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Why is it we are all so fascinated with Coffee Tables?

Coffee Tables
There are many choices and styles, the Victorian Era, Anglo-Japanese style, Louis XVI style coffee tables and Georgian style coffee tables. It used to be wood was the only choice for a long time for these low-slung tables and could be found in any shape or style your wanted, and the more ornate and heavy the more we fell in love with the table. These lovely wood framed tables were found all the way back to renaissance days, and still invite your guest by being the show piece of your living space.

Quirky Coffee Tables Arc
Today’s trends bring to light more modern, wood, glass/metal choices. We are also taking the time to make special coffee tables that represent our past loves out of recycled objects.

These squatty tables are a way for people to “Gather round the coffee table” by encouraging conviviality and light conversations over coffee or tea or just a great board/sports game with the people we love – like this game table found Quirky coffee Tables.

Coffee Tables
So, why do we use coffee tables? It’s simple, people love coffee tables. These welcoming tables help us be ourselves, and help us show who we are through our coffee tables – like this beauty of iron and wood made by Hello I Live Here.