Mediterranean Romance: Adorable Rustic House &Ndash; Adorable Home
Warning – this gorgeous private residence presents a serious risk of inducing romantic fantasies and day dreams! Nestled in a seaside pine forest, this 19th century villa is set against the natural splendor of the Spanish coastal town of Jávea, in the province of Alicante, Valencia. Revived by designer Jessica Bataille, this adorable house brings together a medley of Mediterranean vibes and ideas – both traditional and contemporary. Presenting a Moorish adventure in time, space and style, the Maison Toscana dwells in hints of unpredictability and surprise to slow down the senses and stir up the imagination.

Built in the traditional style characteristic of the region , the villa comes with an assortment of architectural features that anchor it into the vernacular. Thick stone walls, resplendent arched openings and porches, classical design features, spillovers and lush gardens, and a private Arabic-styled pool bring a touch of the quaint and the rustic to this lovely retreat house. The bare textures and of these materials and features are beautifully contrasted with rich silks, velvets and indulgent finishes that bring a serene indulgence to the decor. Illuminated by warm candlelight and crackling fireplaces, this adorable rustic house is utterly irresistible.

Warm and picturesque, this house comes with dimmable lights and an eclectic selection of furnishings and accessories that draw you closer into its cozy embrace.