-arm meeting-house chandelier has been in her family for years. Nantucket, it’s traditional to give your home a name and display it on a quarterboard that’s affixed to your house,” she says.

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