It smells like wood, which is probably a really strange thing to say, but it makes for a really peaceful atmosphere. I think they could take a step up on being a little classier to match how incredible the food is. After reading about their new les opening, my boyfriend took me here and we were both wowed by the wood-lined walls and romantic vibe. Amazingly crunchy and delicious gluten-free fried chicken with honey reduction and -made grits. Cocktails were awesome, the waiter suggested we try their new cocktail, a sampling of margarita shots.

Chicken Colors


hasn’t yet received its liquor license (according to the bf, the tea here is yummy at least, despite not being alcoholic), but the food is plenty to rave about. It has the amount of salt with a tiny bit of drizzled honey and sits on a bed of grits.

The short ribs were tender and had a nice sauce that was sweet and then had a tiny kick to it. He actually gave me one of the pocket guides for celiac disease, which was not necessarily but greatly appreciated. It was a piece of bone-in chicken white chicken breast that was fried to a crispy perfection. Colors’ name was inspired by the people from 20 different countries who found the restaurant.